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Email Checker Review: One of the Best Email Verification Software to Date


Email Checker is an email verification software and a powerful tool to boost deliverability. It not only detects the spam emails but also efficient in removing all the abusive, temporary addresses and invade domains. It is an easy to use email validator and comes with various pricing plans.

It is one of the best tools to verify all your emails. One of the best features of the Email Checker email verification software is that they allow checking a single email along with validating bulk email by uploading the complete email list.

So before getting into the pros and cons of this email verification tool, let us have a clear understanding of this tools pricing and various offering:

Pricing and Plans

The basic plan starts from $14 for 1000 email verification and goes up to $2499 for 2,500,000 email verification. They offer PAY PER LIST service a unique process that allows them to upload an email list and charge for only checking those emails.

However, Email Checker also offers monthly pricing plans that start from just $10 per 1000 email verification and goes up to $1899 for 2,500,000 email verification in a month. Given below are different pricing plans of the Email Checker:

Prepaid Plan (Pay per list) plan:


No. of Email Verified


1000 Email credits


2500 Email credits


5000 Email credits


10000 Email credits


15000 Email credits


25000 Email credits


50000 Email credits


100000 Email credits


250000 Email credits


500000 Email credits


1000000 Email credits


2500000 Email credits

The Email checker, as stated above, offers a monthly subscription plan that covers real-time API and Batch processing solutions.

Monthly plan pricing:


No. of Email Verified


1000 Email credits


2500 Email credits


5000 Email credits


10000 Email credits


15000 Email credits


25000 Email credits


50000 Email credits


100000 Email credits


250000 Email credits


500000 Email credits


1000000 Email credits


2500000 Email credits

With lesser pricing and email verification, the other features are uploading extra files, instant access and minimum subscription of 2 months.

Free Trial Offer

Email Checker offers a free trial of 100 email verification credits when you register on their website. The registration process is straightforward. Also, they don’t require any credit card information in using the free credits offered. This training offer is enough to understand the use of this software and for deciding which plan is best suited for us.

Real-Time Verification through API

This software allows real-time verification API. They provide detailed Integration Documentation for Python, Java, PHP, and C#. Follow this link for checking the document.

In simpler terms, Real-time verification means there is a confirmation of accurate data that is received from the customers. The captured data is not duplicate and completely reliable. This software allows this real-time verification by using API (application program interface).

The documentation is amiable in the computer language like Python, Java, PHP, C#, etc. With the help of this documentation, one can easily integrate the API and check the real-time verification of email.

Provision of Custom jobs

The company also offers a custom job to its customers; for this, you need to contact our Sales Team via email. The email id is

Excellent Email Delivery with 99% Accuracy

Email Deliverability Accuracy is around 99% and is very fast. So, one doesn’t need to worry before selecting this product. It is highly accurate and excellent in detecting and thus removing all the junk, temporary email. All the email verification is done from the global centres which are distributed widely.

Offers Bulk Verification

Along with the provision of verifying a single email, the Email Checker also provides you with a feature of Bulk Verification as stated above. Moreover, one can easily upload the email sheet and verify all the emails.

Detects problematic Domains, Spam keywords, DEA and More

Bad domains detection: Yes

Spam Keywords detection: Yes

Role accounts detection: Yes

Catch-all accounts detection: Yes

Disposable email address (DEA) detection: Yes

Error Correction

Email Checker software specializes in removing specific invalid errors like spaces, slashes which are generally not the part of emails address. They have an error correction feature too.

They don’t check the DNS base list (Domain name system base list) which is a technique used to track IP addresses of the spammers and proxy servers. Other than that, URI (uniform resource identifier) DNS Base list is also not followed by this software.

Customer Support

They have dedicated and excellent customer support. They provide 24*7 customer support to all the customers. Having any doubt, call them right away.

Data security

It detects all the span traps and all the email address that is flagged by the Internet service provider, and email service provider as they can cause damage to your reputation. Data security is one of the salient features of the software tool. Along with detecting bad domains, spam keywords, role accounts, catch-all accounts, it also finds out temporary and disposable email addresses.

In addition to all the features mentioned above, they have email verification with connectivity with Outlook, AOL and its server exist in Yandex, the largest network group.

Privacy Policy

Please refer to the link for the same:

Few Additional Email Checker Features:

Integrations: Since not every client is the same, it provides you with different options for integration. It provides you with the automated batch file submission as well as retrieval. For it, it utilizes FTP access to your account or batch API or the manual upload.

Response Codes: For both Bad as well as Unknown emails.

Excellent Documentation: Detailed documentation with lots of Github-hosted code examples.

Yahoo Verification: The Real-Time API with “extreme” Yahoo (and Ymail) option.

Professional: It involves an easy-to-use modernized dashboard.

Personal Service: Friendly and interactive personal service to speak with the staff along with the automated system.

Responsive: Quick and responsive API with market-leading uptime and SLA (99.99% in the last 12 months?)

Bulk API: This involves their Batch API service that’s designed to batch-process quicker including large B2B lists (around 1 million per day).

Catch-All Verification: To find out any hard bounces in catch-all and accept-all data sets (Industry only).


It is used to validate the incorrect emails. It drastically reduced the inbound queries related to registering.

The support is swift to understanding and solving each issue.

Simple and can be used easily.

The best thing part is no software download, and installation is required.

It supports all the verifying email domains; with 99% accuracy it helps in reducing the bounce rates of the emails and emails can be optimized well keeping in mind the click rates and open rate.

It is an excellent email manager and manages all the email well by filtering out the Sammy and junk ones.


It doesn’t provide you with the detection of DNSBLs & URI DNSBLs, however I have contacted Email Checker about this and they are looking to bring this valuable feature into their product offering very soon.

There is always a scope of improvements in all the software tools, be it on the technology front or any other aspects. Although it can’t be much of a disadvantage of the email verification software as the software is excellent to use and quite cost-effective.


Final Words:

Overall, Email Checker is a complete package having a clear interface and value for money software tools as there is no fear of losing out email credit every month. With email management built-in, this is a decent software to put your money on. The best part is you can use it as a trial to understand its features and then purchase it!

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