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4 Most Popular Cybersecurity Apps for Kids 2019

Cybersecurity Apps for Kids

There has been a huge improvement in technologies at present, and therefore, it becomes essential to generate a nurturing atmosphere for your loved ones out there. Nowadays children obtain comfortable access to computer systems and they might even get hooked on some particular applications as well. Being a responsible parent it is your obligation to safeguard them right from childhood. Thankfully, lots of cybersecurity apps are available for free these days which will make it simpler for you to keep track of your kid’s activities without having to shell out anything whatsoever. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about the 4 most popular cybersecurity apps for the internet safety of the kids right now.

1. Qustodio

Operating system: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Nook, Kindle

It is the Windows users who are usually targeted by the majority of the parental control software packages right now; however, Qustodio is likewise available for Mac, iOS, Android, Kindle as well as Nook.

The cost-free version happens to be an in-depth parental control application which will allow you to prohibit porn material along with other improper content and also set time schedules plus guidelines. In case you go for the paid-for edition, you will also gain access to social media features, SMS tracking, in addition to per-app controls.

Qustodio is arguably the most effective free parental control application thanks to its host of features plus support for a number of platforms; however, there are several other outstanding free programs accessible out there as well some of which might be better fitted to your individual requirements as a parent. Let us look at some other apps in the following paragraphs apart from the one mentioned here. But first, let us mention the advantages and drawbacks of Qustodio before proceeding further.




2. KidLogger

Operating system: Windows, Linux, macOS, BlackBerry, Android

This totally free parental control application monitors what your children type and also which sites are visited by them. It likewise keeps a record of which applications they use plus any screengrabs taken by them.

There is also a voice-activated sound recorder in case you’re worried about who your children might be interacting with on the web. If your youngsters are slightly older and somewhat more dependable, you have the option of selecting which particular options to keep track of and thus provide them with a bit of privacy.

However, this free application covers only a single device and is lacking in some of the sneakier features of the premium versions. In spite of this, it’s nevertheless a well-rounded system in case you are thinking of your kids’ security.



3. OpenDNS FamilyShield

Operating system: Windows

One can describe FamilyShield as a free service from OpenDNS. Domains that have been flagged by OpenDNS under the headings “proxy/anonymizer, tasteless, sexuality, or porn material”, can be blocked by its parental control tools instantly.

One big advantage here is that while FamilyShield will be able to run on PCs as well as cellular devices, it is also possible to apply it to your system router – you simply need to modify the DNS server numbers in the control panel.

The application can enhance DNS lookup speeds on a few ISPs. By filtering all kinds of things at the router level, each and every gadget on your system gain advantages from the filters. There’s furthermore a premium service obtainable which you provide you with more internet safety options as compared to the free one.




4. Kaspersky Safe Kids

Operating system: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS

Kaspersky Safe Kids comes in both free as well as paid-for editions and it happens to be the parental control application for all gadgets – desktop as well as mobile.

A blacklist is featured by the free edition features which prevent your children from viewing unacceptable content on the Internet. There are likewise app controls that allow you to handle app use by age limitations, time employed, plus category. You will also find a screen time management application that will assist you in handling the overall usage of the device.

More mobile-specific capabilities are provided by the paid edition which includes a battery tracker that will enable you to find out if your child’s phone is going to go flat leaving them with no way to get in touch with you. It will also be possible to keep close track of their location thanks to GPS monitoring, and you can likewise control their social media usage plus obtain real-time notifications once they check out sites which they should not.




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