A Detailed Go Through of How to Create a QR Code with QRtiger

QRTiger is a customized QR code generator website through which you can generate static and dynamic QR codes.

On the QRTiger QR code generator website, you can choose from various functions such as encoding a price list or creating a QR code with a Facebook ‘like logo and that too in any format that you like.

QRTiger is a mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly website where you can generate customized QR codes for your company’s logo. You can store useful information and URLs in the QR codes such as discounts, links that direct to your company website, addresses, locations, your company intro and etc.

Moreover, you can also use their ready-made designs and templates and get a QR code ready in no time!

Static Vs. Dynamic QR Code

You can create static as well as dynamic QR codes through QRTiger. But first, it is important to know what exactly are they.

The primary difference between a dynamic QR code generator and static QR code generator is that in a dynamic QR code generator, you can alter the destination address to which the QR code directs to. You do not usually have to reprint the QR code whereas static QR code generator creates QR codes with fixed redirecting addresses. It means that you cannot change the address destination afterward.

In the QRTiger, you can either create static QR code or dynamic QR code and store information through a variety of options given on their website.

Their menu includes various options to create a free QR code with logo. For instance, if you want to store a URL in your code, you just have to click on the ‘URL’ option on their menu and in no time, your QR code would be generated.

In a similar way, you can use the QRTiger code for files, your company page description aka H5 editor, WIFI, Vcards, App stores, multi URLs, MP3, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Email, Text and also for Bitcoin.

Why Choose QRTiger?

QRTiger allows you to make free static and dynamic QR codes with logo. You can create them easily through their wide features available on their menu.

Here are some reasons indicating why you should choose QRTiger the free QR code generator to design all your QR codes.

Track Data

After uploading or redirecting the destination having data to the generated QR code, you can track data to measure the performance and the progress of your campaign. You can check various factors affecting your campaigns such as the number of scans, the time of the scans, the locations of scanning QR codes, the mobile devices such as android phones and iOS devices. This helps you to notice changes in your performance immediately. Moreover, this information can also be changed into simple raw graphs and tables through which you can analyze your progress easily.

Effective Marketing Campaigns

In such a big world, it is very difficult to reach out to a wide base of the audience at once. However, QR codes with logo on the internet and at public places would dramatically make your marketing campaigns effective. You would be able to address and reach a wide base of the audience with fewer efforts.


QRTiger is an affordable QR code generating platform where you can avail cheap QR code generator packages.

Leading QR Code Generator Worldwide

QRTiger is considered as the best and leading online QR code generator worldwide as they have the best QR code generator and QR code generator APIs for professionals and business owners needing to make their marketing campaigns more effective.

Multi URL QR Code by QRTiger

QRTiger allows you to create a single QR code with the logo that can redirect the scanners or users to multiple URLs or different websites depending on their device type, scanning time, location and etc.


QR codes are an important tool for effective marketing campaigns. If you want to lead effective marketing campaigns for your business with QR codes, take a look at their packages and also sign up. Not only would you be able to track data and analyze your campaign performance but would also target a wide base of the audience through QR codes with logo.

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