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7 Simple Steps to Get More Twitter Followers

7 Simple Steps to Get More Twitter Followers

Twitter is one of those platforms that you cannot afford to ignore, but you need to understand how to use it properly in order to maximise your audience and your reach. The first thing you need to think about when it comes to twitter is how to increase your following. The more followers you have, the more you can covert these into potential sales, website traffic and leads, here are 7 simple steps to get more twitter followers.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags is the currency and the language on twitter. Without hashtags your tweets, photos and any other media you upload won’t stand a chance of being seen. You don’t want to go in blind and just make up hashtags, make sure you are checking out what is trending so you can tweet something that is on topic. You want to be relatable though, there is no point in tweeting about something that has no relevance to your or your brand. The more relevant information you tweet, the more people will see it and also want to engage with you, twitter is all about having conversations and opening up a dialogue!

Speak To People!

As we have just mentioned, twitter is all about engagement and speaking to people, unlike Instagram that you passively engage with, twitter is all about reaching out. Inset yourself into the conversation, talk to customers of your competitors, the key to twitter is being active and engaging, if you just hide and only like and retweet other users comments, you will never be noticed and your following won’t grow. A little audience engagement will go a long way in growing your following.

Buy Followers

You can always look to purchase followers, growing your twitter account organically from the ground up is a long process and one that can be fraught with difficulty. Why not remove the stress and purchase some followers to bolster your numbers. Not only does it make your feed look more popular, more people will be willing to engage with you if you have a high follower number.


Geotagging your tweets is an excellent way to increase your following. People often use twitter to search what is going on nearby or find out about events or anything else they want to know. If you tag your location, you will open your feed up to an increased number of people who can engage with you and you can engage with!

Optimise Your Bio

You don’t have a lot of space on your bio on twitter, so you really need to make it count. In not too many words you need to tell your target market what it is you do, how you do it and where you do it from. You also want to make sure that you remove any confusing handles from your page, so you want to have your business name as your handle and as the name in the bio. This will make sure that people who visit your page know exactly who you are. It may seem redundant to increase the information in your bio, but people are more likely to follow your or follow you back if you are clear on who you are, people like knowing who they are talking to and this is one quick way to make it clear.

Know Your Target Markets Posting Times

Knowing your target market is exceptionally important and you will end up basing your entire twitter strategy off what you think you know about your market. 40% of all American millennials are on twitter, so it is a market worth understanding. If you know your target market, make sure you are posting at time when they can see your content and engage with it. There is no point in tweeting when they are in school, at work or asleep, this wont get you noticed. Cater to their daily routines and watch your following flourish.

Be Visual

Whilst twitter is for microblogging, it doesn’t hurt to post visual content on a regular basis. Photos that you can hashtag and tag other people in can increase your exposure to new audiences that you may not have considered before. You can use this type of content to highlight the work you are doing or use it to offer a tease to your followers about what products you are going to be releasing. Whatever visual content you are releasing, make sure it is of the highest quality, twitter isn’t Instagram, but your followers won’t thank you for poorly considered visuals and bad quality photos.

Final Thoughts

The key to successfully growing your following on twitter is by constantly considering what your audience want to see, how they are going to see it and when they are going to see it. Make sure that you utilise hashtags and locations to increase the reach and visibility of your tweets and remember to post at times when your audience can engage with them! Twitter is all about audience engagement, to grow your feed, you need to talk to and engage with users that match your target market. Follow our 7 simple steps and you will grow your twitter following in no time.



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