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Top 15 Best Guidebook Software Alternatives In 2022

guidebook software

Guidebook software is a contemporary code-free platform for creating mobile applications intended for training and events. It is also referred to as a SaaS solution for do-it-yourself development that makes it easier to create iOS and Android apps without knowing how to code. All of the top mobile and internet solutions that are focused exclusively on guide applications are supported by the software.

This allows venues and Enterprise company employers to quickly develop solutions comparable to what event organisers can construct for trade show and conference participants. Every template in it is readily editable to add extra features and branding, and you can utilise a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop builder.

Before apps are submitted to Guidebook’s online publication queue, there is additional session scheduling data and lists that may be bulk imported. The apps can then all be updated, and interactive features like social feeds, polls, and maps help to keep users interested. Its real-time updating mechanism guarantees quick content refresh rates and provides analytics and analytical feedback on app usage to make it more interesting. Other features of the guidebook include document libraries, scheduling, source control, interactive maps, and access control and authorization.

Top 15 Best Guidebook Software Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about guidebook software here are the details below;

1. EventMobi

EventMobi is a comprehensive all-in-one event management software system that manages every stage of the planning, execution, and follow-up of your event, meeting, or conference. The platform has all the technology and resources you’ll need, from registration and event applications to live polling, digital signage, surveys, and more, to keep your visitors interested from beginning to end. Both participants and organisers will find this event management solution to be simple to set up and utilise. The fact that this solution is quite configurable is one of its finest features. It enables you to construct an event that matches your brand and occasion, be it a staff meeting, a training session, or a bigger conference. Also check donation software

Registration, check-in, networking, event applications, gamification, polls and surveys, live display, and analytics solution for controlling your event experience are some of its important features. Additionally, it allows multi-event management so that guests can conveniently access present, past, and future events within your complete events portfolio from a single, centralised site. The software enables you to effectively organise and host events with a significant impact and specialises in delivering an engaging and enriching experience for your visitors. Additionally, essential features like personalization, multiple registrations, leaderboards for games, on-demand reporting, drag-and-drop, and much more are available in EventMobi. This is another Guidebook Software.

2. Bizzabo

Bizzabo is a cutting-edge, feature-rich event management software created as a comprehensive set of tools that handles all key requirements for successful events. The solution can help you increase sponsorship opportunities, streamline your ticketing process, clean up your contact information, or promote networking initiatives. Even so, it has the potential to provide you with in-depth information on the success of your occasion, the state of your sponsorships, and the overall results of your marketing initiatives. It is also a potent tool that helps organisers put on a flawless performance for their audience and targeted clients with ease.

In this manner, improving your event management efforts would be simple. Bizzabo is a complete system that has all the tools needed to assist businesses with event management, planning, and marketing. A successful event requires each of these components. Staff workers and event managers frequently travel. The software provides a straightforward interface where you can monitor the general status of your assignments to make things simple and uncomplicated. You don’t necessarily need to be at your office to view your data because, unlike others, it can also be accessible using mobile devices. It is commercial software with many pricing tiers.

3. Cvent

The most popular cloud-based event management platform, Cvent, gives organisations of all sizes the resources they need to boost attendance and cut expenses. It has a vast array of capabilities that let firms concentrate on their offerings rather than squander time on dull and monotonous duties. Event managers and planners can quickly and simply identify venues, organise events, engage participants, assess performance, and improve process efficiency thanks to the web-based application. The software delivers cutting-edge technology that supports businesses at every stage of the event, from venue selection to marketing and online registration. It covers the full event lifecycle. This is another Guidebook Software.

They may remove time-consuming manual processes by using Cvent to streamline the check-in process. It is simple to use and has strong features that enable businesses to quickly get a return on investment, in comparison to all the other top platforms. Its reporting section provides managers and teams with complete contact histories as well as 100 pre-built custom reports. It provides a straightforward interface to access all features and functions much like any other platforms that are similar. Event registration, email marketing, payment processing, budget management, event reporting, mobile-friendly registration, workflow management, social wall, and other features are some of its most salient characteristics.

4. WebinarJam

Different companies and sectors utilise WebinarJam, a webinar hosting software, for online marketing. It is a cutting-edge option for live casting, event streaming, and webinar broadcasting and includes all the key features that set it apart from rival solutions. The biggest feature of this solution is that it works with all popular operating systems, modern browsers, and mobile devices, allowing users to live broadcast to thousands of participants from anywhere and supporting different languages. Direct social media streaming to this platform’s own private network will be possible for users.

By using the tool’s configurable layout options, users may spotlight each co-presenter one at a time throughout their live stream events whether they choose to present alone or with others. Participants may utilise the live chat feature to connect with each other as users conduct their webinars. Additionally, it gives presenters the option to upload and stream preloaded movies, perform presentations, share their screen with other presenters, and annotate the screen directly. Other tools and services provided by WebinarJam include the ability to send participants offers, plan events, design webinar sites, sessions, or training, send emails, and gather information about the effectiveness of their webinars.

