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How To Run Great Holiday Campaign Using Social Media In 2022

Holiday Campaign Using Social Media

This article is about run a great holiday. The holidays are approaching, and despite the fact that 2020 will bring many changes to the way we live, retailers and consumers alike are looking forward to this annual shopping season. Consumers want brands to help them make this season feel more festive than ever before, despite the fact that parties and gatherings are smaller than before.

How To Run a Great Holiday Campaign Using Social Media In 2022

In this article, you may know about the run a great holiday here are details given below;

Although it’s tough to predict what the season will bring, many analysts predict modest increase this quarter. They anticipate revenue gains ranging from 1-3.5 percent (Retail Dive). With so much on the line this holiday season, it’s vital that you create a marketing strategy that allows you to reach as many holiday customers as possible. Start with our top tips for using social media to motivate people to take action this holiday season.

1. Remind followers of shipping alternatives.

If you haven’t started your holiday campaigns yet, now is the moment. According to reports from all shipping carriers, extended arrival times are expected to be the norm for the 2020 holiday season. This is partly due to pandemic-related delays, but it is also due to the fact that internet sales are likely to increase by 25-35 percent between November and January, compared to 15% last year (Deloitte).While brands (especially smaller ones) can’t do much about UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipping difficulties, they can promote’shopping early’ and other options like curbside pickup in their holiday message. Also check Mediavine alternatives

For example, Macy’s was planning to boost holiday shopping demand over the summer, knowing that success in the fourth quarter would rely on “lowering pressure points on heavy volume days” (Retail Wire).

Since then, Macy’s has used their organic Instagram account (seen above) to remind customers of all the different ways they may shop Macy’s this holiday season.

2. Communicate in a cost-conscious and relatable manner

Given the existing economic climate, it’s understandable that consumers have become more price-conscious. According to Pinterest data, over 40% of Americans will be partying on a budget this year. As a result, marketers must adapt their campaigns to match the present situation.

Consumers and businesses are increasingly interested in flexible payment options such as Afterpay. 45 percent of companies who give a “buy now, pay later” option at checkout say it boosts conversion (Fortune).

Through their convenient, interest-free payment plans, Afterpay’s holiday campaigns focus on making gifting (especially the sort that consumers can feel good about) accessible. They remind customers that the holidays, especially this year, are an opportunity to support small companies and vote with their cash.

3. Recreate the experience of window shopping

Consumers will miss visiting to stores, malls, and holiday markets to complete their shopping, according to Pinterest research. Customers expect companies to encounter them where they are, and this year, that place is at home.

Anthropologie, a fashion and lifestyle retailer, used the unique capabilities of two different social platforms, Pinterest (pictured above) and Instagram Stories, to capture digital window shoppers and deliver them customised and timely “gift guide” material.

They linked their gift tips with a ‘Win Your Wishlist’ Pinterest contest to drive even more social reach. Customers must build an Anthropologie-branded board and fill it with repins from the brand to be eligible to win. Also check Tasker Alternatives


4. Convert passers-by into social shoppers

In order to make in-platform purchasing a success, social networks have gone above and beyond. Instagram just released an update last month that replaced the ‘activities’ page with a new commerce function.

This upgrade clearly shows that Instagram is focusing on speeding up their shift to e-commerce (perhaps in response to some experts’ forecasts regarding the pandemic’s impact on the industry). However, companies should pay attention to any new or improved features on the platform.

Nisolo, a shoe brand, built an Instagram storefront that goes beyond social buying by giving customers access to a digital inventory. “A shop is another way you can bring your business narrative to life on Instagram,” according to the platform, “with an immersive, digital storefront that includes shoppable content and curated collections.”

These enhancements to the customer experience are being noticed. According to emarketer, this year, 22% of individuals are more interested in purchasing via social media, while 23% are less interested in shopping in-store. Check out this guide to get started making your own Instagram collections.

5. Use ‘Micro-Celebrations’ to Promote Your Brand

We all know that holiday celebrations will not be the same as in the past, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be something to celebrate. According to Pinterest, 7 out of 10 users aim to celebrate both large and small milestones. While most holidays don’t have enough spending power, this year’s Friendsgiving provides another opportunity for marketers to engage with their audience.

Sabra developed a Friendsgiving influencer campaign this year to promote its limited-edition ‘Thanksgiving Stuffing’ taste. Several partners with whom Sabra worked throughout the year received a gift (which included hummus, branded sweatpants, and a turkey hat).Sabra is known for its effective influencer marketing campaigns, but this one in particular appears to be well-timed. Not only did it capitalise on a popular trend among their target demographic, but the present was also appropriate for this year’s reduced event.

6. Incorporate your top partners into your holiday marketing strategies.

It’s no secret that people prefer to buy from people they trust, and influencers are increasingly becoming one of the people they turn to for purchasing advice.
The outbreak of the pandemic resulted in a significant increase in content consumption (Statista), and influencers were well-positioned to become those reliable sources. According to recent data, almost 80% of influencers reported increased engagement from their followers throughout the epidemic (Later), which is noteworthy. Also check Microsoft Whiteboard Alternatives

Amazon teamed up with influencers this year to demonstrate customers how to utilise Amazon Prime to surprise and delight their loved ones. Ingrid Nilsen, a Youtuber, released a video with her followers depicting the ‘doggy Christmas’ she made for her friend’s dog Hendricks. Ingrid unboxed holiday decor from her Amazon order while delivering a story that tugged at viewers’ heartstrings in this video. This unique influencer connection inspired viewers to go above and beyond this season (made easier with Amazon, of course).

7. Use video to supplement your in-person shopping experience.

Video content has been emphasised by platforms and consumers since the outbreak began. On sites like Instagram and TikTok, video content is simple to watch, engaging, and delivers something new to users.

Platforms are now aiming to offer more video shopping options for businesses to profit on, as customers are now interested in watching live and prerecorded video. Certain firms have been given access to live shopping functionalities on Facebook and Instagram, allowing them to tag products from a catalogue feed within their live stream. While this great tool is not yet available to all brands, there are still a few methods to use video to help customers buy more easily this holiday season.

Kohl’s, for example, teamed up with ItsJudyTime to advertise Black Friday bargains on Facebook Live. Judy went shopping with her mother and then broadcasted a live stream of everything they bought. Judy shared the video on her Facebook page after it went public, tagging all of the products included. This not only increased the amount of visitors to, but it also made it easier for viewers to find the things they wanted to buy. To date, the video has received approximately 200,000 views.


Use social media to attract customers.

While we don’t know what this year’s holiday season will bring for brands, one thing is certain: consumers are spending more time on social media than ever before. Make sure you’re taking advantage of these platforms’ top features to boost your holiday campaigns.
What are your holiday marketing campaigns? Let us know in the comments section.