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7 Reasons to Try Random Video Chats

Random Video Chats

Even if you’re the kind of person who frequently finds themselves tongue-tied during ordinary conversations, random video chats could give you the social freedom you’ve been looking for. People are there to see what they can find – nobody expects you to be a brilliant conversationalist. Being an interesting person helps, but who’s to say what people will find interesting? If you’ve never had much fun socializing in real life, maybe you can find your niche with random video chats.

Just how random are these chats, anyway? As random as the people using them! If you prefer to reduce the “random” aspect, use a sites that lets you filter results by the topic you want to talk about. You’ll still have loads of choices, but you won’t have to spend time sorting through the chat partners you definitely aren’t interested in.

Besides generally expanding your social life, what is a random video chat good for? You’ll discover that for yourself the more you use them, but there are several things that everyone is sure to love.

You’ll feel less shy

People usually feel shy because of the pressure to be coherent or put-together. With random video chats, though, the only pressure is coming from yourself; the people you chat usually won’t require a certain standard of social skill. If you make a mistake and want to leave the chat, you absolutely can – a new chat is just one click away. As you keep chatting, you’ll get used to talking to people without the usual nerves. Before you know it, you’ll be able to start up a conversation without even hesitating!

You’ll find out what’s going on in the rest of the world

News channels and social media have their own versions of what’s going on, but random video chats help you get beyond the headlines and viral hashtags. Just about any random chat website has users from dozens of different countries, and plenty of them would be interested in swapping stories about everyday life.

This could be especially therapeutic for the people who’ve spent a long time with reduced social contact. It’s easy to feel like everything’s going down the tubes if all your information is coming from news stories, but it could help to hear about (nearly) normal life from someone on another continent.

You can banish boredom

If you’re tired of browsing Netflix, see what’s happening on a video chat website – you never know who you’ll find! Whether you have an extra 15 minutes or a whole afternoon, random video chats can keep you busy the whole time. Plus, you can do it day or night – with users from so many different time zones, you’ll have all the chat partners you could possibly want no matter when you decide to hop online.

You can go treasure-hunting for fun conversations

Have you ever eaten jelly beans without sorting through them first? You won’t love every one – you might even grimace if you get a really weird one – but when you find the ones you definitely like, it’ll feel even more rewarding.

That’s what random video chats can be like. Some conversations will be average, some will be boring, and some will be genuinely interesting. You could even come up with some topics yourself – cats vs. dogs, favorite childhood vacation, best band of all time, and so on. If you feel like making it into a game, you could try something like “two truths and a lie”, or comparing your best jokes. These are random video chats, after all – feel free to make them as random as you want!

You can get free entertainment

If your entertainment budget is already maxed out, random video chatting is a great way to add some variety without adding to the bills. Almost all the popular video chatting sites are either completely free, or they offer both a free and a paid membership. A few might let you register for free, and offer a few paid features that could enhance your experience – for instance, letting you filter by gender or location. Paid features aren’t necessary for you to enjoy using the site, but it could be nice to have them just in case.

Expand your social life

This might not quite fill the gap that’s been left ever since your friend group stopped meeting for burgers every week, but if you start using random video chats to supply some of your social needs, they could eventually feel like an important part of your weekly routine.

If you’re like most people, you’ve been coming up short in the “social interaction” department lately. If you can’t make up for the deficits by visiting with people outside the house, random video chats can help you evolve your strategy. Even if you don’t know the people you’re chatting with, you’ll still benefit from having face-to-face conversations.

You can meet interesting people

Any video chat site you choose will likely have users from a couple dozen countries at least, with some of them reporting users from nearly 200 countries. You don’t just have thousands of people to randomly match with; you also have people from all different cultures to meet.

As you talk with people, you’ll run across plenty of them who stick out from the rest. It could be because of their occupation, their lifestyle, or anything else. You could meet someone who grew up as a sheep-herder in rural Mongolia, or someone who maintains a billionaire’s supercars. In any case, the people you meet will not only come from different cultures – they’ll have different perspectives. You may find that after hearing what they have to say, your perspective could change a bit too.

Most of all, you can have fun!

Whether you want to video chat to make new friends, practice your social skills, or just be entertained, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for, and then some. All that’s left for you to do is go online and start chatting!



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