5. CadmiumCD

This is another Guidebook Software. A strong event management solution called CadmiumCD makes it easier to manage, gather, and share content for your events. You can effortlessly manage all of your events with its one dashboard, which streamlines workflow while increasing flexibility and effectiveness. Additionally, it enables you to quickly switch between tasks, such as gathering abstracts or analysing data to interact with your guests in real-time via a mobile app. Additionally, the solution enables you to manage your content and include all of your personnel without switching between different systems by allowing you to watch all of your events from a one dashboard.

By using CadmiumCD, fewer suppliers are needed to effectively manage material during the whole event. Additionally, the software gives you the tools you need to properly monetize your event and increase return on investment by giving your exhibitors better experiences while making more money. Selling sponsorship agreements and advertising space is now simpler than ever. They can enhance any event with the use of its posters and digital signage features. Additionally, it has fundamental components like an abstract scorecard, conference proceedings, an exhibitor floor plan, a straightforward dashboard, etc.

6. Raklet

Raklet is a comprehensive cloud-based event management tool created to assist organisations with managing their memberships, communications, and community monetization. On this platform, all procedures and processes are automated, enabling users to maintain their position as leaders, grow their membership, and quadruple income. It is designed with fundraising and event ticketing tools to make it simple for users to manage events and fundraisers of all sizes. Numerous options included in the software enable groups to effortlessly collect money and gifts, engage members in forums, encourage their participation in activities and conversations, and more. Also check referral marketing software

This software solution’s ability to provide you with a full membership management tool that streamlines the way you manage all of your memberships, from new ones to renewals, through a feature-rich set of capabilities and automation of all membership-related tasks, is one of its most intriguing and enjoyable aspects. This allows you and your members to effortlessly access and update information without worrying about security because all of your members’ details are stored in one convenient spot. Additionally, Raklet avoids the requirement for the deployment of several separate solutions to manage member data. The software also includes a clever application form that collects all necessary information from potential members and enables you to charge them fees when they apply.

7. Hubilo

hubilo logo

Hubilo is a complete event management software programme created to streamline and speed up all phases of event administration, including planning, marketing, execution, communication, and all post-event procedures. This software provides end-to-end automation capabilities that significantly shorten the total process by changing time-consuming, laborious goals into blazingly quick and automated ones. Users have an unlimited ability to plan, advertise, and manage their events with the aid of this service. This is another Guidebook Software.

They receive a gorgeous, editable website, an event app, and a tonne of promotional materials that they can tweak to match their identity. This solution’s most intriguing feature is the ability to take advantage of web-based and in-app connectors that streamline all event networking community efforts and advantages. To further engage guests, Hubilo enables you to create an event community before the event. Additionally, it gives them a platform for pre- and post-event communication with their attendees. Additionally, it has a number of essential components that set it apart from rivals.

8. Arlo

Arlo is a user-friendly event management software that includes all the essential tools and capabilities, making it a complete solution for enterprises of all sizes. It is a cloud-based service that aids users in organising, publicising, and running various events, both offline and online. For better organising, the application even interacts with websites for many types of organisations and events. Event planners may effortlessly carry out their responsibilities while on the go with the aid of this solution. One of the nice things regarding this solution is that it functions on mobile devices, enabling all setup and advertising activities to be carried out on devices of all sizes.

Additionally, Arlo offers businesses all the equipment they need to hold conferences and deliver training. It is an all-inclusive service that guarantees clients may carry out all of their essential tasks from a single platform. In order to provide users with a flexible and secure solution, cloud-based software allows connectivity with several online payment gateway systems. Payment Express, PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Stripe are all options for members to use to pay registration or ticket expenses. For easy reconciliation and billing, all of these transactions are stored on the system and instantly sync with Xero. Online registration, marketing tools, website integration, a variety of payment options, multi-regional support, e-learning, and accounting system connection are the solution’s main features. It is a for-profit event management tool with various pricing tiers.

9. Konfeo

This is another Guidebook Software. For small to medium-sized businesses, particularly conference planners and training providers, Konfeo is an all-in-one event registration software solution. Users of this software may easily and quickly register for events, make payments, manage tickets, advertise and promote events, and utilise a variety of other features to develop, manage, and assess events. It is incredibly strong when compared to all the other platforms that are comparable. It offers adaptable solutions for event registration that make organising and managing all facets of your events easier, from planning to execution and post-event administration.

It has all the tools you require to automate all the key procedures, allowing you to completely focus on developing and delivering experiences that live up to your customers’ and attendees’ expectations. Additionally, Konfeo has a sophisticated and simple event registration system that you can quickly customise to meet your requirements. Additionally, it has a number of essential components that set it apart from rivals. There are two alternative price plans, each with its own costs and primary advantages.

