Chlamydia Test: Where To Get Tested

Chlamydia, which is a sexually transmitted infection, affects people all around the world. It is a disease that people can contract while having unprotected sex. It causes damage to the reproductive systems of both males and females. This disease does not show any visible symptoms in the initial stages, making it more dangerous if people are not cautious. This is why is very important to get a chlamydia test. Unprotected sex, including oral sex, is the most common way to get infected with chlamydia. Even the slightest touch of genitals without any penetration can cause the other party to get infected with chlamydia. There are millions of cases involving chlamydia almost every year, where the cases in women are a bit higher when compared to men. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly suggest that sexually active people get tested for this disease at least once a year.

In males, often they do not have noticeable symptoms initially. If the symptoms do show up, it takes one to three weeks to show signs. The symptoms of chlamydia in men differ from one person to another. They could find difficulty while peeing, experience pain with their testicles, or notice discharge from their genitals. This is why it is imperative to get a chlamydia test. When having oral sex, the risk of getting transmitted with chlamydia also significantly rises as the bacteria can easily travel through the mouth. For females, symptoms may or may not appear at all. If symptoms do appear, then they could experience pain while engaging in sex and peeing. They could also notice a discharge from their genitals.

While chlamydia may not always show symptoms, it is still a dangerous disease. This is why the CDC recommends people get tested and screened for chlamydia at least once a year. Getting tested will ensure the well-being of you and the people around you. It also ensures that you maintain a healthy sex life and take all the safety measures for longevity.

Why Chlamydia Tests Are Important

It’s been recorded that 2.5 million people are infected with chlamydia in America each year. Plus, the symptoms of this disease are typically not noticeable and can go under the radar for years. This puts sexually active people at a much higher risk regarding their health and well-being. So, the only way of knowing whether you have chlamydia or not is by getting a chlamydia test. These tests take little to no time and are free from any type of pain, giving you all the more reasons to get screened for this disease.

If you have been sexually active for quite some time, it is recommended that you get screened for chlamydia at least once in a year or so. Getting tested for this disease is also important if a female is pregnant and visiting the doctor for pregnancy checkups. Another main reason is the peace of mind one will experience after getting tested. It assures that one is safe from infections and diseases, as it gives out the results in just a matter of a day or two. Getting cleared for chlamydia will put a person’s mind at ease, knowing that he/she is safe from STDs. However, in the case of a positive result, getting tested means that you can take all the steps to medicate yourself and seek further treatment instead of just being unwary of it. It also ensures the safety of the people around you and makes sure that your sexual life is heading on to a safer and healthier path by getting a chlamydia test.

How A Chlamydia Test Works

Tests for chlamydia involve steps that are simple and easy. It could involve the lab technician getting a urine sample or using a soft brush to get samples from the gentians in both males and females. The samples are then sent to the labs, where they get screened for chlamydia bacteria. While the samples are tested for chlamydia, the lab may also use the samples to test it for other STDs and other types of infections. People getting tested for chlamydia are advised not to use creams or ointments on their genitalia for at least a day before they get the tests done, as it could alter the results. The test results take only a few days to be produced, so there’s no worry about having to wait for weeks.

Getting yourself tested means that you are in control of your personal health and well-being. It also shows the level of responsibility you have as a human to not spread diseases in case you get infected. Early testing makes it possible for positive patients to be treated with the right medicines since chlamydia is curable.

Finding A Chlamydia Test Near Me

There are two options for getting tested for chlamydia; visiting a lab/clinic or testing yourself at home with a special kit. However, getting tested through a lab is recommended as the healthcare workers have a better idea of how to handle the swab samples and how to test them for other types of infections. Through STD Testing Now, you can easily find the best and most convenient testing lab center where you can walk in and get started with the test. Have no fear of the stigma surrounding STD tests as the lab workers follow and operate under strict confidentiality rules and protocols. They maintain the patient’s anonymity and privacy, ensuring that the tests are done securely. If you choose to do the tests at home, you can get a doctor’s consultation in case of a positive result.

In 2018 alone, there were four million infections from chlamydia alone. These staggering numbers keep rising as time goes by. With the growing population, STDs are more prevalent than ever, giving sexually active people a solid reason to get tested regularly. STD tests will help you get on the safer side by giving access to treatments and medications if there’s a positive result. It will also ensure the safety of you and the people in your life. The first step to living a healthier and safer lifestyle is getting tested for STDs.

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