What can an espresso machine whip up?

Waking up without your nice cup of coffee can be hard and impossible for some. That is why many people stand in long lines to get the perfect cup of coffee. Another alternative to waiting in a queue is getting a coffee maker yourself. Coffee makers are efficient, quick, and a convenient way to get your warm beverage on time.

Another type of coffee makers are espresso machines; these are slightly modified coffee machines and brew many drinks. Today we will be looking at a list of drinks an espresso machine can whip up for you.

Espresso based drinks you can get from an espresso machine

Here is a list of drinks you can get from an espresso machine.

Espresso shot

This is possibly the most predictable beverage. An espresso shot is a small cup of freshly made coffee directly from the machine. It contains around 20-25 grams of coffee and comes in a neat small cup; you can give it a stir to enjoy the fresh coffee without adding milk or sugar. It can be quite an intense cup of coffee for you.

Double espresso

This is another drink you can get from your espresso machine. It is similar to the first one, but just a larger cup. So if there are around 25 gms of coffee in a single shot of espresso, this is double the amount. This is for those that want more of the same drink but at a better price than two espresso shots.


Another black coffee variant is americano. This is simply a freshly made espresso that is diluted with water. In simple terms, we combine an espresso shot with hot water, and you have yourself a warm cup of americano.


Another black coffee variant is called the lungo. The name may vary from place to place, but the taste is almost the same. It is a shot of espresso in a slightly larger cup and has hot water on the side. The hot water can be used to dilute your espresso however you like it and thus making it a unique drink.

Espresso macchiato

Now, let’s move on to drinks that combine milk and espresso. So, the smallest coffee you can get at a coffee shop or whip one yourself from an espresso machine is an espresso macchiato. This delicious milk espresso drink has a simple recipe with one part espresso and two parts milk.


Another milk variant is the cortado. This is usually served in a glass cup and is a great option for a person looking for a strong coffee, yet it isn’t as intense as a macchiato. This contains a one-part espresso with four parts of steamed milk ratio, making it a great morning choice for many.

Flat white

Another popular option is called a flat white. This is a double espresso drink. And the coffee to milk ratio is 1:4. This is a big cup of coffee with foam steamed milk and two espresso shots, making it a strongly caffeinated drink that will surely wake you up in the morning. It’s more caffeinated and just a bigger drink overall.


The most popular milk variant of coffee is the cappuccino. Even if you don’t know much about coffees, a cappuccino is surely your pick. This is a slightly less intense drink, with a single espresso shot, along with six to seven parts of foamed milk. The cup, like many others, comes with a fantastic piece of artwork on the top.

Caffe latte

Another fan favorite is the iconic latte. This is a great beverage for people looking for a coffee but with less caffeine than an Americano or a flat white. This is a big cup of coffee containing a single espresso shot and around fourteen parts of steamed milk, making it a delicious, warm cup of coffee that is perfect for some.

Final thoughts

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages right beside tea and juice. There are so many variants of coffee that can be found all over the globe. From french hand-pressed coffee to espresso machine variants, the list is endless. Nonetheless, we compiled a comprehensive list that will surely let you know what you can whip up with an espresso machine or get from a cafe.

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