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How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Spreading While Traveling

How to prevent bed bugs from spreading

This post will explain how to prevent bed bugs from spreading. Same it or not, bed bugs are hitchhikers. Not just do these tiny insects tend to hide (and type) inside of beds, couches, and clothing, they’ll happily hitch a ride on your clothes or baggage, if given the chance.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Spreading While Traveling

In this article, you can know about how to prevent bed bugs from spreading here are the details below;

That’s why it’s important to understand what steps you can take to prevent bed bugs from taking a trip back home with you. For help, we contacted Timothy Wong, Technical Director at M & M Bug Control, an eco-friendly insect control company in New York City, to discover some things you ought to do the moment you get home from a journey– any trip!– to protect yourself from bed bugs. Also check another post like best travel agency software.

1. Examine your travel suitcases

Prior to you bring your luggage inside your home after a journey, Wong says to take a minute to analyze for bed bugs. “Make sure to examine your suitcases for dark areas or live bed bugs before bringing them into your house,” he states.

2. Wash all the clothes in your luggage immediately

” Transfer all clothes into a material laundry bag that you can unload (including the bag) directly into the washer and perform at a heat,” says Wong. “This will limit the chance of any bed bugs or eggs happening out.” (This is also simply a terrific pointer for getting into excellent laundry routines.).

3. Tidy your suitcases.

” Spray down your luggage (both inside and out) with 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol,” Wong says. “In lieu of rubbing alcohol, you can also utilize a garment hand steamer to steam your travel luggage, which will eliminate bed bugs and their eggs.”.

4. Vacuum your luggage.

When you have actually cleaned your clothing and cleaned out your travel suitcases, Wong says the next step is to vacuum. “Vacuum your travel suitcases thoroughly to get rid of any vermins you may have eliminated with the rubbing alcohol (or hand cleaner) prior to saving it away,” he says.

5. Strategy ahead.

” To restrict the danger of bed bug hitchhikers, keep your clothes inside sealed plastic bags while taking a trip,” Wong states. “You can also save your entire suitcase inside a big plastic bag. While absolutely nothing is ensured to prevent bed bug exposure, this will greatly restrict your chances of bringing them inside your house.”. Also check best luggage.