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12 Amazing Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is just a few days from now, and you might be wondering until today what to do to impress your date. Planning the perfect date for Valentine’s doesn’t have to be as complicated as you thought it should be. You can just do the simple things but will still give your loved one an ultimate Valentine’s date experience. Whether you are still dating the person for the first time or years now, you must know that being together during Valentine’s day is the grandest gift you can give to her or him.

However, if you run out of date ideas in mind, you don’t have to worry! We are going to share with you the amazing ideas of your date this Valentine’s day! Whether you like it to be simple, classy, or adventurous, we’ve got you covered! Here, let’s check out below the 12 date ideas that you have never done before this Valentine’s day!

  1. Travel to places you’ve never been to.

Nothing is more satisfying than visiting places you and your loved one has never been to. You have to plan well this type of date idea. So if you haven’t booked a flight or a train ticket, it’s time for you to do it now.

Whether you like to visit other countries or other cities, make sure that the place is romantic enough for Valentine’s day. Furthermore, you can add this to your travel goals as a couple too. You know, experiencing new things, and new places together will only trigger excitement for your Valentine’s date. If you’re on a budget, visiting a nearby restaurant or cafe wouldn’t hurt. As long as you’re making an effort to travel from one place to another, your partner will surely love it.

  1. Go mountain climbing.

If you want your Valentine’s date to be full of adventure and physical activities, then go mountain climbing with your loved one. It is a great idea for you to unwind and visit the beauty of nature, which is different from the usual buzz of the city. You can search for a hiking spot where you can hike with your partner safely.

Additionally, you can go camping there for one night in order for both of you to refresh your minds and embrace the quiet and romantic feeling in the mountains. While waiting for the sun to set, you can go make a bonfire while looking at the stars above and feeling the warmth of each other. It will be truly memorable because you are celebrating Valentine’s in a peaceful place.

  1. Dance the night away.

Whether you and your partner love to dance or not, you have to set up an enjoyable Valentine’s date. If you like it to be grand, you can invite your date to ballroom dance. If you prefer an active type of hype, just like any other party animals, you can go to clubs with your partner.

Both of you can get lost to the music and dance all your stress away with a few drinks. Just make sure never to get too much drunk so that you can still take good care of your date. Yes, partying in the club with the one you love is a beautiful way of spending Valentine’s day.

  1. Go shopping together.

Girls, as normal as they are, really love to go shopping. No one in the world would not want shopping spree, right? So, get your partner his or her new clothes, shoes, bags, or whatever things he or she is into. This is another type of bonding moment during Valentine’s that could make them extremely happy because they are buying the things they can’t wait to buy.

  1. Go on a road trip.

Road trips will never go out of style when it comes to dating. It’s like getting away from the usual vibe of the city to see new things around the corner. While on a road trip, you can play your favorite love songs together and say cute words for your GF. You can have a stopover at places and establishments you’ve never been to.

  1. Watch movies at home or at the cinema.

Normally, during Valentine’s day, you will have work during the daytime, and you will only be available at night. So for you to utilize the time you have for your Valentine’s date, you can just invite him or her to watch movies, whether at home or in the cinema. Choose the movie that your partner will like best so that it will not bore him or her out during your date.

  1. Cook for your partner.

A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? The same goes for women. When you cook delicious foods for your partner, the effort exerted is double. You can cook your date’s favorite food, prepare the ingredients, and even practice cooking to make sure you’ve got it right. In this way, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to impress your date. You can just add some decorations to the food you have prepared and presented it in a breakfast table full of roses. Oh! Don’t forget to give your partner a good morning hug to start your date too.

  1. Visit a spa.

Your date will surely love the idea of visiting a spa this Valentine’s day. Relaxation is very important, and if you get to do that with the person you love, what’s more, satisfying than that, right? You are taking your partner to a place that will freshen his mind and body, which is convenient for every stress you both undertake every day.

  1. Visit a karaoke bar.

Do you love to sing your heart this Valentine’ day? Do it with your loved one. This date idea is budget-friendly and will help you bond together in a way that music is the witness. Don’t forget to have a few drinks and food too to transform the simple date into a complete karaoke session completely.

  1. Go to your favorite artist’s concert.

Artists and bands love to perform during Valentine’s day. Surely, there are a lot of concerts you can choose from, but you better pick your date’s favorite band. Music will always have a beautiful effect on how romantic a day could be, so indulge your date into live music this Valentine’s day.

  1. Have dinner in a fancy restaurant.

This idea might be an old school type of date, but it will never be out on our list. Going to a fancy restaurant with your date is still as beautiful as before. You can choose a restaurant that you have never tried before or the ones that offer great food that you and your partner can both enjoy.

  1. Visit a museum.

Make your Valentine’s date a day for you to go back to your old roots by visiting a museum. There are a lot of open museums during Valentine’s day. If you can awaken your date’s interest in the beautiful paintings or sculpture, he or she will surely enjoy the night with you.


Now that you have read all 12 amazing date ideas this Valentine’s day, we are very confident that you will not let Valentine’s day slip away without making it memorable for you and your loved one. You can plan ahead of the date you have in mind and make some adjustments if you truly want to celebrate love on Valentine’s day!

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