7 Mistakes that Can Destroy Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Designing a result-driven website is not an easy feat, especially for beginners. Several reasons can contribute to killing the conversion rate of a website. Such mistakes could be a poor design, wrong platform, and other such overlooked factors that can make the visitors abandon your site.

This blog comes up with some of the major mistakes that can seriously lower your conversion rates.

1. Choosing a Wrong Platform

First thing, a platform serves as the foundation of a website. Your chosen platform decides several things, such as performance, design, and success of your website. So, neglecting to choose the right platform is not affordable for the success of your website. Many entrepreneurs make this blunder while choosing a platform for their website that leads to lowering their conversion rates.

Pro Tips

Different web builders serve different purposes. Some work ideally for an ecommerce website, while some work best for blogs, and the list goes on. Choose a platform that best matches your brand requirements and contains all the features you need to create an ecommerce store. Joomla, Shopify, BigCommerce are some of the most prominent ecommerce platforms that entrepreneurs choose for their stores.

2. Poor Navigation Design

Designing a website with unclear navigation is one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of website designers make. Poor navigation can do nothing except make your site’s visitors confused and convince them never to come back. The high bounce rate of your website can abolish its reliability in the eyes of Google and result in lowering its conversion rates.

Pro Tips

Choose the web builder and web design partner carefully, and don’t let your poor navigation eat a lot of your website sales. It does not matter what kind of products you are showcasing on your website and how many images, videos, and other content you have. Ensuring clear navigation is the key to allow the site’s visitors to find the products and services easily. Implementing the right navigation tactics allows the users to complete the buying or subscribing action and increase your conversion rates.

3. Providing Incomplete Product Information

Not providing enough information regarding products is also among the silly slip-ups that a lot of ecommerce store owners make. Conversion rates can drop down to zero if customers don’t find the information required to satisfy them to make a decision.

Pro Tips

Remember that, when people buy anything from a physical store, they can easily check their quality by touching or feeling their packaging. As online stores don’t have the feasibility of touching or feeling anything, you must provide detailed and authentic information about your products. For instance, if you are working on a fashion store, you can tell about the color, shape, size, price, and other details about the piece of cloth. Doing so will ensure a better shopping experience for your customers and help in boosting your conversion rates.

4. Using Bad-Quality Images

Images have a central place to deliver your brand’s message towards your target audience effectively. It’s a common phrase that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Also, you would not get surprised by knowing that today’s people are obsessed with visuals. However, using stock images can weaken the credibility of your brand and directly impact your conversion rates. Also, poor quality images wrongly communicate your brand. Even if the images you have used on your website are too cool, still your customers can get confused and bounce off your site.

Pro Tips

Putting the relevant pictures can help in driving more customers and ultimately help in making them your permanent buyers. As far as you provide meaningful, authentic, high-quality, and relevant images on your website, you are more likely to increase your site’s conversion rates.

5. Not Being Mobile Friendly

Not ensuring a mobile-friendly website can kill the overall conversion rates of your business. The number of smartphone operators is increasing with the speed of light. With 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, if you still don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you will lose a significant amount of sales.

Pro Tips

In today’s smartphone dominated era, all activities on smartphones are surpassing than doing on desktops. Smartphones are “on-the-go” for people to use the internet that makes them perfectly align with today’s fast-paced and busy world. They want the convenience to buy anything at any place and any time that works best for them. Thus, while designing your ecommerce website, consider the responsiveness on the top of your list of “to-dos.”

6. Neglecting Social Media Presence

A lot of entrepreneurs think that their work is done after making an ecommerce website. They overlook the power of maintaining a strong social media presence in grabbing an abundance of customers. This is where they fail to acquire customers and increase their revenues.

Pro Tips

Social media is a platform where there is an ocean of your target customers waiting to connect with you immediately. So, why not take advantage of such a great platform to reach your audience efficiently and boost your conversion rates?  With social media, not only can you influence a wide audience but also get to know about the trending topics that can encourage the audience to connect with you. Additionally, putting the section of customer reviews on your Facebook page encourages more customers to get inspiration to buy from you.

Ready to Optimize Your Website for Conversions?

Now, you have come to know all the major mistakes that are critical to the make or break your brand. It’s high time to assess your website. Analyze the above points and know where your website is lacking and work on them to get the most out of your business. Keep in mind that setting up an engaging website requires thorough planning, wide knowledge, and expertise. Work on the above-highlighted tips to ensure a better user experience for your customers and skyrocket your conversion rates. If you need a little assistance, consult with a professional digital marketing agency to optimize your website successfully.

Author Bio:

Lilly Daplyn is a digital marketer who loves to produce creative and informative content for people of all nature. In addition, She is also an expert Couponer working for GOGETDEALS who provides tips and tricks in the form of blogs.
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