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Pokemon Sword and Shield to Feature new Pokemon and Galar Region


Pokemon Sword and Shield are the latest installments in the Pokemon universe released by Game Freak. This is the eighth generation of the game, and it is available on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

Pokemon Sword and Shield follows the story of the protagonist and his/her journey through the Galar region. Galar is the latest region debuting in Pokemon Sword and Shield and it is based on Great Britain. The main legendary Pokemon Sword version is Zacian while Zamzenta is the main legendary Pokemon for Shield version.

Like every Pokemon game, three new starters are debuting for pokemon Sword and Shield. Grookey is the Grass-type starter for the Sword and Shield games. Grookey starts the game with Growl and Scratch as its base moves. The Pokemon evolves into Thwackey on level 16 and Thwavkey further evolves into Rilaboom on level 35. Rilaboom can learn powerful moves such as Boomburst, Wood Hammer and Razor Leaf.

Scorbunny is the Fire-type starter for Sword and Shield games. Scorbunny starts the game with Tackle and Growl as its base moves. The Pokemon evolves into Raboot starting level 16 and Raboot evolves into Cinderace starting level 35. Cinderace can learn powerful moves such as Court Change, Pyro Ball and Flame Charge.

Sobble is the Water-Type starter for Sword and Shield games. It evolves into Drizzile starting level 16 and Drizzile further evolves into Inteleon starting level 35. Inteleon has powerful moves such as Snipe Shot, Liquidation and Hydro Pump in his kit.

Both Sword and Shield will have 400 Pokemons in total and unfortunately, there is no National Pokedex in the game. Pokemon Sword and Shield is introducing several new features to the Pokemon Universe. Gigantamax is a more powerful version of Dynamax where the Pokemon stats and size are significantly increased. Every Gigantamax Pokemon has an exclusive G-move to themselves. Only limited Pokemons can be Gigatnamaxed as of now but more Pokemon may get this feature in the future. To catch a Gigantamaxed Pokemon, trainer needs to play the Max Raid Battles. Trainers can also obtain Gigantamaxed Pokemons from special events.

As of now, only five legendaries are available in the game. Zacain, Zamazenta, Exernatus, and Type: Null are available in the game. In order to get Mew, players need to have a Pokeball Plus Controller.

The game saw its global release on November 15, 2019. The game sold 2 million copies within 2 days of its official release and is now the fastest-selling Nintendo game of all time. The game has already crossed 10 Million mark as of now and it is expected to reach even greater heights.

Even though the Game Freak has received a lot of criticism for not adding National Dex to both the games, the overall sales suggest that it is on its way to being a major hit. Game Freak has confirmed that they will add more events and features to both the games in the future. They are also working actively to add more Pokemons in the game.

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