6 Video Editing Mistakes You Are Making

Are your videos not looking as good as you expect them to? Are they not generating enough engagement and sales?

If your videos seem fine when you record them, but turn out bad after the edits and don’t generate good enough engagement, conversions, and sales, it is probably because the editing isn’t up the mark.

So, I have made a list of 6 common mistakes people make while editing videos. Avoiding these will ensure you have a better end result…

Not thinking about the audience:

Always, remember that you are creating the video for a specific audience. Quite often people might get all the edits right. But they make the mistake of editing it to please everyone. And in this quest, they end up pleasing no one. So, always create the video for one specific audience. If you don’t know who your audience is you need to do that now by coming up with a persona. And then think of that one persona while creating your video.

The persona will help you determine how long your video should be, which effects they like most, which device will they be watching it on, where should you place the call to action, etc.

Not having a plan:

After you have a persona in mind, you need to come up with a plan for the video. So, watch through the entire uncut video once and decide how you want it to look at the end.

The plan doesn’t have to be concrete, but it should give you some direction at least. This will help you come up with a consistent end product, whether you edit the video alone or an entire team does it. For a basic video, you need to follow the AIDA formula. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. This works for both organic videos and ads.

You can generate attention with a good headline, thumbnail, and introduction. You can build interest and desire by sharing good information. And you can get them to take action by using a powerful call to action.

Not keeping the design consistent: 

When designing images or videos you need to keep the design consistent. By this, I meant that if you use overlay elements like shapes, icons, or fonts, you need to use the same one throughout.

The best way to do this is to use 1 to 3 colors and fonts only. Don’t try to add too many elements and designs and make things complicated. Also, try and use more brand colors and fonts. These should be the same ones you use on your website. As brand colors and fonts will get people who previously acquainted with your brand to pay more attention. There are several easy video editors out there that can simplify this task.

Using music that doesn’t fit in:

Using background music in your video can help, but if you randomly pick your favorite track, it won’t do the job. The music you pick should not only suit the pace of your video but should also be something that your audience likes. So, keep both of them in mind.

Not optimizing for mobile:

62% of people will be watching your video on mobile devices. Therefore if you don’t optimize your videos for mobile, you will be losing out on a lot of potential viewers. So, keep this in mind while editing the video.

If you plan to add this video to a landing page instead of publishing it on social media, you can actually create two different versions of your video. One can be a mobile version for mobile users and the other one can be a desktop/pc version.

Not testing it out:

After you create the video you need to test it out. Make sure you watch the whole video by yourself at least a couple of times. Then get colleagues and friends to do it too. And if you plan to share in on social media, you should upload a couple in private mode or on test pages to see if they look good.


These are the common mistakes, people make while editing videos. Avoid them today to create videos that drive more views, engagement, traffic, and sales.

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