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Examples of Digital Healthcare Kiosks and Signage


Digital kiosks and signage in the healthcare industry have greatly improved communication and interactions between healthcare professionals and patients. With physical communication taking a backseat due to the ongoing pandemic, professionals have more time to focus on other tasks, including administrative and organisational. What’s more, digital healthcare kiosks and signages facilitate patient registration and care, making the process more efficient as their queries are addressed faster.

What is Digital Healthcare Signage and Kiosks?

In some hospitals, you will notice the presence of digital displays placed strategically with relevant information displayed on the screen. These are digital healthcare signage panels display important information about doctors, appointments, wait times, etc.

These display screens can also be interactive as a touch screen, so that patients and staff can use them to find specific information or complete their registration. Alternatively, they could be static for displaying information only.

A digital kiosk is a self-service enclosure with a touch screen and pre-loaded software. Both patients and staff can use them to access and update information.

Why Do We Need Them?

Digital healthcare kiosks and digital signage panels are great for relaying and collecting information of attending patients. The kiosks facilitate information for patients with timely updates on their appointments, status of doctors, and approximate wait times. This increases the efficiency of the healthcare system as patients receive faster service. At the same time, all information is presented with transparency, eliminating any confusion on the patients’ part.

Furthermore, patient navigation becomes a smooth process with digital signage. Digital signage typically capture people’s attention with their bright displays. Using engaging content, patients can easily view where they need to go around the hospital. For example to find key locations such as the gift shop, cafes, doctors’ offices, and specific service sections such as radiology, pathology collections, etc.

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Benefits of Digital Healthcare Kiosks and Signage

The main benefits of digital kiosks and signage in hospitals include the following:

  1. Efficient distribution of information

Many types of information can be broadcast through digital healthcare kiosks and signage. From updates on doctors’ availability and wait times to tips on taking better care of health, any type of information can be displayed to create awareness and provide healthcare guidance.

  1. Display of real-time updates

In fast-paced industries such as healthcare, real-time updates are crucial as these can make a difference in life-and-death situations. For example, any kind of emergency alert, if displayed on time, can help save lives in the hospital.

  1. Improved internal communication

Digital kiosks and signage offer healthcare workers a quick and efficient means of inter-departmental communication. This innovative technology allows healthcare professionals to quickly communicate crucial patient information, reducing the risk of errors and miscommunication.

  1. Promoting the use of auxiliary services

Many hospitals provide supplementary services through their cafeterias, gift shops, florists, etc. Through the use of digital healthcare signage, these services can be promoted to the patients. Plus, they can be used to direct patients to these services or other specific locations within the hospital.

  1. Introducing new staff members

Introduce new hospital staff members and present their credentials is another important benefit of using digital kiosks and signage in hospital settings. This goes a long way in building patient trust.

  1. Providing directions

Wayfinding kiosks and digital signage  provide maps, directions and instructions so that patients and visitors can easily find their way around the hospital. The displays can be strategically placed throughout the hospital to guide patients to their desired locations.


5 Examples of Effective Use of Digital Kiosks and Digital Signage

Here are some examples of the effective use of digital kiosks and signage in the healthcare environment.

  1. Patient interaction displays

When waiting at the hospital for an appointment or a test result, patients can receive updates using a freestanding kiosk. Instead of having to stand in a queue to talk to administrative staff at the customer care counter, they can immediately access relevant information by using a the kiosk.

  1. Entertainment and information displays

Digital signage can be placed in waiting rooms and help keep the patients occupied by showing local news, sports, and weather updates. Some touch screen kiosks can even allow patients or their family members to play games.

Moreover, these displays can display key information such as the patient’s waiting number and how long they have to wait. Additionally, they can be used to display relevant health-related information, including disease prevention tips and strategies.

  1. Directory displays

Hospitals often cover a wide area and employ a wide range of staff. Digital directory displays can be placed strategically throughout the hospital to help patients and their families navigate to specific departments, doctor’s offices and other locations. Wayfinding maps, layouts and well-lit pathways provided by the digital signage help visitors reach their destination without wasting time or adding to their anxiety.

  1. Staff information and communication displays

When placed in staff lounges, digital signages in hospitals can help to speed up internal communication among the staff and provide key updates in a timely manner. In addition, this reduces the need for face-to-face communication while keeping staff updated.

Also, internal meetings can be scheduled using these digital healthcare kiosks, increasing staff productivity and efficiency.

  1. Menu displays

Using digital healthcare signage is a great way to show the menu of the hospital cafes. Moreover, they can be used to update patients and on information including prices, promotional offers, etc.

  1. Brand communication displays

Digital healthcare signage can be used to promote healthcare services and related products. For example, new equipment or treatments can be promoted through such displays. Digital signages also offer the ease of changing images whenever needed.

  1. Alert boards

Sometimes, due to emergencies such as earthquakes or fires, it’s crucial to send out alerts throughout the hospital. In such emergencies, alerts via digital screens can be used to inform and guide patients and visitors to safety.


Healthcare digital signage and freestanding kiosks offer an innovative way to provide external and internal communication for hospital staff, patients, and their families. In addition to efficiently presenting timely updates, they also increase staff productivity and patient trust.



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