Limbo Developer PlayDead Working on New 3D Science Fiction Game


Although the Danish Playdead developer has only released two games since 2006, Limbo and Inside, they have found many fans. Now, the co-founder of the company reveals some details about the work on the new project, which will be much more advanced than previous productions.

Both Limbo and Inside are games that many people love. In both cases, we are dealing with an extremely atmospheric world in which the lonely hero must survive thanks to his agility and the ability to solve logical puzzles. Both productions are available on different platforms – you can download them for mobile devices.

Co-founder of Playdead and artistic director Arnt Jensen shared the information that the new studio game will be a science fiction title with a camera located behind the hero’s back, yes, third-person perspective. The game world this time will be much larger than those presented so far in Limbo and Inside. We are hopeful that the game will be set in an open world environment.

“I am tired of limitations in 2D games,” 

reveals Arnt Jensen, co-founder of Playdead

Although Playdead can surprise us with many things, we expect that the new game will give us a melancholy atmosphere and a sense of loneliness, like the current productions of this developer.

Perhaps we will get something like  Limbo,  but located in a completely different universe. For now, you can only imagine what Playdead is going to do, but already at this stage, the game’s creators have my attention. To this day I remember the great limbo spiders.

Source:, Via: Engadget


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