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Top 06 Best GeoGuessr Alternatives 2022

Geoguessr alternative Reddit

This post will explain Geoguessr alternative Reddit. Launched in 2013, GeoGuessr is a geography video game platform. It uses Google Maps street view to display images, while players guess the area. GeoGuessr utilized to be totally free. You could obtain all the features without paying but now, it’s a premium platform.

The totally free version is limited with very little quality, which has actually made the platform less appealing to users. If you are a GeoGuessr user & you need an alternative, check out the 6 best ones below.

6 Best GeoGuessr Alternatives 2022

In this article, you can know about Geoguessr alternative Reddit here are the details below;

Best GeoGuessr Alternatives

1. Seterra

The Seterra app lets you learn location while having fun. It includes location tests on every continent and nation in the world. With this platform, you’ll find out more about country capitals, cities, rivers, lakes, and others. In addition to tests, Seterra features a number of geography printables– pdf maps of nations and cities. Also check bensbargains.

You can access more video game modes with Seterra than GeoGuessr. GeoGuessr includes five game modes– explorer mode, country streak, pro leagues, day-to-day difficulty, and fight royale. On the other hand, Seterra includes nine video game modes including program all, discover, several, choice, pin, pin hard and type, type light, and type with auto-complete.
You can simply change from one game mode to another while playing. Although you can develop a map with the map maker on GeoGuessr, with Seterra, you have to tailor an existing map test to create a customized quiz.

While GeoGuessr can be equated into 10 different languages, Seterra can be equated into 39 various languages. This makes Seterra a better GeoGuessr option.
Seterra Pricing

You can access Seterra for free online. Nevertheless, you can only access quizzes & printables. To enjoy its gameplay, you must download the Seterra mobile app for your Android or iOS gadget.

Here are its prices information:
– iOS App– $1.99 one-time payment
– Android App– $1.99 one-time payment
Seterra likewise features several subscription levels for the online variation with different prices strategies, that include:
– Membership Level 1– $1 per month
– Subscription Level 2– $5 each month
– Subscription Level 3– $10 monthly

Decision: Seterra requires a one-time payment for the mobile app, while GeoGuessr charges subscriptions. Thus, Seterra is more budget-friendly than GeoGuessr.

2. PlayGeography

Play Geography includes some fascinating location maps. The platform is owned by TeachMe. Significantly, TeachMe is a platform that supplies educational video games and apps that are used by countless users. Aside from PlayGeography, other TeachMe video games consist of MathGames, TypeRacer, and EdShelf. In fact, PlayGeography includes approximately 92 geographical maps with over 12,000 questions.

Comparable to GeoGuessr, there are 5 various game modes you can play on PlayGeography. However, the video game modes on both platforms are really different. PlayGeography video game modes include nation place, flags, capitals, and country provinces. Each mode includes more than 10 games with most of them having up to 30 test questions.
You can set various difficulty modes for each video game mode. Not to mention, every game is timed and the quicker you answer your concern, the greater the points you earn. The PlayGeography platform is totally free to use. You can play all video game modes at absolutely no cost, however it is just offered online by means of the website.

While GeoGuessr stories app for mobile devices and PlayGeography does not. As a result, working GeoGuessr is a lot and comfortable than utilizing PlayGeography. Nonetheless, the PlayGeography site is responsive on any gadget type. Also, users do not need to download or install anything.

Another con of PlayGeography is that you do not get lots of aid resources compared to GeoGuessr that features a help center & user forum.
You can only message the platform owners through e-mail or by mailing their addresses. A contact kind is included too.

Decision: GeoGuessr has more specific game modes than PlayGeography. However, PlayGeography includes a larger quantity of test concerns. Furthermore, you do not invest cash to use PlayGeography although the platform is web-based only.

3. City Guesser

Here is a notable GeoGuessr option on our list. The developer was motivated by GeoGuessr and he established the video game in 2020 right after GeoGuessr became more exceptional than complimentary. However, it’s a lot more simplified than GeoGuessr is.
It is a browser-based location game launched and offered to everybody. Despite being fairly new, City Guesser has been included on the top sites like PCGamer, Item Hunt, & The Burn-In. To play, all you demand to do is to choose any location, set the problem, and begin thinking. You can pick worldwide, U.S.A., Europe, and Asia. Notably, City Guesser lets you play monolith trivia. Also check Sites like ZbigZ.

You get to check out different monuments from various parts of the world. City Guesser features 4 video game modes which include streaks, multiplayer, walking tour, and driving trip. The significant video game form here is the multiplayer mode.
If you need to play GeoGuessr with your buddies, you’ll have to play in breaks. With City Guesser, you and your buddies can compete against each other via game rooms. City Guesser includes various free gifts to assist users know their areas. This includes things such as license plates, language, flags, company names, and road signs.

