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How To Find Out What Motherboard You Have Complete Guide

how to find out what motherboard you have

How to find out what motherboard you have. While hardware such as your RAM and graphics card are simple to recognize in your system summary, things are not always as complex when it concerns your motherboard.

How To Find Out What Motherboard You Have Complete Guide

In this article, you can know about  how to find out what motherboard you have here are the details below;

Depending on your motherboard and os, there are a few more actions involved. But thankfully, it’s still simple enough for novices to find out. Here’s how to find out what motherboard you have: “What motherboard do I have?” As well you can also review post about goodnotes for windows pc.

How to Check Your Mother-board With Command Prompt

You can quickly inspect your motherboard model and identification number using Windows Command Prompt. On Windows 10, choose the search field in your taskbar, type cmd, and press Get in.

Another method to open the Commands Prompt is to use the Run shortcut Window’s + R and type cmd into the popup windows.

You will not need to run the Command Trigger as an administrator. As soon as your command window is open, you can prompt Windows Management User interface Command (WMIC) to check the producer, design, name, and other features of your motherboard.

To do this, merely go into the following directly into Command Prompt:

wmic baseboard gets the product, maker, variation, serial number.

Remember to not consist of any areas between modifiers like product and maker– separating them with only a comma.

Check Your Motherboard Model With Window’s System Information.

Windows System Info can likewise provide you with your motherboard details. Nevertheless, this approach is hit-and-miss. It seems to be suitable with Gigabyte and MSI motherboards. However, it stops working to recognize details for motherboards from Asus, Dell, and Razer in our tests.

However, if you do have a compatible motherboard, this is the easiest way to check your motherboard design and brand name on Windows.

Initially, start-up Windows’ Run function using Windows + R. When the Run window opens, enter msinfo32 and press Enter.

This will open the Windows System Details summary.

Your motherboard info needs to be defined beside Baseboard Producer, BaseBoard Product, and BaseBoard Version. If the fields say that the info is not offered, you need to utilize the other motherboard inspecting methods in this short article.

How to Discover What Motherboard You Have With CPU-Z.

If Command Prompt cannot recover your motherboard information or you would like a more comprehensive overview of its specifications, you can utilize CPU-Z. This complimentary software will give you a substantial rundown of your PC’s hardware elements.

You can downloads the program on the CPU-Z website. As soon as you set up and begin the program, it will instantly examine your components to recognize them. Also check how to fix VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE In window 10.

To discover more about your motherboard, merely pick the Mainboard tab.

Here you will see info such as your motherboard’s maker, design, chipset, and more.

Check Your Motherboard With Belarc Advisor.

Belarc Consultant is another free program that gives an introduction to your PC’s hardware. The software is complimentary to download from the Belarc Advisor website.

An advantage of Belarc is that it does not send your information to any web servers. Rather, once the analysis is completed, you will view the summary in a local file through your internet browser. To check the type of mother-board you have with Belarc Consultant, start up the program.

As soon as you give it consent to run, it will go through a series of scans. You can pick to avoid specific actions like your network scan.

As soon as the actions are total, Belarc will open the lead to a browser tab. The outcomes include info about your os, hardware parts, connected devices, and login sessions. Nevertheless, to see your motherboard summary, look for the heading on the right that states Main Circuit Board.

This is where you’ll discover your motherboard details, such as its model name, serial number, and its bus clock speed.

How to Physically Check Your Motherboard Type.

If you can’t currently use software to inspect your motherboard type, there’s constantly the alternative to physically check it. You should pick this option if your PC will not turn on or the motherboard is not currently set up. It’s not the favored approach if you have a laptop, given that parts might be placed in front of the motherboard itself.

The precise location of the model name on your mother-board will differ according to its layout and brands. Even the check we performed on two ASUS mother-boards found that the design number lay in somewhat different places for each.

Your motherboard model is usually discovered where there is enough space for the large text to be printed. This can be belows your RAM slots, between your CPU and GPU (as holds with the Asus Prime B350-Plus, or under your GPU (as holds with the Asus Prime B350M-A) if you’re not precisely sure what’s where on your board, check out our guides on parts of an motherboard and their functions.

A Short Guide to The Motherboard Parts and Their Functions.

A motherboard is the focal point of a computer, but it’s seen as strange hardware that should not be tinkered with. Well, heres what you need to know about motherboards.

You can inform the design name from other text because it is generally the largest text on your motherboard.

Another location you can discover your motherboard design details is on the package it was available in. Naturally, this is just if you still have it lying around. A labels on the outside of the box will consist of the design and serial number.

Furthermore, a sticker label on the back of the motherboard typically supplies the serial number. Nevertheless, this is the hardest part to get to if your motherboard is already set up.

Learn What Motherboard You Have on Linux.

If you do not have Windows and use Linux rather, the process for discovering what motherboard you have is just as simple.

First, open your Terminals in Linux using Ctrl + Alt + T. Next, type in the following command:

sudo dmidecode -t 2.

This will brings up a summary of your motherboard, including its brand, model, and identification number. If you are utilizing a virtual device, the item name will identify this. However’s, if you are running Ubuntu on your real computer, you will see your motherboard design and identification number information. Also, review another article regarding best windows repair tools.

Learn More About Your Computer.

Now that you understand how to find out what motherboard you have, you should check out some other tricks for finding out more about your computer system’s hardware.

If you are interested in improving your understanding when it pertains to detecting concerns and examining functions, read our guide on necessary Windows CMD commands.



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