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7 Powerful Marketing Automation Tools That Won’t Break the Bank

7 Powerful Marketing Automation Tools

The modern business landscape in Singapore has changed rapidly over the last few years. More businesses are now online to leverage the growing internet market. The country boasts some of the highest internet penetration rates at 84% only rivalled by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at 99%.

If you are a business owner, you have to upgrade your marketing efforts to meet the changing market demands. Market automation using a reliable digital marketing agency Singapore is one of the smartest strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

Some of the reasons to automate your marketing campaigns include:

  • Reducing operational cost
  • Setting sales goals more easily. Marketing automation drives a 14.5% improvement in sales productivity.
  • Increasing revenues from your marketing campaigns
  • Improving accountability and transparency
  • Improved efficiency in marketing
  • Targeted marketing across multiple channels
  • Improved tracking and evaluation of marketing campaigns
  • Time-saving in planning and executing campaigns
  • Prioritizing leads through lead scoring

Powerful but Affordable Marketing Automation Tools

Advertising agencies in Singapore recommend automation tools after assessing your business needs and objectives. When choosing an automation tool for your business, you have to balance efficiency and affordability.

The best market automation tool should not hog your marketing budget. Below are some of the most effective marketing automation tools that won’t break the bank:

1.   Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign is one of the most popular marketing tools for many reasons. It listens and learns in the background and helps customize your messaging. By adding code to your website, the software can follow a visitor’s path through your website. Today, 49% of companies leverage some form of email marketing automation.

This gives you an invaluable insight (lead scoring) and an opportunity to interact with the visitors through personalized emails, split-testing capability, and much more. You will get a free trial and paying package starts at $9/month.

2.  Drip

Email marketing remains a crucial tool in the contemporary business environment. This marketing tool offers deep analytical data for the business to help optimize your outbound marketing campaign. This tool allows you to segment subscriber lists, score leads based on engagement levels, and communicate via multiple channels.

Drip offers unmatched rich data collecting and exporting capabilities, deep customer insights, simple opt-in forms, and many other features. You can start with a 14-day free trial and later move to a premium package for $49 each month with 2,500 people in your account.

3.   Autopilot

Autopilot is a simple and straightforward marketing automation software. Users get a self-service platform offering in-app messaging, SMS, email, and postcards. The app rekindles relationships by keeping track of visitors’’ contacts with the company’s website. The software captures data from a small business’s website or app and integrates with other systems for customer segmentation and personalization of the messaging.

It also monitors a customer’s journey and continues providing insight useful for the marketing team. Autopilot offers a 30-days free trial and a $49 monthly basic package with 2,000 contacts.

4.  Buffer

Buffer is an effective social media marketing automation tool. It helps with scheduling posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Social media marketing is integral in modern business marketing. With Buffer, you can now plan, collaborate, and publish high-quality content to drive engagement. It is the tool your Singapore will most likely recommend for your social media campaigns.

This software saves time and resources. It frees your employees to focus on the core values of your business. They offer a 14-day free trial and marketing plans starting at only $50 per month.

5.   Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft has rebranded to Keap, but its focus on small business hasn’t changed. This company offers outstanding automation technology for small business touching areas such as mobile, analytics, CRM and e-commerce solutions.

You can now automate repetitive marketing tasks and save money while at it. It offers an automatic process for sending texts and emails, easy follow-up, and effective tracking. They offer an introductory automation plan starting @34 only per month, with 30% off for the first three months.

6. Customer.io

It is an automation software allowing you to send targeted messages to your customers. Using insight and data collected from customers’ interaction with your site, Customer.io personalizes the messages you send.

The tool integrates with your mobile app or website to deliver provides real-time data. You also enjoy other features such as conversion tracking, A/B testing, customer profiles, and in-context conversations. Basic Plan starts at $150/month

7.    Constant Contact

This is an email automation tool for creating professional-looking emails. There’s a customizable, mobile-responsive email template allowing you to send personalized emails. The automation tool easily integrates with QuickBooks, WordPress, Shopify and Salesforce. You will get a no-risk 60-day trial with packages starting at only @20 per month.

Wrapping Up

Businesses in Singapore now operate in a highly competitive environment. For your business to survive, you have to embrace new ideas, including market automation. Automation tools help you get the best out of your marketing campaigns and cut costs while at it.



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