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5 Key Tips For Creating The Perfect eCommerce Product Page


eCommerce is more important than ever. As users increasingly flock to the online environment, eCommerce stands as the way of the future. While brick-and-mortar stores shutter and close, online retailers are thriving, largely because of their perfect eCommerce product pages. Want to launch your own eCommerce site? Don’t just dive in without first considering these 5 key tips for creating the perfect eCommerce product page. After all, without a solid website to capture a customer’s attention, you’ll just be another blip on their online radar. Let’s explore the steps every eCommerce site owner needs to take to achieve product page perfection.

Focus On Amazing Product Images

It goes without saying that human beings are rather visual creatures. If something doesn’t capture the attention at first glance, a potential customer will simply keep scrolling or leave the site entirely. Much like a high-end boutique will frame their best products on a pedestal, you must frame your online product inventory in a way that allows them to shine. Always focus on amazing product images.

When you sell to consumers, it is all about the presentation. Making a product look better creates more desire and the appearance of higher quality. In your eCommerce shop, display products in a way that highlights what makes them special. A whopping 9 out of 10 people say product images and videos affect their overall buying decisions. Don’t let a bad photograph keep you from making sales.

Create Interesting Product Descriptions

Think an interesting product description won’t make much of a difference in sales? Think again. Research shows that interesting product descriptions are the second most important aspect of a product page. Not only can they capture potential shoppers’ attention, but they can persuade them to pull the trigger on a purchase. Every product summary should include a bit of flourish, as well as enough information so that shoppers can make well-informed decisions on whether or not a product makes sense for them. Be helpful, but never “salesy” or promotive. Also, make sure that you’re only including information that shoppers care about.

Include Product Demo Videos

Depending on your products, a solid demo video can grant your customers that extra bit of information that they need to make a purchase. In addition to showing a product from all angles, it can also serve as an excellent traffic generation tool. Post your demo videos on your product pages and also on sites such as YouTube. This can lead new customers to your site. A demo video will “sell” to your customers in a way that a text product description may not be able to. By simply seeing ga person hold, touch, or interact with a product, people feel as if they are really getting a sense of what a product can do.

Clear Product Placement

Every product on your site must be displayed in a clear and obvious way. This includes product prices. If a customer cannot discern a price on an item, they will click away and leave the site altogether. Because of this, you need to display your product prices in a prominent and obvious way. All consumers are price-conscious, even if they are visiting a high-end luxury site. No matter how much they might latch on to your products, they won’t follow through on a purchase if prices seem outside of their budget.

Always Feature Related Products

One of the most important aspects of creating the perfect eCommerce page is featuring related products. This is one of the most effective ways to cross-sell a customer and boost sales. Cross-selling relates to offering similar products that a shopper might also like. For example, if someone is buying a winter ski jacket, you might want to cross-sell or feature ski boots or cold weather accessories.

This can often be achieved through a simple automatic related product plugin. To find one, simply Google something like “automatic related products for Magento 2” and you’ll find plugins that can help you feature related products on your site. Think cross-selling isn’t important? Just look to retail giants such as Amazon. They are the masters of related products or similar products. No wonder they pull in such much revenue each year!



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