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10 Best Instagram Growth Services in 2021

There are more than one billion Instagram users today, and a good size of this population uses the platform to shop. Many businesses realize this, which makes Instagram a good source of business traffic for businesses in all industries. The only secret: get as many relevant Instagram followers as possible.

Growing your Instagram following can be an up-hill task that will take years. It can also be quick if you use the right Instagram growth service. A good growth tool will help you organically grow your followers faster than if you had to do it all on your own. Organic growth is more believable and better for your account, as it will look like the natural growth of an account growing in popularity. The days of buying fake followers are gone – Instagram flags such behavior online and doing so could result in a ban, which will make it harder for your account to grow in the future.

Choose the best when looking for an Instagram growth tool. Here is a review of the best Instagram growth services.

1. Social Buddy

Your Instagram account can grow as many as 1,000 new followers in a month using Social Buddy’s services. These are real people with a genuine interest in what you have to offer. All things considered, this is one of the best Instagram growth services on the internet.

The most important thing you should know about Social Buddy is that it only works with real Instagram users. The service utilizes advanced precision-targeting technology that allows it to connect its clients with the most relevant markets on Instagram see the Social Buddy reviews on Earthweb.

The main target is interest – everyone looking for these services is out to increase their clientele base, so it is necessary that the new followers share your interests. Social Buddy has algorithms that single out individual Instagram users based on their interests and pairing them with clients. Other targets include age, sex, and location.Social Buddy is especially ideal for aggressive business competition as its services include targeting the competition’s Instagram followers.

By helping you find followers that are interested in your industry, niche, or topic, Social Buddy helps to grow not only your follower list, but your engagement. Real followers who are actually interested in the content you post will be more likely to like, comment, and share your posts on Instagram.

Every client on Social Buddy gets a personal account manager to guide them. Clients are also guaranteed 24/7 personalized customer support from their account managers.

2.  YoViral

YoViral has a simple operation strategy – to put your brand on the map so that more and more people can take notice. As such, its Instagram growth services are long-term.

YoViral has a vast base of real Instagram users with a variety of interests – enough to cover most business industries and niches. The site essentially sells out likes and followings from the most relevant population of this base. Each post gets hundreds or thousands of new likes and followings. This is intended to have the effect of making the client’s brand and account notable on the ‘Discover’ tab, which gets millions of views at any given time. The goal is to make your brand go viral!

YoViral also applies precision-targeting when allocating new followers and likes to different brands. This means that you can tailor your new followers according to your preferences.

3. SocialCaptain

SocialCaptain is a one-stop-shop for all your Instagram growth needs. The site essentially takes over all operations involving adding new followers to your Instagram account. It carefully studies your brand and utilizes AI-powered market analytics tools to pair you up with the most relevant users on the network.

SocialCaptain invests heavily in technology in its services. Its AI-powered analytics tools sift through the billions of clutter data to single out the most appropriate Instagram users for you, based on your brand’s preferences. It covers all important targeting options, including targeting by age, gender, interests, and location, among others.

Working with SocialCaptain is conveniently easy. The site has a simple UI that requires clients to enter their requirements and preferences – such as interesting hashtags, usernames, and age brackets – to initiate searches and following. All the heavy lifting goes on in the background so that users can have an easy time growing their brands on IG. It is a walk in the park compared to the tedious work of reaching out to IG users one-on-one.

4.  Kicksta

Kicksta is the ideal Instagram growth service for businesses that are just starting out. This is because the site’s IG growth services are gradual. See the Kicksta comparison when intended to purchase IG followers.

Kicksta is cautious because many business accounts on Instagram have been flagged or banned for using dubious Instagram growth services. If your audience grows too fast, IG will likely take interest and investigate. You risk getting banned on Instagram, which means getting locked out of numerous opportunities! Kicksta wouldn’t let this happen.

Kicksta gradually seeks out real IG users who may be relevant to your market niche. The site uses AI-powered analytics to target users on IG based on your preferences. The following grows gradually, which gives your account the appearance of authentic growth. Slow and sure is the way on Kicksta, so you can never go wrong.

5. Stellation Media

Stellation Media is a new Instagram growth service that uses Instagram stories to help grow your audience online. This Instagram growth tool helps you auto-post on Instagram and uses automated marketing and AI technology to help grow your account.

Stellation Media comes with your own personal dashboard, so you can monitor campaigns and progress. Its most unique selling point, however, is its mass story engager. This new method of Instagram growth automatically views thousands of targeted Instagram stories and easily engage with them to grow your following. Stories that feature easy response buttons like polls, quizzes, and questions allow for easy responses to show you are engaged and interested, cultivating better relationships online.

