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How to Open Rar Files Without WinRaR on Windows/Mac

how to open rar files on windows 10 without winrar

This post will explain how to open rar files on windows 10 without winrar. If you do not wish to open RAR or.rar format of files in your computer system with using “WinRar” application, then you remain in best location. Here, we are talking on “How to Open Rar files Without Winrar” in details and offering easy & suggested approaches to do so. Let’s starts the conversation.

How to Open Rar Files Without WinRaR on Windows/Mac

In this article, you can know about how to open rar files on windows 10 without winrar here are the details below;

What is RAR File or.rar file?

” RAR” means “Roshal Archive”. It is archive file format that carries data compression, mistake healing and file spanning. RAR compression applications consisting of “WinRar” application for Windows, “Console rar” energy for OSes and others are proprietary software.
RAR file consist of one or numerous files in compressed form and has the “. rar File Extension”. It provides a number of innovative features as compared to other “Compression Tools”. WinRAR is one most set up software application worldwide after Google chrome & Acrobat Reader. Also check how to open rar files.

And it is because of its general compression energy rar file is common kind of archive file that you might come across when some portions data with you and while you download files from a site. These files are typically small in size due to compression. When we talk about “WinRaR” application, it enables you to open.rar files in your Windows computer, making use of multiple split archives and assistance for security functions consisting of file encryption.

To unlock RAR files with WinRAR application, open “Windows Explorer” or “File Explorer” in pc, find the rar file which you require to open, double-click on it & it will be shown in WinRAR. You can then pick which files or folders you want selection or open. Click on “Extract To” icon at the best of WinRAR window, want location folder and strike “OK” button. Wait to complete the process.
If you do’ t want to use WinRar app to open “. rar files”, please read & follow our directions below.

[Tips & Tricks] How to Unlock Rar files Without WinRaR?

Procedure 1: Open rar files with WinZip

” WinZip” offers exceptional compression abilities which enable you to save information and files in the lossless manner at nearly half the storage area as other file compression tools. So, you can try this tool.
Step 1: At initially, you need to download and set up “WinZip” application to your Windows device
Step 2: Find your.rar file in “Windows Explorer” or “File Explorer”
Step 3: Right-click on.rar file you need to open or draw out and select “WinZip” from menu
Step 4: Now, you will have set of choices offered to choose from. To draw out the.rar files to the area you have.rar folder, then choose “Extract Here”. If you wish to draw out the.rar files to your/ downloads directory, select “Extract to Downloads”. If you require to extract the file to specific folder, click “Extract files.” and under “Extract to:” choose the folder you wish to copy them and then struck “Ok”. Also check how to fix vcruntime140_1.dll.

Procedure 2: How to Begin Rar files Without password?

” RAR password Genius” produced by iSunShare software is RAR password healing tool that can assist you to recuperate lost or forgotten password for your.rar files. This effective password healing tool can recuperate intricate password within couple of minutes. This software application is offered in both free and paid variation. You can use complimentary variation of this tool to recuperate passwords of as much as “Three Characters”.

Procedure 3: To fix mistake message Accessed Denied, take the ownership of the respective folder.


If you have experienced “Access Denied” mistake while you try to open “. rar files”, then you can repair this issue by taking the ownership of the particular folder.
Step 1: Right-click on.rar files or folder and choose “Properties”.
Step 2: In the opened “Properties” window, press “Security tab > Advanced button”.
Step 3: Choose “Advanced Security settings > Edit > choose the problematic user account > Change Owner”.
Step 4: Press on Other users or group, type Everyone in the field provided & hit “Ok”.
Step 5: Select user/group and hit “Join” and”Ok” to save the changes.
Step 6: Right Press on folder & select “Properties”.
Step 7: Select “Edit” button & hit “OK”.
Step 8: Select user or group or press “Add” button to add other users.
Step 9: Under “Support”, mark the “Full Control” to designate full right to gain access to.
Step 10: Finally, click “Apply” and “OK” to conserve the changes.

Procedure 4: How to Start Rar files With 7-Zip?

When we discuss WinRAR alternatives, 7-Zip application has archive file format called 7Z that is understood for producing better compression abilities than RAR and ZIP files. It is offered for free.
Step 1: At first, you require to download and install “7-ZIP” application in your pc.
Step 2: Open “7-ZIP” app, navigate to the rar file.
Step 3: Double-click on it to inspect its contents without extracting them.
Step 4: If you wish to extract it, select “Extract” in top menu and fill the options for destination extraction location and any archive password and then struck “OKAY”.

Procedure 5: How to Open Rar files Without WinRaR on Mac?

If you MacOS user, then you can use “Unarchiver Free” application to open enacted Rar files as well as to cover more than one volume.
Step 1: At first, you need to download and set up the “Unarchiver App” in your Mac Computer.
Step 2: Right-click on “RAR file” in “Finder” and select “The Unarchiver” from the “Open with” list.
Step 3: Enter the password if the RAR has file encryption, and app extract the files to new folder the same folder.


I make sure this short article assisted you to “How to Open Rar files Without WinRaR on Windows/Mac” with several easy steps. You can read & follow our directions mentioned above. If you have any queries and ideas, please compose on comment box provided listed below.