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Here’s what you should know when buying cannabis


Using cannabis for the first time? Never visited a store or dispensary before? Or want to know where to buy your next supply from? If you have got at least one of these questions, this article may help clear your doubts. Many cannabis consumers fall for the wrong products in the market. Knowing some details beforehand could minimize those errors. Follow these simple rules and advice to get the best cannabis shopping experience. 

Legal restrictions 

Not all states across the world have legalized the use of cannabis. Each country has various views and legal restrictions when using cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes. Consumption of marijuana is legal in most provinces across the US and Canada – But not all states fall under this category. For instance, a white rock cannabis store with a valid license can only supply legal cannabis, whereas some cities in Canada maintain different age limits for possessing cannabis Given that, these regulations may vary from each province and state you are living in. To be on the safe side, do your research before hopping into a shop or ordering online. 

Select your strain 

Once you have sorted the legal side of cannabis use, think of a strain that fits your purpose. Not all marijuana strains are suitable for every consumer. Each strain produces different effects on its users. Some are good to unwind the day, some work as great pain relievers, some for entertainment, and the list go on. Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid are the most popular strains. One may have to select from the above strains, and the access to these strains can vary from state to state. In general, THC makes you high, and CBD content has healing benefits.  

Unlike buying a bottle of liquor, you cannot do a taste test when purchasing cannabis online or from a store. The product you are buying is quite an investment. So, commit to something of your preference and avoid disappointments.   

Quality check 

If you are a cannabis connoisseur, you already know how to perform the quality check. Unfortunately, you cannot smoke inside local pot stores, yet you can visually inspect the products. The cannabis selection process is almost like selecting fresh produces and flowers. If the bud looks attractive, has good color and fragrance, then you have the right one in your hand. Check for imperfections like powdery mold, insects, and discolorations – This is an alarming sign of poor-quality or old products.  

You may also give it a whiff as long as it is legal to do so. However, you mostly have the chance to smell what you are buying. If the bud has an unpleasant odor, smells like hey or wet grass or mold, they are the signs of low-quality products. High-quality buds have an earthy, citrusy, and fruity scent.   

Marijuana is not only available in natural forms. Today, consumers have access to a range of products such as edibles, concentrates, vapes, oils, flowers, and more. Most of these products display a written description – Read the description to understand the product better.  

Carry your ID 

It is no secret that many states have different regulations and age limits when buying cannabis. If you are to purchase cannabis from a local cannabis store or dispensary, you must be able to prove your age with a supporting document. It could be your driver’s license, passport, or a legal identification issued by the government.    

Ask an expert 

Components in cannabis react with our brains and body. Hence, its chemical process varies from person to person. One may feel relaxed with a particular product while the same product can make others stoned – Trust your opinion from your experience and never follow someone else’s recommendations.  

Therefore, talk with an expert who has already mastered the subject. If you are looking for something that you have tried in the past or trying for the first time, talk to the budtender representing your local cannabis store. Feel free to speak to them and communicate what you are looking for – Euphoric high or relaxing effects. Most of them are aware of the products sold in their stores and can direct you to the right one.      

About the author: Elenas passion for writing has helped her learn about so many subjects. She is continuously exploring how cannabis can treat medical conditions. At present, she is writing articles for https://www.alittlebud.ca/home.   



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