What is steam gift card and how to get free steam wallet codes?

Steam is a very popular game company and if you are addicted towards steam games  than you definitely know about steam gift cards.Steam gift cards are basically a discount code provided by steam to its users. By using this you can get games and software from steam at free of cost or in a very less price.

You can also give gift card as a present and surprise to you friends and to your family members.Just send them by message,mail at their birthday or in any special event.You can send or get gift card for any country just select your currency and get your gift card.


How to get free steam Gift Card Codes?

Most of the time you buy have to buy gift cards for buying games on steam.But if you want to buy steam games and software at free of cost than we have some special methods for you.So,you can get free steam codes by using methods which are discovered by us for you.Here is the hack,there are several sites which provides you some offer and points for getting gift card of your choice.

For getting points and rewards from these types of sites you have to complete some surveys and tasks which takes at least 1-2 minutes.In return of that you get some points and if you got enough points to get a gift card than you can convert these points into the gift card of you own choice.

Here is some of sites which provides you points for gift getting gift cards are pointprizes, swagbucks,infiniteloop,steamwalletgiftcard,sweeptakes etc. These sites provide free access to you to get gift card at free of cost.


How to get refund on steam?

If you purchase an item from steam by mistake or are not satisfy with steam service than you can request them for a refund.Must remember that your refund request will be accepted within a time period of 14 days after that your request can not be accepted by steam.

Also your playing time must be less than 2 hours otherwise your request will get rejected.Your refund request should be come in the refund policies guidelines posted by steam on their store.So,for getting refund you have to go to the steam help section

I.e. help.steampowered.com. Now you have to follow some steps after going to this link.Steps are given below:

1.First go to the steam and login to your account.

2.After that click on purchase button on your steam account.

3.Find your purchase item you want to refund and if item is not present their than refund is not possible.

4.After select item they will said you to choose an issue option related to your product.

5.Now clickon the option I would like to request a refund.

6.After that submit the request form.

7.You also have to choose the payment method for confirmation.

8.At last you will receive a confirmation email that your request is successfully submitted and  you will get your refund after some days.


I think that you will know enough about steam that what it is and how to get gift card and refund.Steam is a trusted company and stay connected with us to know more about it.


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