11 Tips for Boosting Your Instagram

Boosting over a billion users, Instagram is the favorite social media network for many. As much as 35% of all online adults use Instagram, according to Pew. How can you build your profile to make the best out of these staggering stats? Follow these simple tips for the best possible use and generate organically free Instagram followers for best possible growth. 

  1. Tell your audience what you do as clearly as possible.

Use a great display picture, a relevant handle and a good bio to tell your audience exactly what you have to offer. This gives them the exact reason why to follow you.

  1. Your posts should have unique outlook

Instagram is all about visuals and appeal, so make the most out of photographic content by using signature filters and maintaining the same styles, fonts and color themes throughout. This will give your content a recognizable identity.

  1. Give your posts a distinct personality

Make an effort to write relatable and interactive captions for all your videos and photos. Every post should be relevant to what your Instagram account is about. Write about things that can involve your followers to like and comment as much as possible so that passive following can turn into active engagement.

  1. Join some good plan to increase your followers

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  1. Stay ruthless about the quality

Dismiss anything that doesn’t go well with your previous posts and make sure every new post adds something new or is better. Keep things simple but do not compromise on the quality and originality.

  1. Use angles and layouts to make your page look organized

Download a reliable layout app and create appealing montages and sequences. You can also use online free platforms like Canva to edit and make collages.

  1. Don’t hesitate to share your stuff with others

Instagram algorithm works on how much you are engaged with your particular niche or particular group. Don’t hesitate tagging relevant business, organizations or associations. It will help you get integrated with the community, which is very important for organic growth. If they do engage with any of your posts, it will allow you to have free Instagram likes and followers.

  1. Find complementary pages and influencers in your particular niche

Find and collaborate with other pages and people that post content similar to you. Conduct a little research on which pages are a key influence in your particular niche market and then try to work with them to improve your visibility.

  1. Plan your posts prior to final upload

Instagram is more like a blog than you think it is. Gather, carefully curate images and plan your content for at least a month-long period. Allocate different captions and hashtags for each one of them.

  1. Keep track of statistics by using analytics tool

Once you get a formidable number of following, use analytics to keep track of traffic and its details. This will help you know which groups to target the most. If you have a business account, Instagram will allow you to use their Insight tool.

  1. Don’t forget about Instagram Stories and IGTV

Most people forget or ignore Instagram stories and IGTV while growing their Instagram pages. Do not make that mistake. While IGTV is a growing feature with low competition, make sure you make the most of it. Similarly, you can use features like text, polls etc. within the stories to make them more attractive.

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