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Top 20 Best Free Android & iOS Games For 2018


Free fun for iPhone & Android devices: Here are the 20 best free games for 2018.

Whether on the couch, at the bus stop or while the boss is talking about his vacation: when it comes passing time, mobile games such as Android and iOS games are the best choice. No category is as densely populated in both the App stores as Games, many top titles are completely free to download.

Due to sheer diversity, the selection is difficult. Here we offer our help: We present the top games of the year with regular updates and direct download links at this point. Everything that is currently popular and successful, has high download rates or sets new trends – in short: All games that are really fun can be found here.

Without limiting to specific genres, everyone will find their new favorite game. From tricky puzzle games such as Two Dots on the adventurous Enigma in the setting of the Second World War to funny adventure titles such as King of Thieves or the first-class Beat’em up Shadow Fight 2, there is plenty of variety.

The only thing that all titles have in common is the price: the games are all free. However, this often means that the developers finance themselves through advertising or in-app purchases. This is fine as long as games can be enjoyed without paying. That’s definitely the case with our selection. While in-app purchases often bring playful benefits, they are not required to achieve any level goals.

The best free Android & iOS games for 2018

Nobody can say what will happen in 2018, however, it is certain: it will not be boring. At least not if you follow our game recommendations. Whether battles strategist, brain teaser or skillful finger acrobat, Here everyone gets their money’s worth. Even if you are just looking for a relaxing title after boring work, you will find it here.

You should also check out this previous list of best free Android & iOS games which also includes some amazing evergreen titles.

Charge your battery and throw away your diary, it starts!

Logic games: Linedoku

Brain-jogging for fans of tricky thinking sports: With this app, you will find plenty of varied puzzle games and logic puzzles.

With logic games: Linedoku 11 different puzzle games come for free to the Android device. With around 100 levels per difficulty level and per category, ambitious minded gamers can look forward to hours of tricky entertainment. With number labyrinths, sudoku modifications, block puzzles, and pushers, the vendors score with commendable diversity. You also want to solve rotation patterns, tube puzzles and color patterns – players can switch between all levels at any time. The app is suitable for all ages from primary school, can be relaxed and without time pressure and play with one hand.

The free version of this rather extensive app, unfortunately, annoys often with full-screen advertising. The premium version for currently € 1.19 puts an end to this and proves to be comparatively inexpensive. The puzzle game comes with a total of several thousand levels therefore and with four levels of difficulty, even hard-bitten puzzle professionals can face challenges.


Puzzling until you drop. With around 4500 levels and four levels of difficulty, you can spend many afternoons with this puzzle collection.




With combination games to the luxury villa: Gradually, players build here from a dilapidated dwelling a magnificent dream house together.

In Homescapes Join Austin, a professional butler, who finds a rather dusty property when visiting his parents. Because the professional servant of the house, of course, can not stand idly by, he sets himself immediately to provide shine and order to things. In simple puzzle games with lavish special effects and chain combinations, you will collect bonus points in this game, which can be stuck directly into the rundown dwelling. To replace eaten carpets with magnificent works of art, sweep away dust and dirt from the forgotten kitchen and gradually help the property to new splendor. Apparently, the family history is episodically told. With cleverly staged characters, a fluffy domestic cat and a Facebook interface. In-app purchases promise shortcuts when renovating, but never become a matter of course.

First-class staging

Thanks to elaborate videos, chic and detailed graphics and atmospheric background music, this free title with loving staging score. The relaxed gameplay knows no time limits and is perfect for forgetting the weather on rainy afternoons. The only drawback: Without in-app charging lives takes more time than it should.


An excellently staged game with relaxed gameplay and long-term motivation.



Prime Peaks

A fast-paced racing game with strong driving physics. Even in competition with friends, you can prove here who has the largest lead foot.

The varied designed racetracks can be seen at Prime Peaks. Each new level becomes an individual challenge. With limited fuel supply, we race here over rough and smooth, collect coins and try to avoid accidents. The game quickly becomes very challenging with all sorts of ramps and an increasingly nasty track design. With regularly distributed play money, we can then gradually unlock new and sometimes stupid vehicles. Imagine jumping into the unknown with a tractor in an Olympic Hall on a giant hill. The speed, handling, grip and acceleration of the vehicles can be pimped up gradually, luring players back to the screen again and again.

