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7 Extremely Popular Web Development Trends of 2022

With the advent of web development technologies and in a quest to provide bestest user experience, website development trends come into play. Failing to implement these trends in your website impacts first on impression negatively. As a budding brand you cannot afford it, so it would be a wise decision to hire a web development company and let them implement web development trends of 2022 in your website.

As a result, in order to remain competitive in the market, businesses must keep up with web development trends. Moreover, you’ll also need a strong web product to help you stand out in this competitive digital market. We are here to help develop such a product that is capable of stand-out among your peers.

Identifying the most successful web development trends that can work for your company is annoying for a non-techie. In order to save you time and effort, we’ve compiled a list of web development trends which enhance the user experience.

1. Single Page Application (SPA)

SPA is a popular and widely used web development technology. Unlike traditional websites and apps, it consists of a single page that loads the entire website page first before loading the dynamic information. SPAs use HTML5 and AJAX to make them responsive. Client-side SPA development is handled by frontend JavaScript frameworks like Vue, Ember, React, and Angular.

The following are some of the advantages of SPAs:

2.  Dark Mode

The dark mode, also known as ‘Night Mode,’ or ‘Dark View’, is a phrase used for a low-light user interface that employs a dark color as the main background colour, and other light colours as a secondary reversing the typical light-on-dark design.

Users’ screen time is increasing, which has affected the adoption of Dark Mode as a strategy to reduce eye fatigue and allow them to stay online  for extended periods of time.

This strategy is  embraced by large tech corporations such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google, which has inspired other small players to implement the same in their website or app.

The following are some of the main reasons why Dark Mode is gaining popularity:

1.    It appeals to consumers because, when combined with brighter colors, it is easy on the eyes and hence more enticing to them. This encourages consumers to spend more time on your site and engage with your content.

2.    In low-light conditions, staring at a bright screen can cause eye strain and weariness. When you lessen the discomfort caused by bright backdrops, you encourage users to spend more time on their website.

3.    This trend also saves battery life because darker backgrounds consume less electricity than lighter backgrounds. This can be advantageous; users will be able to conserve energy while surfing on your website.

3. Voice SEO

In the most recent web development trends, voice recognition technology has taken a centre stage. In response to this growing trend, Amazon, Apple, and Google have all released smart speakers. These IoT based devices are used to get day-to-day information and so web developers and SEO experts strive to make their website accessible to these devices. Because it is an opportunity for marketers to promote businesses.

It won’t be an exaggeration to state that speech recognition is becoming more popular, and it is used to improve accessibility and the user experience. In 2022 businesses, particularly eCommerce websites, will leverage Voice SEO for promoting.

4. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP technology is similar to PWA and is one of the newest web development technologies backed by Google. The goal is to give users a consistent page experience that will keep them coming back to the site. AMPs, unlike full-featured online products, are optimised sites that work quickly and have a simple yet functional design.

The pages become mobile-friendly, which improves content readability. It makes the website more user-friendly by allowing users with varied internet speeds to access the content abruptly. It enables businesses to save money on user experience at the same time expanding their reach.

5. Chatbots Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Tech experts are predicting AI-enabled chatbots to become even more adaptable in matching user behaviours by employing natural language processing, machine learning, and data retrieval methods in 2022 and beyond.

AI-powered chatbots improve the client experience in addition to assisting enterprises with speedier operations via text or voice interactions. They can collect data, troubleshoot issues, respond quickly to questions, and provide a seamless digital experience.

As a result, rather than using standard chatbots, many competent B2C businesses use these chatbots within Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook to assist their customers. In 2022 and beyond, we expect more businesses to embrace AI-enabled chatbots.

Chatbots benefit a variety of businesses, including banking, education, tourism, and healthcare.

6. Progressive Web Apps

PWA is a cutting-edge web development technology that is employed by reputable companies around the world. It provides a linear user experience, as well as seamless operation and quick loading. The notion isn’t quite new; it’s been around for a long time.

As a result of its inclusion on this list, it will have an influence on web development trends in 2022. PWAs are popular because they are accessible and reliable, as they can be from any resolution of device.

It is not necessary to download a separate mobile app to use it. If you’ve ever used the Uber app, you’ll know how PWA is leveraged. It provides users with offline access to all of the functionality of the native mobile app and is expected to be the most popular web app development trend  in 2022

 7. Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture refers to hosting your app or website on cloud which is more flexible and easy-to-scale compared to conventional servers. It requires less or no maintenance and works on a pay-as-you-go pricing model which means you’ll be paying for resources that you are using. This architecture is offered by tech companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft at an affordable price.

Wrap Up

To stay competitive in the industry, above was a detailed guide on expected web development trends in 2022 that you should implement into your websites. If you need web design and development services, you can reach out to us for advice and services that will relieve you of the stress of establishing a website that meets all of these trends’ requirements and provides the best user experience compared to your competitors.

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Author Bio:

Chirayu Joshi is the CEO of EnProwess – an emerging Mobile Application Development company that offers mobile development, web app development, dedicated developers, and software testing service at a competitive price. His bold leadership and foresight have taken the company to great heights. He loves to read and share his insights on the tech industry.

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