You can access similar giveaways with GeoGuessr, however it is only very noticeable with the pro version. The complimentary version isn’t of high quality, so these free gifts aren’t quickly seen. You can utilize City Guesser for free. The platform does not charge yet, however you can enjoy a first-class video gaming experience as there are no advertisements on the platform.

Optionally, you can assist the designer financially by donating cash for server expenses.
Verdict: City Guesser was modeled after GeoGuessr. This presents the platform one of the top free GeoGuessr alternatives. The multiplayer functions provide City Guesser a major boost over GeoGuessr.

4. Geotastic

Geotastic is a crowdfunded geography video game. The video game is simple; you interpret your environments to discover where you are. It’s a resilient game such that you can move your surroundings with a street view or guess using the maps. Likewise, players get free guesses that function as hints.

Suffice it to say, Geotastic is different GeoGuessr alternative that supports numerous players. Users can either build a local game, for a single-player mode, and an online lobby video game, for multiplayer games. For multiplayer, only the creator wants to have an account. Other gamers can join the lobby & play without even holding an account.
Aside from the single-player & multiplayer game methods, Geotastic also includes a challenge mode.

This is reasonably similar to the everyday difficulty mode that GeoGuessr functions. Usually, GeoGuessr features more game losses and places than Geotastic. As a Geotastic user, there are few modification choices for you. Preferably, you can develop your own maps with Geostatic, just like with GeoGuessr.

You’ll need to call the developer if there’s any map you wish to include which isn’t featured. The identical applies to other changes. While you pay to reach all of GeoGuessr’s functions, you can access all of Geotastic totally free. However, the platform is crowdfunded.
The developer isn’t paying server expenses with their own money however with money from contributions. Hence, as a Geostatic user, you’re anticipated to contribute. The platform will crash when contributions stop being available in. Also check best wunderlist alternatives.

You can donate via PayPal and SEPA bank transfer. Contributions can be any quantity with some users contributing as little as EUR0.50 and others as much as EUR15.
Verdict: The power of Geotastic over GeoGuessr is that Geotastic is complimentary to utilize and you can play single-player and multiplayer modes.

5. GetLost

GetLost is another option that was motivated by GeoGuessr. It’s a street view app that utilizes street view maps to show random locations for users to identify them. Without any confirmation required, you can create an account to play in seconds.

This option doesn’t include numerous game modes like GeoGuessr. However, its gameplay is distinct. Users can recognize the location on their screen by studying the street-side images or they can guess by clicking anywhere on the highlighted map.
GetLost features places from all over the world however the majority of are in North America and India. The points you obtain from each right guess depend upon the distance to the real area. The lower the range in miles, the greater your points.

For instance, you can make as much as 20,000 points for a range less than 5 miles and just 50 points for a range over 500 miles.
Each video game session includes five rounds and you’re scored for each round. At the end of the 5th round, the total points made is your game summary.
If you need aid with the GetLost video game, you can get in touch with the developers through a contact form. The website does not include assistance resources like GeoGuessr.

You can utilize GetLost for free to play just one video game session of five rounds daily. Here are its superior prices alternatives.
– Pro Regular Monthly Strategy– $3 each month
– Pro Yearly Strategy– $24 each year

Decision: GetLost and GeoGuessr have comparable pricing plans. Nevertheless, the service with GetLost is that you can always play one full game session per day totally free.

6. Conceal & Seek World

Once again, Hide & Look For World is a geo game established out of inspiration by GeoGuessr. Nevertheless, Hide & Seek World is notably various from GeoGuessr as the platform is surely multiplayer. You can either join a casual game or create a game to have fun with good friends. The Hide and Seek world multiplayer game mode is reasonably interesting. You conceal somewhere, in any location of your choice, while other players attempt to think your area.

For this reason, there’s one hider and numerous candidates. Each candidate makes points depending upon how close their guess is. The hunter with the acmes after a game session wins. To sign up with a video game, merely enter your name, select a color and sign up with. You don’t need to sign up to join a random multiplayer video game. Sign-up is just required if you are playing with friends.

On the Hide & Seek World site, there are live leaderboards for players with the best scores and the most wins. As much as 200 players are included which shows that great deals of individuals play Hide & Look for World.
Aside from multiplayer modes, Hide & Seek functions the Battle Royale Mode. This exact same game mode is featured on GeoGuessr. However, the Fight Royale mode on Hide & Seek can only be played with good friends.

It does not support having fun with random people. Nonetheless, the gameplay isn’t much different from the multiplayer mode.
Conceal & Seek World Rates

Conceal & Seek World includes a totally free version however it’s extremely minimal. You just can play one game each day. To access all functions of the video game, you’ll have to pay for any of its paid strategies:
– Pro Plan– $3 monthly
– Premium Strategy– $8 each month

Decision: If you wish to play multiplayer geo guessing video games, Hide & Look for World is one of the very best GeoGuessr alternatives to think about.

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