Leaderboards and easy control

With just two softkeys, vehicles can be controlled comfortably and more or less safely. For example, the brake and the accelerator pedal allow you to influence the inclination of the vehicle during the numerous jumps. Payers can often avert a threatening total loss at the last moment. On leaderboards, players can compete with each other.Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer mode.


Funny vehicles, creative and visually appealing levels as well as a high motivation curve make this slightly silly racing game a perennial favorite.



Dungeon Defense

As a ruler of a sinister dungeon, you have to assert yourself in this retro title with pixel graphics against a host of approaching would-be heroes. 

Finally, do not be a hero. At Dungeon Defense Imagine all self-styled heroes, daring treasure hunters, and stupid blasting men. They all want to storm your home dungeons. As waves of invaders rush in on you, hit those fireballs and missiles around your ears until the often towering level boss goes down. With experience points and lots of loot, you then upgrade your hero along with companions, explore better defenses, or learn powerful abilities.

In-app purchases are optional

Okay, so I have just realized, this one is not free no either Android or iOS. The reason I mistook this for a free was is because I have installed it while it was free for three days. Various extras such as additional damage, the support of companions but also automated game mechanics such as car fights, increased game speed or automatic dungeon repair can be purchased with in-app purchases. All these extras are also available without a purse handle in exchange for play money.


Beware, Addictiveness: Coarse pixel graphics conceal a thrilling defense adventure that entices players seamlessly from one level to the next.



Snail ride

Anyone who thinks a snail has a boring life is wrong. In this free game, we can hardly save ourselves from mollusk action.

In Snail Ride, we slip into the role of a snail which is fortunately not so disgusting, as it sounds at first. In the shoes, or on the glandular glands of the droll protagonist, we then embark on a journey, not only for snails, over dangerous plant stalks full of treacherous traps and brazen insects that want to kill us. On the odyssey over endless branches covered with thorns, we try to keep the droll mollusk from colliding with spines, malevolent beetles or fat bees. By tapping, the reptile in the lead role moves swiftly from one side of the linear path to the other, always trying to collect points or collect lucrative bonuses:

Chic design, weird gameplay

Snail Ride is a lovingly staged adventure with many weird elements provoking the laughs again and again. Fun wit, straightforward gameplay, and easy controls characterize this charming adventure. Also, a few extras are on board, Points of interest and mini-games, with which you can unlock new snail types, loosen up the gameplay.


A fun casual game in its purest form, Snail Ride invites you to join in for a short but crisp game.



Zombie Labs: Idle Tycoon

Morbid, macabre but also full of addictiveness, this crazy end-time fun wants to lure you with perfectly matched gameplay again and again to the display.

Zombie games can be found in the Play Store in rough numbers but with Zombie Labs: Idle Tycoon, The developer turns the slightly worn-out genre into the opposite. While you usually run away from zombies or seek axes and shotguns for the undead life, in this game, you have a professional and friendly relationship with the brain rodents. As a crazy scientist, you want the living dead this time surgically on the collar and so for a change times even steal the brain. A long overdue role reversal! With hectic taping, you dig deeper and deeper into the local cemetery and transport zombies from the spooky soil to the nocturnal upperworld. Once they have arrived, they go under the knife:

Many extras

This title is not lacking content. There are certain upgrades that we can unlock. We may unlock new classes and continue the macabre experiments in new places or even on other planets, nice. The virtual zombie production continues even if you do not even deal with the game and attracts users so often back to the Android device.


A strong staging and captivating gameplay with morbid humor make this free game a gem.



Idle Factory Tycoon

This is how being a boss is fun. In this construction game, you let others work for you and gradually you rise to become a stinking big industrialist.

You can also regret downloading Idle Factory Tycoon if you can not get away from the game. The skilfully constructed construction simulation scores with playful graphics, droll animations and just the addictive factor mentioned above. The well-thought-out factory game quickly becomes a long-running hit. You plan and delegate yourself from the destitute factory owner to the big industrialist and automate the production wherever possible. For the production or the transport of goods you hire more and more workers, together with the gradual improvement of the equipment, the production runs at some point by itself. The workers are always faster with each upgrade or pick up more goods at the same time. Of course, the whole thing is always subject to the goal to boost profits to produce even faster to make even more money.

