10 Golden Tips and Tricks on How to Use Android TV Box

Android TV Box

10 Advice How to Use Android TV Box

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Hook it up

The process involves only two connections. The set comes with an HDMI cable, but you can also buy separately; they are cheap. You can also use Ethernet cable for faster streaming; otherwise, you can use a wireless option. Once you have connected your cables, plug in the power cable, and power your device.

Select your network

Most of the devices will prompt you with the connection option, once you switch on your TV. Otherwise, do it manually. On your screen, find the settings icon and click on the network. This gives you the option to connect either via Wi-Fi or via Ethernet. If you are using MAG425A, it will connect to the Internet wirelessly.

Get a gaming controller

You can install many games on your Android TV Set-Top  box, but you cannot enjoy the fun with your remote control. If you love gaming, get a game controller. Bluetooth enabled devices will work correctly, even with other non-gaming apps.

Connect with your Google account

Just like your android phone, your android TV requires you to have a Google account for installing software and updating data. You can use the same Google account on your other devices or open a new one. You will need this to download apps on Play Store.

 Keep your apps updated

Keep updating your device the same way you update your phones, to keep it fast and out of risk. You can update from the settings tab, or set it to update automatically whenever there are new upgrades.

Operating with your phone

You can always manage your android box with your phone if you feel lazy to pick the remote. You need to download the TV remote app on your phone and turn your phone into a remote.

Reorder channels

You can reorder channels to set your preferred channels at the top. This helps you to access your favorite channels easily without having to spend a lot of time searching for them.

Customize the home screen

Set your home screen to show what you need. You can set your apps in order of priority. You can also choose whether to see video previews when browsing. This makes it easy for you to access your favorite channels.

Cast phone content

Streaming from your phone to your TV can be significant. To maintain your privacy, you do not have to cast your entire phone screen on your TV. You can open your video on a player that supports casting and use the cast icon to start streaming on your TV. You will use your phone as a remote control while you do other things on your phone normally.

Use Google Assistant

Just the same, way in your phone, Google Assistant helps you to use voice prompts to command your TV Box. You can use the Google Assistant to search for programs on your TV, among other things.

Summing up

We have covered the best tips on how to use the Android TV box. Use them to get the best of your Android TV. If you do not have a TV box yet, navigate to our website, purchase a digital set, and enjoy the fun that comes with it.

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