10. Ploxel

The most quickly expanding event management tool was created to assist users in organising and selling tickets for their events: Ploxel. It includes all the newest features and capabilities to increase ticket sales and handle payments with ease. In addition to offering all of the essential capabilities of Priava Event Management Solution, the software also offers some additional services and tools to enhance it. It includes seamless interfaces with PayPal and Stripe, which make it simple for users to collect payments and for consumers to pay for tickets. It is a cloud-based system that enables you to generate more cash and sell tickets more quickly.

The software is jam-packed with features and functionality made to assist you in planning your whole event, maximising sales chances, expanding your audience, and staying in touch with clients after your events. With the aid of this solution, you’ll also be able create shop carts that have logos, banners, and other such brand-related items. It enables you to maintain track of your attendees after your event is over. You may quickly download data for performance monitoring and print customer lists on the go thanks to Ploxel’s storage of all contact information.

11. Coconut Ticket

Event planners can produce, control, manage, and dispose of tickets for events of any size and type with Coconut Tickets, an online ticket management application solution with a wealth of features. It is a great tool for outdoor gatherings like open-air concerts, athletic events, military exhibitions, trade shows, and fairs, among others. The software is equipped with all the essential tools and features that make it perfect for indoor events like talk shows, pitches for businesses, concerts, and recitals where the number of attendees and seating arrangements are closely regulated. This is another Guidebook Software.

The most notable features of this technology are vendor pitch tickets, ticket page designs, indoor and outdoor ticketing, and tickets for short repeating events. The user-friendly Coconut Tickets tool comes with a straightforward drag-and-drop page designer that lets users to quickly create their own pages with their own branding and themes without the need for installation or specific hardware. The software was specifically developed by event planners who have vast backgrounds in their business and professional expertise, so it is tailored to meet each client’s specific demands.

12. TourneyEngine

For athletic events and tournaments of all sizes, TourneyEngine is an easy-to-use event management tool. It is a complete solution with all the essential tools and features that make it the best. The software comes with a strong collection of functions, including team bracketing, event scheduling, registration and staff administration, and more, making it ideal for organising professional league events for any sport. It is perfect for sporting camps in addition to professional competitions. Events directors can simply plan, develop, and manage any element of their events using one single interface without switching to different platforms.

Users may create and implement schedules with just one click as well, without having to worry about scheduling conflicts. Additionally, it has a real-time communication component, which increases its potency. Its integrated bulk email feature and in-app alert capabilities make it easier than ever to promote to, and connect with, your clients, teams, and athletes. Additionally, TourneyEngine offers essential features like live streaming, synced profiles, bespoke front-end websites, automatic scheduling and bracketing, adjustable pricing, real-time updates, push notification, and communication.

13. Swoogo

Swoogo is an exceptionally user-friendly event management and planning software solution with all the essential features. With its full complement of potent features and operations, including event creation, marketing, reporting, and analytics, etc., this platform streamlines all facets of event planning and management. The creation of unique event websites, managing event registration, and other features make this software the perfect tool for events. Also check claim management software.

This is another Guidebook Software. This all-encompassing technology enables users at the back end to have a complete picture of all the data on a single platform, while attendees and clients view appealing and branded webpages that are suited for mobile and desktop platforms. With its drag-and-drop interface, you have complete control over the data you wish to communicate as well as the positioning of widgets and content. Its registration wizard assists you in configuring your event registration and copies all of your prior events’ rules and regulations.

14. Priava

Priava is a feature-rich venue and event management software system created specifically for venues, galleries, performing arts groups, governments, and other market sectors. It is simple yet powerful. A variety of practical capabilities are included in the software for managing availability, resources, logistics, reservations, clients, catering, and reporting, among other things. Users who utilise this robust system may effortlessly manage several events and locations. Users are able to discover any accounting record, contact, or event without restriction thanks to its advanced level universal search tool.

Users may establish reservations using the booking chart, plan events for various people, and do conflict checks to prevent multiple reservations. The booking chart’s color-coding gives consumers a sneak view of tentative and confirmed events. Users may link events to several contacts using the system’s integrated customer relationship management feature. Users may examine the history of every event they’ve ever created and keep track of correspondence with individuals or events. A variety of report templates are available from Priava, each with its unique layout and design. Users have the ability to design their own unique reports, save them, print them, search inside them, and export them to other formats like PDF, Word, or Excel.

15. iModules

IModules is a platform for administration, alumni directory, and software-based online interaction. According to your demands, this software provides a variety of alumni characteristics that influence institutions. Using its cutting-edge technology, it helps a lot of companies by making events more effective with a sophisticated administration system.

Everything you need to complete your game plan and produce beneficial outcomes is in your pocket thanks to our software-based team solution, which you can access from anywhere at any time. With iModules, you have a solid basis in data-driven technology that empowers you to take more sensible decisions for fundraising success. This is another Guidebook Software.

With the help of iModules data connections, iModules may offer solutions for deep data integration, including enterprises, new products, and gamification. Numerous advisory boards are available to help you navigate the issues your firm has. Many businesses profit from it, and its formation and administration are both straightforward.