Income continues in the background

You have to spend money to make money. At least in this game, this principle is absolute. Soon you can put your manpower manager aside, the employees then work without any help. Even if the app is closed, production will continue. The constant investment of all revenue is tied to visible improvements in the workshops and thus contributes noticeably to the fun. Nice: The game comes with moody music, runs offline, and waives in-app purchases.


A charming construction game with a powerful addictive factor. When developing your own industry chain, we quickly forget the time.


Into the Dead 2

The zombies are here: In this dark end-time game, we must defend ourselves against hordes of undead and rescue missing family members.

The second part of the successful Into the Dead is as pleasing as the first one. The apocalyptic spectacle turns players into heroes in a time when they are especially needed. The zombies are still everywhere and want to kill their loved ones. The extensive action game comes with tons of weapons along with realistic gameplay. With 60 levels in seven chapter the game promises long-term entertainment to gamers and offers various outputs for the story depending on how players assert themselves in the missions. After an atmospheric intro, it goes straight to the point. Level by level, we have to cope with certain sections of the route, while our character runs on it all by itself. We then take care of the pathfinding and the withdrawal.

Demanding graphics for modern devices

With the first-class presentation, strong staging and atmospheric sound, this game spin a gripping and dense game world, but the best experience can only be enjoyed on modern Android devices. The elaborate graphics with multiple levels and transparency effects can quickly overwhelm older smartphones.


A high-quality action title with a rough atmosphere, entertaining gameplay, and extensive content. Top!



Flippy Knife

Knife acrobatics in Pixel Forest: In Flippy Knife, we have to throw cutting tools into the air so skillfully that they stick with the blade in the ground.

Flippy Knife is a beautiful game with Retro-style pixel graphics. The gameplay is very simple. With a simple vertical wiping gesture, we throw all sorts of knives into the air and hope that the cutting tools then get stuck with the blade in the ground. The goal is to land as many knives as you can. Despite the simple gameplay, time flies by and the app offers supple and seamless gameplay with various game modes. All in all, we are allowed to unlock 35 blades here, from jackknife to short swords to axes and katanas. Even the nicely designed backgrounds can convince but have little to do with the gameplay.

Only one more lap

Flippy Knife is not just a game of chance. The reliable game physics allows you to prove real skill in the knife throw so practice is the key. At the same time, the inconspicuous title quickly develops a treacherous addiction factor.


A simple addiction game with droll retro graphics, steep learning curve, and creative game content.



Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time!

Fatty candy thieves have stolen Simon’s nibbling stuff. Now we have to help the funny cat to defend himself against the brazen robbers.

At Simon’s Cat Crunch Time! Predatory birds try to steal the food from Simon’s cat. Because this is all exclusively about treats and snacks, the situation is particularly serious. Players have to rush to combine as many as many treats together as possible in a ‘Candy Crush’ style puzzle to satisfy the hungry pets. This works according to the simple rules of a matching game but is perfectly staged in a magnificent setting with many details and pretty animations. Six game modes promise to give gamers a change, on a lovingly designed overview map. It goes up to several hundred levels to the point.

Miracle cure for boredom

The droll presentation of this puzzle game quickly captivates cat lovers. The consistent gameplay with short load times along with the detailed presentation, Hand-painted graphics, a lively game world and regular updates with new levels make the game a miracle cure for boredom.


A consistent puzzle in a charming atmosphere: In this game, you quickly forget the time.



Brain Training

This app makes learning fun! Brain jogging is fast becoming a leisure choker here.

Brain Training is an excellent Brain trainer app with With 20 logic and thinking games. All game modes come with 15 levels and they differ in difficulty, not the actual gameplay. There different kinds of exercises including concentration exercises, math exercises. Click on the Google Play link below to read more about the involved exercises.

Premium version without advertising

This brain teaser app is not lacking in good ideas, and the implementation has succeeded satisfactorily despite small design weaknesses. The translation is sometimes a bit bumpy, but that hardly bothers when playing. The situation is different with advertising: After each round, an intrusive full-screen window opens. With a premium upgrade for the price of € 1.99 (test time) is turned off.


