CocoSign Review: How to Choose Electronic Signature Software

Choosing the best electronic signature software is simple. All you need is to locate a tool that can be used for various agreements and contracts that your enterprise makes with employees, suppliers, and customers. You need an effective e-sign tool that is simple to use and integrate with your organization’s document management systems.

It should have pre-made templates that you can use and of course, identification verification. In this CocoSign review, we will look at the factors to consider when choosing a tool that will help you to draw signatures online seamlessly.

Signature Generator: The Leading Electronic Signature Software

Signature Generator has helped numerous organizations transform their paper-based system into an effective digital system. It is a leading digital signature platform that enables businesses to share documents with signing parties and collect signatures securely and seamlessly. The software is easy to use and supports seamless workflow.

Organizations that handle a lot of paperwork have found this tool extremely useful and effective in managing the document system of their organizations. So, how does this tool work? It is pretty simple and can be completed in five easy steps.

Step One: Visit the Signature Generator site and upload the documents to be signed and share the links with relevant parties.

Step Two: The Signing parties can access the documents through the link provided and fill out parts that are required of them.

Step Three: The signatories can click on the e-sign tool. Next, they can draw, type, or upload the signature in the open box.

Step Four: When the signature has been created, they can drag the signature to space for signature on the document.

Step Five: This is the last part, simply click to save the document and download it.

The document owner will receive notifications immediately after each signatory has signed the document. All signatories can sign simultaneously from any part of the world and within minutes the whole process can be completed.

So, having looked at how Signature Generator works, let us look at the critical factors that should be checked before choosing electronic signature software. You can be assured that Signature Generator fulfills these criteria, which is the reason for its recommendation.

User Interface

Technology has removed the need to converge in a physical location to conduct businesses. In today’s business world, a business can be done from anywhere. All that an individual needs is an internet-enabled device. This means business partners can be in any part of the world and still carry out a joint business transaction without being physically present together.

To ensure that the business process is seamless, you should choose digital signature software that has an excellent user interface that will ensure a quality user experience. How easy it is to navigate from the document page to the signature page? Does the platform have a good mobile interface?

Do you need to zoom, scroll, and pinch the screen just to sign a document? If the platform does not have a good interface, then it is not worth your while.

Privacy and Security

The privacy of data is a top priority and if an electronic signature tool is not offering that, then you need to make a switch. With numerous technologies that collect personal data without the owners’ knowledge, protecting sensitive personal and business information is of utmost importance.

Before you entrust your business information to an electronic signature service provider, you should check to see that the platform is committed to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.

Additionally, your choice of e-signature software should fulfill the most stringent security standards globally. Before you choose the electronic signature software, do a little bit of research to know the kind of cybersecurity and threat intelligence capabilities that they offer.


Your choice of digital signature software should provide consistent monitoring of the privacy and security of the digital landscape to ensure that documents conform to the latest international, federal, and state prerequisites. You should check to see that the software adheres strictly to industry regulations.

Additionally, confirm that the platform has experienced experts across information security, privacy, compliance, and internal audit, among others. It is also recommended that you verify the details of the contractual agreements that will offer assurance of the security and privacy of your business data on the platform.


Beyond the now, you should consider how the software can deliver on your company’s need concerning digital signatures. Currently, you may only be concerned about providing digital signatures for a unit in your organization. However, your business will expand at some point and you would require more complex digital signature services in different areas.

These may include procurement contracts and agreements for your company’s goods and services. It may also include employee on-boarding agreement; legal team document management; sales agreements and contracts, among others. You should be sure that your choice of electronic signature software can cater to all these business needs.

Free Trials

This is an important factor that you should consider. You should only choose tools that offer free trials. With this, you can test a couple of products to see how they work and if they align with your business needs.

When you start sourcing for your e-sign software, it is recommended that you shortlist some reputable options and try out their free options. You can easily know the strengths of each and conclude on the best option for your business before you invest.


These are five top tips to consider when choosing electronic signature software. You should consider the user interface, which leads to an exceptional user experience. Additionally, check out the security and privacy of the tool, the compliance, and scalability as well as whether the software offers a free trial or not.

Additionally, you may want to consider reading users’ reviews about some of these tools to enable you to make an informed decision about your choice. We highly recommend Signature Generator as the digital signature software of choice because it fulfills all these criteria and much more.

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