CBD vs Kratom: What is the difference?

If you are chasing after natural and holistic solutions to improve your health, the chances are high that you have come across plant-based derivatives like CBD oil and kratom. As CBD and Kratom gaining attention in the Western world, studies show that both compounds hold individual qualities for treating various ailments and health conditions such as chronic pain, arthritis and anxiety.

This may sound familiar, as CBD is known to help with some of the same reasons. One needs to understand the actual outcomes of these products. Although both are herbal remedies, these two compounds work differently and deliver their own results. So, wondering what makes them different from each other? Read along to compare and understand the differences.

The origin – CBD vs. Kratom

CBD is one of the primary components traced in cannabis, hemp, and marijuana. However, due to legal restrictions, most of the market’s CBD products are made from hemp plants. It is abundantly found in the form of oils, capsules, edibles and tinctures.

Kratom is a tropical plant native to countries residing in Southeast Asia. As a plant relating to the coffee tree family, kratom breeds naturally in Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar. For centuries, the kratom tree leaves have been utilized as a herbal remedy.

Chemical variations – CBD vs. Kratom

CBD is often known as cannabidiol, one of over a thousand other cannabinoid traced in cannabis Sativa plants. It is an active composite that communicates with the human neurotransmitters to balance one’s body while providing a relaxing sensation. Apart from CBD, hemp plants can contain some of the other cannabinoids that work together to boost the results.

While kratom plants containing over 40 different compounds, MG (Mitragynine) and 7‐HMG (7‐Hydroxymitragynine) are the two dominant alkaloids exposed in kratom. Somewhat similar to CBD and THC, MG contains opioid-like properties, whereas 7‐HMG seems to give psychoactive effects.

Uses – CBD vs. Kratom

 CBD is well-recognized for its non-psychoactive effects and therapeutic uses. Numerous studies show that CBD interacts with endocannabinoid receptors and deliver a wide range of benefits. Some evidence indicates that antidepressant properties in CBD oil can treat conditions like stress, insomnia, anxiety disorders and post-traumatic disorders (PTSD).

On the other hand, kratom is widely used to ease the symptoms of opioid withdrawal and treating chronic pain. Recent research in Psychopharmacology revealed that Mitragynine, the main constitute in kratom is an effective painkiller and an excellent substitute to codeine. Moreover, many individuals also claim that using kratom has shown promising results in bone-related and joint pain. However, this needs to be further investigated to confirm if kratom can treat such conditions. Some drug users even find it incredibly useful to disengage them from powerful drug addictions and get back on track and live an ordinary life.

In addition to its primary use as a pain reliever, moderate use of kratom also helps reduce anxiety and improves energy and productivity.

Different ways to consume kratom and CBD

Unlike cannabis, kratom doesn’t need to be heated to stimulate its power yet can be consumed in its natural form. Usually, kratom is available to purchase as a dried powder, capsules, ground tea and dietary supplements. It can be chewed, smoked, mixed with food or brewed in tea.
With the spike of CBD use in the USA, CBD-infused products come as oils, tinctures, creams, gels, capsules and edibles. Among those, CBD oil is the most renowned product types among its users. It can be taken orally, inhaled/smoked, and CBD beauty products can be applied directly to the skin.

In a nutshell, both CBD and kratom are plant-based compounds with individual effects. As long as consumed in moderate amounts, both can be used for a good cause. Whether you are looking for CBD oil or kratom for sale, it is vital to buy these products from trusted retailers. As many products containing harmful chemicals, lack of supervision can cause side-effects, contamination or even severe health issue. Moreover, it can bring diverse effects to each individual, so you should ask for the doctor’s opinion before trying them.

Author’s Bio: I am Elena Simons, a health and wellness blogger. Recently, I started researching cannabis and CBD products, and I found that cannabis also carries medicinal benefits besides its addictions. Hence, I started sharing my findings on https://www.apotheca.org/.

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