Brain-jogging with a fun factor: In this mind-game, you can expect varying levels, each with 15 levels of difficulty.


Alto’s Adventure

In this game, we slip into the (snowboard) shoes of the brave “Alto” and quickly forget that we plow in the free game only through the virtual snow.

In Alto’s Adventure Let’s start the day of the mountain boy “Alto”, just as he starts his day: with his feet firmly on the snowboard and hunting for llamas.  The remarkably atmospheric snowboarding adventure turns level by level to collect the nimble lamas and lots of bonus points which you can then exchange in the shop for all sorts of extras. The developers have skillfully made the snowboarding experience awesome. Even on aged Android devices, it still goes down the slope with a monkey tooth and the smooth animations convey the freedom of the Alpine descent with dynamic camera perspectives. The Continuously generated sections prevent repetitions and make every downhill unique.

Real driving pleasure

In addition to high-speed rides and appealing level design, we also enjoy tricks and stunts in this refreshingly different snowboarding adventure. With jumps we fly over deep chasms, flips and grinds bring extra points and always provide a challenge.


Fast, modern and atmospheric, with simple controls, the fast descents make this snowboarding spectacle always fun. Note: This is a paid game on iPhone




As a young dragon, we torch in this action-spectacle everything that gets in our way. Fast gameplay and explosive explosions included.

Anyone who thinks teenagers are bad has not experienced a hang-gliding teenager yet. In Drag’n’Boom is exactly one of those on the loose and as expected creates a lot of chaos. Fortunately, because we are allowed to control the wildfire breather ourselves, this fits in quite well with the pre-adolescent Destruction Strip. The action-packed arcade title thrives on simple yet thoughtful controls. With our left thumbs, we carry our mini-dragon through the levels in a bullet-like manner, like “Sonic the Hedgehog” sometimes shooting through tunnels and ramps. With the right thumb, we diligently distribute fireballs, which, like the flight direction, are conducted with simple swiping gestures. The brisk and explosive adventure is not too easy. The level of difficulty makes the fiery adventure time and again a challenge.

Slow motion and upgrades

With slow-motion effects, various power-ups and a flexible overview camera you quickly forget the time with Drag’ n’Boom. The brisk adventure entices with thrilling gameplay, simple game mechanics and cool humor in the right places. The app is ad-supported but you can get rid of the ads by upgrading to a premium version.


A brisk action title with lovingly coordinated graphics, good controls and lots of explosions.



Infinity Loop: HEX

An app like a holiday: In this relaxing game of patience, you have to arrange graphic elements.

The logic puzzle introduces us level by level to chaotically arranged shapes or rather fragments of them. In the beginning, players have to guess which character has been dismembered and then create a connected shape by rotating the individual elements. Sounds easy? It is, at least in the first levels. As the game progresses, so does the number of pieces of the puzzle, and sooner or later, players will no longer be able to recognize them properly only skillful tinkering will help. Unfortunately, there is no help once you get stuck on a level.

Best with headphones

The accompanying music of Infinity Loop: HEX is cleverly coordinated and contributes to the relaxed gameplay essential to the relaxation factor of the app. Headphones make sense for real immersion, so you can hide any surrounding noises at the same time. The graphically simple title runs smoothly even on old devices.


Pure relaxation: With this stress-free puzzle game, users can switch off without any time pressure and in a laid-back atmosphere and play around comfortably.




Loneliness is the Game content here. In this free game, you can just switch off and enjoy a wonderful gliding flight.

In Loner, we glide through shadowy worlds full of light trails, semi-transparent shapes and strange geometric tunnels, columns and gates. While soft keyboard jingles in the background and string instruments create a mystical and enchanting ambiance, players have the control of their aircraft via touchscreen in their hand. With intuitive gestures, you can adjust the altitude or turn your biplane. This requires constant attention because if you do not adjust your course regularly, you will crash into one of the many obstacles quite quickly. However, this never has anything to do with hectic activity. All blockades approach leisurely and precise maneuvers are required only in exceptional cases.

Best with headphones

Loner is more fun with headphones and lets you disconnect effectively from the outside world. The gameplay does not offer a lot of variety, but that’s a good thing. The app is all about switching off. In the evening before going to bed or after a stressful working day, this atmospheric free game is a wonderful way to relax.


