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How to claim big wins in Warzone game play?

Warzone can be deemed as probably the most sought after Battle Royale game on the market currently. This is due to the fact that claiming a win in this Battle Royale game is harder than any other version. Now, if you are a rookie and recently started playing this ultimate game, chances are that you may not be able to claim a victory that easily.

Well, you need not worry as here we bring you some handy tips to and tricks to make you grab those wins easily.

Recommended tips to claim big wins in Warzone game play

1. Enter the game with right planning

This may appear glaringly evident, yet planning is quite possibly the most required strategies in Warzone (and most other Battle Royale games). Frequently players get captivated by plunder or gunfights with others and totally disregard their position and where the following circle will wind up, that further result in a trip to Gulag or an easy defeat.

One of the primary things you ought to do when you get on that plane is picking a strong landing area by using all your strategies and planning. Check for all the probable hotspots and make arrangement accordingly. Be set up to change the plan; however you ought to consistently have the option to give some strong explanations behind moving or relocating. Attempt to keep the high ground as much as possible, as it’ll give you a benefit in gunfights. Once you play on trios or crews, you must discuss it accordingly with your mates, which may now and again be somewhat troublesome. Ensure you’re all in total agreement with regards to what you need to do.

2. Ensure setting up your loadouts

Good loot isn’t something that you can claim easily. Hence, it’s always suggested to work around with your loadouts while ensuring the availability of every arm and ammunition you need. Additionally, do check to set up loadouts before getting started with the Warzone game play and further bulk up your loadouts with random weapons and gears. You never know what loadout you may need for a specific situation so its always suggested to stay prepared.

Doing that, you must always go for buying loadouts from buying stations. This way, you can set yourself up for any unforeseen situations. Still, be picky and choosy about the loadouts that you may or may not require during the loots.

Besides, setting up your squad with the required loadout will prove crucial for your victory in the game. Being the right planner, you must set up the team in the similar regards in advance.

3. Never let the contracts skip your focus

Contracts can help you earn some easy cash in no time. Hence, you must never miss out on claiming one of those. Doing that, you must remember that things and result might come better if you’re heading forward with the right planning. Going this way, you can always watch out for scavenger contract early on. This because you’ll be indulged in a looting task so this extra cash may come helpful down the line. Scavenger contracts generally stays in high demand during the early game, so you may witness some high end action around them.

Contracts can likewise be utilized for your potential benefit. You can, for instance, get a bounty contract on the mid-game which will facilitate you with an overall thought regarding another crew’s hidden spots. That will give you some good benefits for several minutes. When playing with various individuals, talk about the contracts you’re hoping to begin with. You would prefer not to be locked in some phony ones.

4. Plan your killstreaks

Killstreaks comes a fundamental part of Warzone and you’ll need to become acclimated to utilizing them and them being used against you. Don’t simply purchase any killstreak without considering everything, as they are really expensive and can exhaust your money stack in no time. With regards to killstreaks, it’s critical to utilize them at the right moment. Furthermore, some killstreaks have more worth than others at specific moments in the game.

For instance a UAV in the later stages of the game, when the circle goes quite congested, will not benefit you in any way more often than not. The vast majority will have Ghost equipped and will not show up at any rate. On the off chance that you realize the game is going late, invest into something like a Precision Airstrike to wipe your enemies out of the high ground, or kill opponents that are stayed outdoors up on top of a structure.

5. Sharing information

Except for situations when you are tackling Warzone solo, you’ll reap some big benefits out of the team work. Hence, it’s really important for you to share information with your teammates regarding whatever you are doing. This way, they can warn you once things go haywire and vice versa. Even if there is a situation when you don’t have a microphone along, you can bring the ping system in use that’s self integrated in the game to facilitate the channeling of the required information to other teammates when and wherever required.

Besides, you must not let your team mates behind and go looting on your own. This way, you may end up getting into sticky situations with all the big enemies confronting you, while your pals are far away, without having an option to help you. Doing this, you can try to bring in a squad of friends together who knows the thick and thins of the game well. Working on that companionship is quite helpful as you reach through the later stages of the game. Besides, it can take your Warzone game play experience to another level.