How to Clean and Care for Subwoofers at Home

Your subwoofer has probably been serving you for some time now. You start to note that dirt has been gathering on both the exterior and the interior of the sub. Since nobody wants dirt on their premises, you are thinking of cleaning the subwoofers.

You start to ponder on how best to clean the sub. Do you use water or a dry cloth? What about far-to-reach places? All these things make cleaning the subwoofers a daunting task. That should not be the case as there are more uncomplicated techniques that make it easier to clean.

What do you need to clean the subwoofers?

For starters, you need to have the right equipment. But before you come to that, you need to be available as it is a task that will take some time to finish. Don’t worry though; it is a pretty straightforward work if you know what you need. Accoridng to some of the items you require for cleaning a subwoofer include;

Now that you have gathered all the necessary tools, this is how you go about cleaning the subwoofer. You can start with the exteriors before cleaning the interiors. The surfaces are easy to clean and won’t require much time.

However, be careful when cleaning the speaker area. Once done, carefully remove the grill and rinse it gently. The dust on the subwoofer caps should be removed with a wet brush. Using the vacuum cleaner, gently suck up all the dirt on the interior side. The whole process requires gentle hands, and careful handling as a simple mistake can have vastly adverse effects.

This is the detailed way of cleaning and caring for a subwoofer:

  1. a) Cleaning the exteriors

When cleaning the outer sides of the subwoofer, be sure to use wet cloth only when the dust won’t go. Otherwise, it is prudent to clean exteriors with a dry cloth. Be extremely careful when using the damp cloth as it is very easy to damage the speaker or the cables. You can use cleaners that are free from ammonia instead of the wet cloth.

  1. b) Cleaning the cones

The cones are usually the very center of the speakers. In most subwoofers, the cones are made of paper, and that’s why when cleaning them, you need to be extra careful.

You should note that once damaged, it cannot be repaired, and that’s why you need steady hands to clean the cones.

Since this is the most sensitive part of the speaker, you need to use the right tools. Always use a wet cloth or a damp brush and be extra gentle.

The cleaning agent used should be very minimum and avoid directly spraying solutions into the cones. When it comes to cleaning, use the brush and the solution to remove the dirt from the cones carefully.

Once done, let the cones dry off. A fine abrasive paper can also be used, provided you are careful.  Remember, damaging the cones is very easy, and it only takes one rough brush, and your whole subwoofer is damaged.

Cleaning the cones should be the one task that takes the longest time to clean as one is needed to be attentive and careful at the same time. It is better to take time than rushing and damaging the cones.

  1. c) Cleaning the grills

The grills need to be removed before they are cleaned. Different subwoofers are designed differently, and you need to read the manual before unscrewing them.

Time and time again, people easily misplace the screws they have removed, which makes it hard to screw the subwoofer back together. The best way to handle the bolts and nuts is to have a specific place that you place them if you have a magnetic object to attach them to, the better.

Once you have opened, clean it carefully and with utmost care. Some subwoofers have metallic grills, this requires dry cleaning as water, and other solutions can easily corrode the metal.

However, if you have to use water, ensure you thoroughly dry it off. Most people make the mistake of using force to detach or clean the grill, which causes it to break.

Be cautious when cleaning, and always ensure you completely dry the surfaces after cleaning. Once done, you can screw the grill back carefully and ensure that you don’t miss a screw. It is paramount to follow the manual when opening and closing the screws.

Final Thoughts

The art of cleaning the subwoofers is a delicate balance that requires both skills and the right tool. Before you start cleaning the subwoofers, it is paramount you read the whole manual carefully as this will act as your guide.

Though the subwoofers are crafted; differently, cleaning is almost the same. When cleaning,  it is vital to be extra cautious. A subwoofer is a delicate gadget, and a slight mistake can cause excessive damages.

One of the most important aspects to remember is never to use detergents or hand soap as this may damage the sub. Avoid using vinyl solvent and detergents as this may also lead to damages.

When using a wet cloth, caution is necessary to avoid any issues. Allocate enough time so as cleaning a sub will require some time, especially when you have not cleaned in a long time.  You can also use the hairdryer to dry off any water that’s on the subwoofer. When doing so, avoid overdoing it as it may cause damages to the interior parts of the subwoofer. However, it is essential to avoid the use of water at all costs and more so if you have a medium or small subwoofer.

If you have never cleaned a subwoofer before, it is vital to be extra careful. However, that does not mean that if you have done it before, you are not prone to mistakes. Be very careful and, above all, be gentle with the machine. If you are unsure about what to do, it is prudent to consult the experts or the manufacturers.

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