Simple gameplay and a dignified soundtrack make the everyday stress in this mobile game quickly forgotten.



Gears Logic Puzzles

Puzzle until your brain falls out. With several levels and clever gameplay fans of steady games get their money’s worth here.

At Gears logic puzzles – Gears It’s true to the title. Players have to move freely movable gears here on a rectangular playing field until all red gears come into a rotation with skillful coupling. The drive comes from fixed, green pinions or moving blue toothed wheels. They can also make users turn with their own wiping motions. In a total of 1000 levels, you can prove a sense of geometry and mechanics here, after the first 50 levels, the difficulty level tightens properly. The app provides a variety of designs for visual variety, auxiliary gears help us overcome very tricky game moments and even gravity sometimes plays a role. Rusty gears that jam,

Do-it-yourself levels

If the prepared 1000 levels are too little or too easy, you can design your own levels in the game. They can then be shared with other players, so the challenges in the puzzle game practically never come to an end. The developers here are trying on realistic mechanics.


Cool sound, powerful levels, and charming gameplay make this free puzzle game a perennial favorite.




In 50 levels in this puzzle game, there is only one (seemingly) simple task, To immerse the entire field in a bright yellow color.

In yellow Players get a simple task, in 50 varied levels, they always have to do the same i.e Colorize the field with Yellow color. If you already suspect that this is not going to be as easy as it sounds, you are in the right place. The developer has come up with all sorts of things and presents puzzle enthusiasts with each level with a new challenge. So sometimes we have to find hidden pieces of the puzzle, move geometrical figures out of the edge of the screen with inverted movements or simply paint over dark spots. We have to crank, pull, turn and, above all, keep beating our own ignorance. The level of difficulty here picks up quickly and makes the initial sovereignty in the blink of an eye something like humble despair.

Without repetition value

So that no one has to bite his teeth on the sometimes very tricky puzzles, help is available for all levels. But they can only be unlocked by watching short commercials and are not always clear. The app waives advertising at the price of € 1.99. Those who have mastered the 50 levels once, unfortunately hardly find any repeat value with this app.


With 50 tricky challenges, even savvy puzzle enthusiasts will find a hard time clearing all the levels.




In this droll game of skill, we slip into the role of the lonely “Clawbert”, who lives his life as a gripping arm in a slot machine.

Clawbert simulates a gripper slot machine with a few small but important differences. So there is an actual chance of winning in the game and no one has to pay for the games here. Otherwise, the virtual version comes very close to the model of the fair or the arcade: With a lever, we move the cheerful “Clawbert” from left to right, which reacts with a typical inertia to all commands, but at the push of a button bravely and reliably tackles. There are various eggs in the game that spit out randomly generated content after a certain amount of time. That’s what it’s all about in the long run. The app offers more than 100 figures to collect.

With in-app purchases

In-app purchases are optional with Clawbert, but make the game flow much smoother. For example, you can unlock additional slots that allow you to collect more than one egg at the same time. Before the virtual lime canned after hatching namely slip and we can look forward to the content, the eggs must first lay around for a while – and it is initially only a single tray available.


At Clawbert we collect droll characters, enjoy an atmospheric soundtrack and can simply switch off in relaxed gameplay.




This minimalistic puzzle game comes with a nice atmosphere and 100 trick-free levels for free on the Android device.

Hocus. is a game of patience that comes without advertising and offers plenty of creative levels. The gameplay gets trickier from level to level. Your task is always the same i.e drag a small cube over narrow degrees and edges of various geometric figures into a color-coded target using swiping gestures or by simply tapping.  This is a breeze at the beginning but soon becomes very challenging. The spatially mostly absurd constructs are reminiscent of impossible figures, which despite steps and height differences simply run back into themselves.

Just do the level yourself

In hocus, you may also design your own levels and then send these artworks directly to friends via code. Although this requires a little effort and is not always easy especially at the beginning, but offers many creative ways of acquainting acquaintances with extra nasty levels to drive them insane.


Relaxed gameplay with impossible geometry, hocus. is a fun game of patience that lets you customize the crazy levels yourself.



Our list of the best free Android & iOS games ends here. We hope you like it. If you think we have left out a deserving title and (we sure might have as there are hundreds of great titles) please let us know in the comments below.



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