Gaming Review: Why Is Destiny Worth Playing?

It’s not a mystery why Destiny 2 is one of the best-selling games of 2020 on Steam. The Destiny franchise brings some unique features to the gaming community; read on to learn why this MMO-RPG-FPS is worth playing.

1. Destiny 2 Is Free-to-Play

Whether you play on a PC or console, you won’t have to pay anything when creating a Destiny 2 account. The game is free-to-play, which is one of its most vital selling points – no pun intended.

The free version contains the base content of the game, so you won’t have anything to lose if you don’t end up liking the game.

Playing the free version helps you decide if you want to play more of the game. Here’s a hint: it’s perfect for people who like looter-shooters. If you’re in it for the loot but don’t have time to play, consider using this Destiny 2 Raiding Service.

Of course, Destiny 2 also offers paid expansions for those who want to invest in it more. Many players consider the paid DLCs to contain the best parts of the game. Our recommendations include the Shadowkeep and Beyond Light expansions.

2. You Can Finish It Solo or With Friends

Are you the kind of player who completes the game’s story mode lone-wolf style? Or are you the gamer who likes queuing with friends and joining PVP matches and raids? Destiny 2 offers both experiences and everything in between.

For many people, raiding is where the fun starts. If you enjoy playing or fooling around with a team, join a clan. Who knows – you might even find an online BFF in your chosen clan.

You can also choose to go it alone and still get the whole Destiny 2 gaming experience. It’s a good choice if you’ve only got a few minutes to wind down. Don’t worry; in the Destiny 2 community, we don’t judge solo players.

3. The Game Community Is Welcoming

Are you still new to the game and don’t know anyone? There’s a large and hospitable Destiny 2 community waiting for you. With over 900,000 players logging into the game daily, you’re sure to find a friendly member who’ll help you.

The game has a ton of public open-world events that occur at random. Just join these events, and you’ll enter a server with a bunch of strangers willing to play with you.

You could even go beyond the game and join online forums on the Steam community. Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord also offer places for Destiny 2 players like you. Even Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, has a forum for player feedback, lore, and rewards.

4. The Game Is Beginner-Friendly

Are you worried that you have to go through a steep learning curve first? You have nothing to worry about if it’s your first time playing Destiny 2. The game story is easy to get into, and the mechanics are easy to learn.

Even if it’s your first time picking up a controller or playing an FPS, you’ll have fun. Although we said earlier that you could play it solo, Destiny 2 is more fun with friends. Feel free to join a team and go on raids and quests.

5. It Has an Enjoyable and Well-Written Storyline

If you played Destiny 1, you most likely have some expectations for Destiny 2’s storyline. The game is very story-centric, and its lore is extensive, cohesive, and as realistic as it can get.

You don’t even need to play Destiny 1 first. You can jump straight into Destiny 2 and enjoy the story that it’s telling. Plus, you can expand the story further by buying the DLCs.

The Game Continues to Improve

Even when you’re grinding in Destiny 2, you won’t get bored. It offers a wide range of content via the forms of storylines and activities per season. You also get new armor, weapons, other in-game items, clan perks, and more. Each season offers a free and paid version.

Next year, Bungie will officially reveal and launch its next expansion, The Witch Queen. During the writing of this article, no information is available about the DLC, but the release date will be revealed during a showcase on August 24.

After The Witch Queen, we’re expecting the Lightfall expansion, which will come out in 2022 as well. Like the former DLC, all we know about Lightfall is that it’s a part of the new era of Destiny 2.

You Can Play Destiny 2 Across Various Platforms

Another fantastic feature of Destiny 2 is that it has a cross-saving feature. It will allow you to keep your progress and access your game on a different platform. It’s perfect when you often have to sleep over at a friend’s house for game nights.

You could save your mission on PC and come back to it on PS4 later. The progress you made will remain the same as the last time you saved it.

With all of these great factors, it’s no wonder that Destiny 2 is so popular in the gaming community. From cross-platform compatibility to an engaging storyline, this game has many perks that bring players back again and again. Enjoy playing!

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