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What Things To Look At Before Buying Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen faucet 

Are you planning to buy kitchen faucets but do not know which model is the best? Then, it is best to consider some factors that can determine the value of the kitchen fixture. In the upcoming sections, you will see all those things you have to look at before buying kitchen faucets.

Top Factors To Look At Before Buying Kitchen Faucets

Here are the best aspects that a high-end and reliable kitchen faucet comes with:


One of the first things you have to consider in kitchen faucets is material durability. With the presence of several manufacturers, different materials are used to produce these fixtures. Though some brands make the best quality products, others use poor-quality materials to make inexpensive kitchen faucets. If you are looking for high-end faucets, it is best to look at TCK faucets. They are prepared using decent quality substances, sturdy, and are affordable.

Deck-Mount Vs. Wall-Mount Types

Deck-mount faucets are attached to the countertop or sit on top of the sink. Faucets that are mounted on the wall and dangle over the sink are known as wall-mount faucets.

The number of holes on your sink is significant when selecting an alternate deck-mount fixture. One-piece taps with a built-in handle and drain require two holes: one for the tap and the other for the sprayer. Coming to the traditional faucets that have hot and cold spouts, it is vital to have four holes: for both the cold and hot drains, handle, and a sprayer. Extra features, such as soap dispensers or integrated sprayers, develop further criteria.

Mounting Holes

Several sinks have pre-drilled mounting holes, and they are compatible with fixtures and accessories like soap dispensers, side sprays, and others. If you want to preserve your old sink, you will have to match it or acquire a base plate to hide excess holes.

You can hide holes in your countertop with the base plate that came with your new faucet. However, make sure not to buy a faucet that needs additional sink holes than your sink possesses. It is because drilling extra holes in an already made sink or countertop is not a decent option.

Spout Styles and Shapes

Straight spout fixtures are small and affordable, but you may have to adjust the tap to accommodate a large pot below it. Gooseneck models offer the best clearances. However, if the sink is not deep, it may create splashing. If you possess a huge or dual bowl sink, check if the faucet head swings far enough to cover the whole basin, regardless of its style. Keep in mind to choose the faucet that is proportional to the sink as a massive sink with a tiny faucet can look weird.

Faucet Use

Consider how you will utilize the sink before selecting a faucet. Do you have a lot of massive pots and large-sized pans to wash? Are you giving a bath to an infant? In that situations, a fixture with a high arc can make it easy for you.

It is best to place a bar prep faucet in a side sink if you have additional space in the kitchen. Meats and vegetables can be kept separately during dinner preparation, thanks to the dual arrangement.

Faucet Types

Though the primary types of faucets are single lever and two-handle faucets, they are divided into various types because of the different spigot designs. Some of the best types of faucets include: single-handle faucets, dual-handle faucets, pull-out & pull-down faucets, hands-free faucets, pot-filler faucets, and bar faucets.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose the faucet type that best suits your kitchen and the available space. Regardless of the model you select, it is best to go with kitchen faucets that are durable and can last longer.


Before buying the kitchen faucet, it is vital for you to familiarize yourself with the maintenance and common repair problems of the fixtures. By doing that, you can clean and fix kitchen faucet in case of minor issues.


Replacing a faucet and a sink simultaneously is easy. It is because the faucet can be installed in the sink or in the countertop before the sink is put in place. Fittings that can be fastened with a screwdriver can quicken the installation process. Long water-supply hoses allow you to create attachments deep in the sink in which tools are easy to use. Though several faucets would not leak, the company might give a replacement if your faucet is leaking, and it is up to you to install it.


Acquiring a kitchen fixture can be a complex task if you do not know which factors to consider. We have curated this buying guide so that you would not deal with any problems related to purchasing kitchen faucets. Make sure to look at all the listed things while obtaining kitchen faucets.