With Stellation Media, you can sit back and watch your account grow via their dashboard. Users can set their parameters for the kinds of followers they want, or target specific followers. The Instagram story method produces slow, but reliable, growth.

6. Upleap

Upleap is another good option for anyone looking to increase their Instagram followers. They promise real followers, real results, and real growth for their clients. Every customer gets a dedicated customer service representative to answer their questions and ensure that their account grows as they wish.

From sign up to results, Upleap makes things easy for the customer. They target users based on similar interests, hashtags, and locations to find real Instagram followers who are likely to follow and engage with your Instagram account. They serve a wide range of industries, from businesses to influencers to everyday Instagram users looking to grow their following.

Upleap offers a free trial, however it is only for three days. They mainly target followers by hashtag, but allow for other targeting as well. Similar to Stellation Media, Upleap automatically watches Instagram stories for you as another method of growth.

The basic Upleap plan is rather bare bones, so you’ll have to pay extra for advanced options like Instagram story watching, location targeting, or premium support from the company.

7. Combin

Combin is an Instagram growth service that doubles as a scheduling tool for Instagram. Customers can choose one or both services, but for our purposes we will focus on the growth tool.

Combin’s Instagram growth service allows you to grow organic followers and engage with them. If you manage several accounts, Combin makes it easy to track multiple accounts on one easy dashboard. That dashboard offers insights and reports so that you can track your Instagram’s growth day-to-day or over longer periods of time.

Combin uses advanced Instagram search tools to find a specific audience that is catered to your account. It uses machine learning to find and target users that are more likely to engage with your content. It can also detect who doesn’t follow you back so that you can fix your follower ratio.

You can also automate actions like comments, making it easy to comment and engage with various users at once. Prices for Combin are rather low, but they make no promises about the number of followers you can gain.

8. Ampfluence

Ampfluence is human-run, so you know you’re getting a real service and not a bot. Their process begins with consultation, then targeting based on your consultation, and finally results. The review of Ampfluence says that this Instagram growth service gets you real, targeted followers through active account management by a real person.

Ampfluence will follow and engage with real accounts that are within your niche, which in turn results in more followers and engagement on your account. For an additional charge, they can also create and schedule posts for you. The only client responsibility? “Be Cool.” Ampfluence boasts the fact that it is a safe, secure, and confidential growth service.

Ampfluence is a high quality service, but comes at a high price. To get real results, you’d want to choose their most expensive plan, but most Instagram users can’t afford this option. Their cheapest plan is over one hundred dollars, with no promise of definite growth. Only with their most expensive plan do you get priority support and custom reporting. While Ampfluence works well, its value for the cost is questionable.

9. Follow Adder

If you’re on a budget or you don’t mind bending Instagram’s guidelines a bit, Follow Adder is a solid option. Follow Adder uses an Instagram bot to grow your following and automatically engage with followers. It is fast and efficient, and once you’re set up it essentially runs on autopilot.

Follow Adder has other features as well, like the ability to schedule Instagram posts, as well as schedule out likes and comments. This helps to boost engagement. Follow Adder claims that while it does use a bot, you won’t get bot followers, but real, organic Instagram followers.

The benefit of Follow Adder is that it is very inexpensive for an Instagram growth service. Using a follower bot has its risks, however, and technically works against Instagram’s community guidelines. Be cautious when choosing Follow Adder, as there is a risk of getting your account flagged by Instagram.

10. Instapromote

Instapromote allows you to buy followers and likes for instant gratification. If immediate delivery is what you’re looking for, Instapromote is the Instagram growth service for you.

Unlike many other websites that allow you to buy Instagram followers, Instapromote actually provides real, authentic accounts to follow your account, like posts, or view your Instagram stories. Target followers who are actually interested in your content by working with customer support at Instapromote.

Instapromote is an inexpensive option that gives you immediate followers. They offer a 100% refund within 30 days if customers are not satisfied. The downside of this method of Instagram growth, however, is that it does not look natural. Going from 100 to 1000 followers overnight is not standard, so you run the risk of Instagram realizing that you purchased followers and flagging your account. Organic, gradual growth is typically better.


Instagram is the favorite playground for marketers thanks to the flurry of potential leads. You, too, should get in on the action before the market gets over-saturated. You can get set up and running within no time using these Instagram growth services.

Choose your Instagram growth service wisely – some will work better than others, and some offer more organic, believable growth compared to competitors. When paying for a growth service, you want to ensure that your Instagram account is safe and in good hands.

Remember: keep your Instagram followers engaged to keep growing your base. Once your followers increase, you can better maintain a good following by liking, commenting, and engaging with those who follow you. Doing so will encourage them to do the same, further growing your account and your presence on Instagram.

Instagram can be both fun and lucrative – you just need a good enough following! Use these Instagram growth services to give your account the kick it needs.

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