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Encrypted Messenger: Trouble-Free Tool!

The modern Internet, in its broadest sense, is cruel and does not forgive mistakes. While remaining the most convenient and widespread means of communication and information transfer right now, the network remembers every step of users. It keeps a long history of relationships with it. Confidential photos are surprisingly made available to the public.

Veiled surveillance on the Internet, which is no longer hidden by any intelligence agencies or private companies, fortunately, gives rise to counter-steps by Internet activists who are fighting for our privacy. The struggle for free Internet is particularly relevant in our country, where state structures seek to control online citizens.

We decided to choose the best messengers that encrypt user data, based on the needs of active users of the network.

Encrypted messenger: Effective ones!


Utopia is a new generation decentralized system. It combines a wide range of functionality and represents an ecosystem built on peer-to-peer architecture. It was created to ensure the anonymity of each user on the Internet. Therefore, when registering, it does not require you to enter personal data. Instead, it generates a private key that opens access to the ecosystem.

The functionality includes instants messenger, email, crypto wallet, anonymous browser and built-in mining bot. All data is transmitted under uNS technology. Also, there is a tunnel data technology that simplifies the adding process of new sites within the ecosystem.

The main encryption method is based on the sophisticated Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES. Such a method is the most advanced one.

Wickr Me

The concept of this messenger assumes that all users’ communication must be protected, so it will not be possible to manage SMS messages from it.

Wickr Me is the only app on our list that requires a password to access messages by default. If desired, you can log in by scanning your face or fingerprint instead of entering a password. The authorization requirement provides an additional level of security.

Unlike Signal, you don’t need to specify a phone number or email address when registering with Wickr. However, in the absence of such information, users will not be able to find each other automatically – they will first need to find each other’s names in Wickr.

Also, Wickr is one of the few apps that can detect that a screenshot was taken from the screen and notify the second party about it. You can’t disable these notifications, and you can’t delete them from the chat. However, on Android, the function that allows you to take screenshots of the screen is disabled by default, so you will first have to activate it in the settings.


Confide is a crypto messenger with an original technology for obtaining information. The recipient accepts the encrypted message text in the form of several rectangles. Geometric shapes are converted to text only when the user points their finger at them. This unusual technology eliminates the appearance of the full text of the message on the smartphone screen.

Another unexpected feature of Confide is a complete ban on screenshots. If the user tries to take a picture of the image while reading the message, the messenger will be closed, the message will be erased, and the sender will receive an alarm.


Openssors service – another, but popular and proven over the years means of communication that can encrypt the data of interlocutors. Data is encrypted on the client side using AES-256 technology. uses several functions and methods for maintaining data privacy when transferring keys that can open a conversation. Conversation data (up to ten people can be collected in a chat) is automatically deleted 30 minutes after the end of the conversation.

Chat blocks overlay by default, protecting users’ correspondence from malicious programs that take screenshots of the screen.

Appreciate the benefits of encrypted messenger now and forget about any Internet threats forever!

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