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What Laptop Should I Buy for Gaming?


There are a lot of people who would still choose to purchase a desktop for gaming but there are many reasons why you would opt for a laptop instead. This is perfectly okay. You are entitled to purchase what you think will work best for you. A gaming laptop will allow you to play games whenever you want to. Even if you need to be away from your home, you can bring your laptop to start playing. 

When purchasing a gaming laptop, are you simply going to look at the specs? There are many things that you have to think about to ensure that you are making the best choice. 


Some Quick Tips 

There are many things that you will learn but to give you some details on how you can pick the best laptop, remember the following: 

  •  Always choose a laptop with a good GPU. A lot of the games that can be played in laptops now require the GPU. Without this, you will not be able to play your favorite games in the settings that you want. 
  •  There are some laptops that will allow you to make some upgrades. Only do this when you think that it is necessary. Some end up ruining their laptops because they did not research enough about the things that they can and cannot do. 
  •  Do you think that resolution or speed is going to be more important? A lot of laptops will require you to choose one. You can pick what you think will be more ideal for the games that you love to play. 
  •  The keyboard that your chosen laptop will have will be used very often. Playing every day can make the keyboard look worn out unless the keyboard is very durable. 
  •  The battery life of most gaming laptops will not be too good. This might not be a big issue if you know that you can always connect your laptop to a power source. 


The Type of Gaming You Do 

What type of gaming do you normally love to do? There are some who only play their games for fun while there are also some who need to play games because this is their profession. The laptops that you are going to purchase for entry-level gaming will be a lot less expensive as compared to the ones that professionals love using. Do remember that most professionals would still choose desktops over laptops. 


Some Specs to Consider 

Specs are not the only things that will help you determine which laptop to get but they can play a huge role in narrowing down your choices. These are some of the important specs to think about before purchasing: 

  •  CPU – The best CPU for gaming is the Core i7 CPU but be prepared that you are going to spend a lot of money on laptops that can offer this. A Core i5 processor may already be ideal if you want something more affordable. 
  •  RAM – You need RAM that will allow you to be productive so you need at least 8GB. Do not consider laptops that offer less than that. 
  •  Storage – Would you rather choose hard drive or SSD. These have differences that will help you make the best choice. A lot of gaming laptops will offer SSD though while those that can be used for working will come with hard drives. A larger SSD will also decrease loading times so the choice will be up to you. 


Will Display Be Important? 

Of course, the display is going to be important! Can you imagine if you can barely see the graphics that you are playing? It can be enough to make you feel frustrated. You need to think about the screen size of the laptop. Some will come with the amazing resolution even if the screen size is big while others would require you to sacrifice the graphics for the large screen size. 

Another thing that you have to consider is the refresh rate. If you choose one with a low refresh rate, your laptop will have a higher chance of lagging. It will not be fun to play a game when the gameplay is not smooth. 

You will probably have your own personal preferences when choosing the right gaming laptop. Remember your considerations and make the best choice.  



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