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9 Major Reasons Why Your Internet is Not Working

Just imagine this.

You are so much in a hurry to do some research on the internet. Or maybe you have just completed some work from your computer and would like to send it online as soon as possible.

But then, something happens.

Sadly your internet is not working. Pages don’t seem to load, and emails can’t be sent too.

And you wonder what could be the problem. You are trying to reload the page to no avail.

This can be frustrating and a waste of time. Below are the reasons why your internet may not be working.

  1. Wrong Network configurations

You might be experience issues with the connection because of incorrect network configurations or the internet. Maybe you are using a new phone or just bought a MiFi, and your network provider has sent you the settings.

In some devices, the settings are usually pre-installed. You might change networks to get new internet settings from service providers.

If you are using 4G routers, MiFi’s, and smart phones, you need the APN to be able to connect to the internet.

If you fail to get it right, your device will not connect to the internet.

  1. You don’t have data bundles

Your data bundles can run out without your notice. You can only realize that when your internet is not working.

Let’s say you are using an unlimited bundle package, and your subscription expires. This causes your device to fail to connect to the internet.

Sometimes data bundles tend to run faster than usual, especially when you don’t use your tabs. Consider checking your data balance by dialling specific USSD short codes.

If you still have some data balance, then the problem might be something else.

  1. Your MiFi or router isn’t working well

Check if your router is placed well in its place.  You might have pressed the wrong button. Sometimes if you have kids moving around or pets, they can mess your router.

This can disconnect the Ethernet cable from its modem. The problem might also be that your device has lost data connection.

This might happen, especially when you are using3G/4G LTE routers to connect to the internet. You can look at the status LED lights from the MiFi’s and 3G/4G LTE routers, which show what works.

If you see red, it indicates that the link is not working Blue or Green means it is working. Should you have a weak signal, it could be due to interference from a wireless network of a neighbour.

  1. DNS Server not responding

There could be an issue with your domain name server, not working. DNS works from the background. It converts readable website names into IP addresses.

As an ordinary user, you may fail to understand if it exists. Devices usually get the DNS address automatically from your ISP when you connect to a MiFi/router or a public hotspot.

Since DNS works from the background, at times, it goes under without your knowledge. This makes it impossible to translate the domain names to IP addresses.

It then makes it difficult for your browser to get what you are trying to search online. If you are using Chrome, you will see an error message.

  1. IP Address conflicts

Did you know that your PC and another device near you on the same network can have the same IP address?

This can cause conflict among them and destruct you from properly working online. You need to resolve this issue by releasing and renewing your IP address.

You can change your IP address to a different number manually if your network uses a static IP address.

  1. Computer firewall malfunctions

There might be computer firewall malfunctions. The purpose of the firewall running in your computer is to inhibit network traffic that is not needed from interrupting its operation.

The problem is that the same computer firewall can start blocking valid Internet traffic. This happens when they have malfunctioned.

An example of these malfunctions is when two firewalls like windows and a third party product get installed on the same PC. There might be disagreement between the two leading to traffic blockage.

You need to sort this issue out by temporarily disabling any software that you had upgraded recently. This should help you find out if it was the cause.

  1. The website is blocked or down

You might think that you are experiencing connection issues, but your device might not be having any problems. Possibly the problem might be with the website you are trying to connect to.

It could be down or may be blocked. Some hosting services are not reliable and might be having problems.

Some of these web hosting companies get attacked by hackers online. When this happens, the website gets down.

You might fail to access it and think that there is a problem with the internet. Try to load another website to find out if they are working.

  1. Slow internet speeds

Your internet might be on, but the pace is too slow. This can cause you to have trouble connecting to the internet.

Maybe your MiFi has dropped from 4G to 2G OR EVEN edge. Some MiFi’s tend to fall during specific times of the day.

Some internet providers might as well promise to keep your speeds to a specific range only to drop later. Slow internet speeds can be disappointing.

Find out if they are the reasons why you can’t connect to the internet and try to use a different service provider.

  1. You might be outside the wireless signal range

Your internet may not be working may be because you are a bit far away from the wireless signal range.

If there’s a considerable distance from the WiFi signal range, your connection tends to be slow and even breaks. You can measure the strength of your WiFi and expand the scope of the WiFi.

Internet connection is very crucial in your online activities. Without it, you can’t do anything online.

While the above issues are the most common problems, there are many other causes of failing to connect. Try to establish the cause of your problem before finding the solution.