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Benefits Of Using Dedicated Minecraft Server Hosting


With almost 100 million users all over the world, the sandbox video game called ‘Minecraft’ is continuously progressing to being a global sensation. For users, it’s a world for them to explore and think out of the box where they can express their creativity. In the game, people can create things meticulously, enhance their life skills, communicate with other players, and develop survival instincts.

The hosting service plays an essential role in digital gaming as it’s responsible for the site’s performance, security, speed, and reliability. However, as one of the users, you probably want to have your server where you can host your world. If you’re planning to have your server, stay through this article to learn the benefits of using a dedicated Minecraft server hosting.

Enhanced Performance

All online players hate it when their game servers lag and crash frequently. However, unlike ordinary servers, dedicated hosting servers can assure improved site performance, even though it has a similar amount of RAM, driver space, and CPU cores with cloud hosting.

With a dedicated Minecraft server hosting, you don’t have to worry about using other applications because it doesn’t slow down your game. It will maintain a fast loading speed connection, especially for those that experience traffic frequently, without decreasing the computer’s power.

Also, you can start your game without other users, which means you can use the game server’s performance only for yourself.

Increased Security

Along with enhanced performance, having a dedicated server hosting provides increased security. Your data will not stay in the machine, unlike shared web hosting where you have to transfer it with other users’ data. Because you own the server, no one can access or control the machine. It will also lessen the chance of sharing a space with sites that could cause spam or malicious content.

You can also separate your data from the hosting company’s service where you can locate the customers’ data. Thus, you can prevent malware attacks, hackers, and distributed denial of service (DDoS)—a cyber-attack that disrupts a server by using numerous malware-infected computers.

There are various ways to add security to your dedicated server. For instance, you can try frequent updating or installing a high level of protection available for your server.

Greater Access Control 

One of the advantages of using a dedicated server hosting is that you have greater control over the server. Having a dedicated hosting provides you with the feeling of responsibility on how you will manage it. You run the server so you’ll be the only administrator to decide on the rules.

You control the spawn rates, landscapes, physics, and allow other players to share their ideas as well, especially if you prefer to grow your community or help in developing pre-established communities. You can also develop meaningful relationships with other players who are taking part in your adventure, invite new playfellows, and create a new world with them.

Improved Reliability

In terms of reliability, you can depend on dedicated Minecraft server hosting. Crashes and lags are less likely to happen, and you can manage things such as advertisements, images, and compatibility, which affect performance. Furthermore, it’s also a power source that keeps the servers running during power grid failures.

As mentioned previously, sharing servers with various users can affect the performance of the server. On the other hand, a dedicated server is yours, and you don’t need to share it with others unless you prefer allowing other people to join. It can also contribute to a greater uptime to make the most out of the machine.

Distinctive IP Address

An IP address is essential because it acts as an identifier for machines in a network. Thus, every server must use its own IP address. However, shared hosting means that you have to share the IP address with other websites, which can cause problems with your connection and security. For instance, if you’re sharing it with a spam or adult site and they’re about to get blacklisted, it can also affect your ranking.

To prevent this issue, consider using a dedicated server that can provide your own IP address. You can have a unique identity and take no account of other site’s actions and users planning to blacklist your IP address.

Hassle-Free Customization

There are times that your needs and preferences change over time. A flexible, dedicated server is all you need. Users can shape the hosting server easily to incorporate the suitable storage and processing power that will fit your needs. It can also be custom-built in various ways, providing particular hardware that will be the best and appropriate for your demands.

Whether you want to enhance the CPU with a higher clock speed or replace the hard drive, disk space, and RAM, you don’t have to worry because it only takes a few minutes to finish this.


It’s essential to choose a dedicated server hosting that can ensure better performance and allow you to create and enjoy a new world in Minecraft without experiencing crashes and lags. Thus, start using a dedicated hosting service knowing that it enhances performance, increases security, provides greater access control, offers a unique IP address, and allows you to customize it easily.



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