4 Reasons Why Websites Fail to Get Attention

The goal for many website owners is to reach as many people as possible and to target their audience. That’s what makes it effective. But what happens when the website fails to get attention? As of October 2020, almost 4.66 billion people were active internet users, which encompasses about 60% of the global population. The average internet user visits at least one website in a day and with our declining attention span as humans, it takes 50 milliseconds, which is 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your site.

This article highlights some of the major reasons why websites fail to get attention.

1. Low Quality Visuals

Great visuals are important for websites as they form the first impressions users have of the site. This is based on several factors including the structure, color, spacing, symmetry, texts, and fonts among other things. The images and graphics used for the site must represent the message you intend to send across to users and must be captivating enough to grab their attention.

2. Obsolete Information

When an internet user enters a query into the search engine bar, they are looking for answers and it’s up to you to provide them answers with your website. What happens when they click on your link and it gives obsolete or inaccurate information? To get the attention of more users, you need to keep your content fresh and updated. Talk about the latest trends in your industry and provide answers to their questions.

3. Not Search Friendly

Getting the attention of more users doesn’t happen by accident. They will have to find you but that wouldn’t be possible if your site isn’t search-friendly. Search Engine Optimization has become popular in recent times and to rank higher on search engines, you need a good SEO scoring. SEO puts you ahead of your competitors and connects you with the right audience.

4. Not Mobile-friendly

Mobile has become the most important channel for internet access worldwide as it accounts for 91% of the total internet users. This is why more websites need to be mobile-friendly to cater to everyone on the internet. A larger percentage of your audience will visit your website from their mobile and you could lose them if the site is not optimized to be mobile-friendly. Ensure your website has a compatible responsive version for mobile users and an efficient way out of this is to engage the service of a good web application development company that understands the guidelines of building a responsive website.

With an improved mobile experience, you would reach a wider audience and obtain higher conversion rates in the long run.


The first step to winning your audience over to become clients is by grabbing their attention. Incorporating the right tactics while building a website would go a long way in making that happen. Get the attention of your audience and make them spend more time on your website until they are convinced enough to choose you over your competitors.

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