How To Improve Your Dabbing Experience

The world has now become more open-minded towards cannabis use. As a result, people are also finding new and creative ways to enjoy the full effects of this plant. One of these new ways includes dabbing.

Dabbing is a hot topic across the world. It’s given cannabis smokers a new twist in enjoying the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, with more potency and for a much longer time. Whether you’re new to the dabbing world or a seasoned one, there are several ways to enhance the whole experience. Having said that, this article will be teaching you some of the best tricks and techniques that’ll take your dabbing sessions a notch higher!

1. Choose High-Quality Cannabis Concentrates

Improving your overall dabbing experience starts with choosing high-quality cannabis concentrates. If you choose a low-quality strain, this would also a mean an inferior flavor and experience. In contrast, a high-quality strain can ensure topnotch flavor and experience.

However, finding and assessing the quality of cannabis concentrates won’t be easy. This is particularly true if you’re buying from an online cannabis dispensary.

The only way to avoid low-quality ones is to find a reputable and established online dealer. You want to make sure that the cannabis dispensary you choose is licensed and has garnered good reviews online. In addition, consider buying cannabis products whose quality have been evaluated by third party testing establishments.

2. Wear Gloves

Since you’ve invested much in choosing a high-quality concentrate, you might as well ensure that it stays unadulterated until you use it.

That said, it’s suggested that you use gloves when handling your cannabis concentrates. Although it may make you look like a clean freak, wearing gloves allows you to preserve the natural flavors of your dabs and prevent contamination.

Depending on the form of cannabis concentrate you have, dabs can be oily and slimy. Handling it with your bare hands can cause contamination. After all, your skin has natural oils, as well as other microscopic elements living on it that can spoil the concentrate and alter the experience in a bad way. 

3. Invest In A Dab Tool

A much better option than wearing gloves, a dab tool is a must-have accessory in your dabbing equipment.

Think of it as a small scoop, shovel, or spatula that allows you to transfer your cannabis concentrates easily. It prevents contamination and ensures a mess-free dabbing session. Another benefit of a dab tool is that it allows you to safely place dabs onto the heated nail and prevent burns.

You can also find dab tools with a pointed or needle-like end, which is suitable for breaking apart solid or brittle cannabis concentrates. 

4. Opt For A Quartz Nail

When looking for a dabbing nail, you’ll find numerous materials available, including glass, titanium, and quartz. Among these three, quartz is the most preferred option by the dabbing community.

A quartz nail is said to help enhance the flavor of your dab, and provide the purest and cleanest vapor. In addition, quartz is also a durable material, making it a long-lasting addition to your dab rig. 

5. Reduce The Heat

Most first-time dabbers complain about unpleasant flavors and aromas, chest pains, and nausea when dabbing, all of which are caused by high temperatures.

To get the best dabbing experience, you need low heat. High temperatures can cause the dabs to combust, burning the terpenes, which creates a burnt flavor that’s harsh on your lung.

When starting your session, you first need to heat the nail until it’s hot. Then, let the nail cool first before adding the concentrates. You can now inhale the resulting vapor for a more pleasant experience. Make sure to keep the temperatures low for the rest of your session. 

6. Always Clean Your Rig

A clean dabbing rig ensures good hygiene. However, cleaning your rig after every use also contributes to quality dabbing sessions.

As you use your rig, dab leftovers and residues will build up in various parts. This residue can negatively impact the experience of your next dabbing session. Cleaning your rig ensures that there are no leftovers or residues from your previous dabbing.

Plus, the more frequently you clean your rig, the easier it is to keep it that way. In addition, regular cleaning can prevent permanent staining and taint on your rig’s appearance.

Take Away

Dabbing is a fairly specialized method to consume cannabis and its related products. Getting the hang of it can take some time. However, you can quickly optimize and improve your dabbing experience with the right knowledge.

Once you fully understand the basics of dabbing, follow the above tips to take your dabbing experience to the next level!

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