5 Genius Storage Hacks for Homes

Does the size of your room feel too small to squeeze your stuff in without making it look cluttered and cramped? Well, that’s a problem for most homeowners moving into a new apartment. Small space gives you little storage area to accommodate your household items.

Those who have massive closets and spacious cabinets feel blessed to have plenty of storage space, but what about people with no built-in cabinets? Whether you are moving into a new home or renovating your existing one, we have some genius storage hacks to keep your household items organized and in place. Let’s take a look:

1. Get a Freestanding Closet

Turn your free standing rack into a closet and save the space of a massive closet in your room. Having an open area for your wardrobe will get you to keep your clothes organized in the rack instead of putting them in piles in your closet. If a freestanding closet doesn’t sound great, how about a customized almirah? Check out the latest 3-door almirah design online and get yourself a cupboard that can house your wardrobe efficiently and cut the clutter.

2. Build Magazine Racks

A bookshelf doesn’t fit into every modern space. If you don’t have sufficient room in the living area to fit a large bookshelf, consider building magazine racks instead. They are built on the walls and can display your books and magazines beautifully, without taking up too much space. The slim shelves create a cozy reading nook where you can enjoy hours reading your favorite novel or a non-fictional book. Install a fireplace and place a few leather chairs to create a perfect reading atmosphere.

3. Get Tables with Drawers

Whether it’s a dressing table or a side table, it should have a couple of drawers to house your small accessories. Some people order a customized bed with storage drawers that can hold their pillows, bedsheets, sweaters, and other items. You could also buy wooden storage cabinets to give your room a classy feel while creating adequate storage for your stuff. Functional furniture looks elegant in nearly all interior themes.

4. Install Storage Shelves About the Doorframes

The most overlooked yet useful area in your rooms is the space between your door frames and the ceiling. If there is room for a small storage shelf above the almirah, consider installing one. You can store the seasonal accessories in this extra space. The best part is it won’t get noticed or create any mess on your floor.

5. Choose Your Furniture Wisely

Instead of a queen or king-sized bed, opt for a four poster bed. The lesser the size of your furniture, the more space you will have for other accessories. Likewise, you don’t need to buy a separate dressing table when you have floating chairs. You can simply hang a mirror on any wall and use these chairs for makeup. Don’t buy furniture solely for the aesthetics. You should rather invest your money in functional pieces that can last for years and offer multiple functions.

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