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How To Enhance Photo Easily Online?


It’s human nature to want to look decent in photos. After all, photographs represent who we are as a person.

Even though we’re not in the photos, we still prefer those with high resolutions. These photos are sharp and almost always have vivid colors and shapes.

Unfortunately, not many are fortunate enough to purchase cameras that can give high-resolution outputs. At least, there should be an answer to enhance photo’s quality.

The decent news: Tons of websites and software you can use to enhance photo for free. All you need to do is prepare for the criteria and to know the steps in doing so.

Criterias Of Enhanced Photos

Enhanced photos are not only all about the qualities in general. When you use any photo enhancer, ensure the photographs meet these criteria:

  • The key features are distinguishable, including the small-sized objects. You can see the flowers, animals, cars, and others more clearly. As a result, you don’t need glasses, magnifiers, or similar aiding tools.
  • The photos won’t crack if you zoom in on them. The larger the zoom-in sizes, the more enhanced the images are.
  • (Intentional) Blurs can happen not more than 20% of the whole picture.
  • There are no noises, color leaks, or other disturbances in the photos.

 What Are The Different Types Of Online Photo Enhancers?

If you happened to search for enhance photo for free or similar queries, you would not only see dozens of free photo enhancer tools.

Instead, you will also see the ways these photo enhancers help you improve your photo’s qualities. Here are some of the types:

  • Upscale the images. In other words, your resolutions will get larger when you choose this type of photo enhancer feature. For example, the picture should have 750×250 pixels, and it becomes 1020×768 pixels when you upscale it.
  • Compress the images. This feature is the opposite of the former upscaling feature. By using the same 750×250 image as the example, compressing makes the dimensions shrink to 500×100 pixels.
  • Denoise the images. You enhance photo by removing different image noises, such as Gaussian, salt and pepper, and quantization.
  • Remove the background. Sometimes, it’s the background that you need to eliminate so the primary objects of the pictures will be more visible.

There are still many more different ways to enhance photo that you can do. We will let you know the how-tos in the next part.

How Can I Enhance My Photo’s Quality With Online Tools?

There are tons of online photo enhancer tools that you can use to enhance photo for free. All you need to do is prepare the images you want to improve the quality. You will also need the tools for executing the actions.

Generally, these steps are the ones that you should follow:

  1. Open up one blank white layer and one picture that you want to enhance.
  2. Drag the picture inside the blank layer. Make sure the white layer has no locks for edits.
  3. Use brushes to optimize the blur effects.
  4. Use the menu to adjust the sizes, brightness, and contrast of your image’s quality according to the plus-minus sliders the tool has.

Since different photo enhancer tools have different menus, brush, and effect selections, the steps mentioned above can vary from one to another.

At the same time, some enhancers have Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the primary power. AI photo enhancers are all about automation. So, it will let you have less complicated steps to do.

How Can I Enhance Photos Using AI?

Deep learning is the technology that most AI photo enhancers have. The deep learning technology doesn’t stop in only becoming the core of enhancing the images. It is complete with the convolutional neural network (CNN) that analyzes the visual image.

There can be more than one CNNs in every tool to enhance photo quality with deep learning technology. It all depends on what are the different types of photo enhancing techniques you choose.

For example, denoising only requires one CNN. The deep learning technology has to undergo two layers of CNN if you want to remove the background.

All CNNs in AI photo enhancers have inputs and outputs as the elements, no matter how many layers of CNN the photo enhancers should undergo.

The developers of the AI will have to manually “teach” the AI to distinguish between pictures. We can take the removing background feature as an example.

The first layer of CNN separates between the foreground and the background. In this case, the developers put on images with and without the background. These are the inputs for teaching the AI system.

The second layer edge-cuts the subtracted background from the first layer by considering the pixel accuracy, alpha channels, and transparency. The output from the AI is a picture with removed background, visible objects, and neatly cut.

Even though different features can have different AI algorithms, the basics remain the same. More precisely, the basics involve the manual inputs and the output from the AI itself.

Essentially, when you use AI photo enhancers, all you need to prepare are the images the quality you wish to improve. People tend to upload 2-3 pictures, but there are photo enhancer tools that can let you upload five pictures at the same time.

You wouldn’t need to do the four steps in the usual photo-enhancing tools by yourself. Instead, you let the AI do the works by selecting the different enhance photo menus. Depending on the menu you choose, you need to wait around 3-10 seconds for the AI to process your images.

In conclusion, we know that there are two ways of enhancing photos without hassle through online tools.

We also know that AI photo enhancers have more manageable steps. After all, we need to provide the images or photos that we want to enhance. Then, we let the deep learning processes process our pictures.

You can enhance your pictures for free here at Imageupscaler.com. Go on—upload your images and wait as our Artificial Intelligence-powered deep learning processes your images.



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