How Accounting Firms Become Big By using Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has strongly established itself in the current IT market. As per future predictions, cloud data centers will process 94% of workloads in 2021.

Cloud technology has brought in a revolution in the accounting industry. They now have access to processing power and data, which doesn’t necessarily need to be in a single machine. It can also prove to be a revolutionary solution for firms that cannot invest in expensive IT infrastructure but still wish to grow.

Here’s how:

Better Team Productivity

One of the most significant ways cloud technology helps accounting firms grow big is by enhancing team productivity. You get access to business tools, services, data, and applications via the Internet. This facilitates working while moving and better collaboration.

The cloud allows multiple people to access the data and documents simultaneously from the device of their choice and make changes in real-time. For instance, if you move your accounting software such as QuickBooks to the cloud, your entire team will be able to access QuickBooks data via the Internet.

As a result, all the stakeholders will be able to collaborate and work on the project simultaneously and avoid the confusion created by sending files over email. Thus, team productivity improves and the time saved can be utilized in tasks related to business growth such as increasing sales and revenue.

Cost Savings

For accounting firms to become big, it is necessary to keep IT expenses at a minimum. However, setting up an in-house IT infrastructure can easily burn a hole in your pocket. There are considerable expenses involved, such as purchasing hardware, server maintenance, and hiring professionals for its set up.

However, if you opt for cloud computing, you do not need to invest in IT infrastructure and its maintenance. Also, reputed service providers hire IT experts to troubleshoot any issues around the clock, eliminating the need for you to hire IT professionals, further reducing your expenses. You can easily use the money saved creating new marketing strategies and offer better services to your clients.

Better Customer Service

Gone are the days when accounting firms could suffice with local clients. The world is going global, and accounting firms need to function round the clock to offer their services to other parts of the world. Also, today’s customers want answers to all their needs (at all times of the day).

Cloud technology makes this happen easily as the data is stored in the cloud. Accountants and CPAs can access this data and offer services according to the business needs of the client round the clock. As a result, it offers a delightful experience to the customers and helps them trust in your accounting firm, helping you grow.

High-Performance Computing

Accounting firms and accountants use multiple applications for accounting tasks, tax calculations, project management, client meetings, and internal processes. Using all these applications on legacy systems results in slow data processing and consumes a lot of time. Eventually, it slows down your operations and the speed at which your firm grows.

The cloud offers lightning-speed computing by using SSD drives, multil-core CPUs, and servers. Your employees benefit from high-performance computing as it reduces the time spent on tasks and results in long-term productivity gains. The time saved can be used to strengthen your grasp in the market and focus more on generating more sales for the firm.

Business Agility

Today’s tough economy and rising competition require accounting firms to adopt new strategies in order to become big. The cloud enables accounting firms to implement modern solutions to tackle the new-age challenges. For instance, the cloud backs up your data regularly. This will help you if a disaster strikes; you will be able to access your data and retrieve it quickly.

You do not need to invest in a secondary data storage site. Your cloud service provider offers the required agility. Such agility has also become a must in today’s times to support growth. This enables you to tackle unwanted situations such as COVID-19, continue with normal business operations as usual, and generate more sales by offering your services even during tough times.

Competitive Advantage

Last but not least, cloud technology gives accounting firms a competitive edge over their competitors. It helps firms target customers across multiple continents and hire remote talents from different geographies. This opens numerous opportunities for business growth without setting up global offices.

This fast-paced world requires firms to keep themselves updated with the latest technological advancements. Faster processing speeds and agility helps in strengthening the footsteps in newer markets. The cloud also helps accounting firms get their hands on the latest tools for better and faster business growth – doing much more than the competitors.


Cloud technology requires firms to adopt a culture of innovation and leave the traditional methods behind. It has undoubtedly gained popularity over the last decade will continue to flourish in the coming years.

To sum up, everything that’s stated above – the advantages of cloud technology will help you grow your business and reach greater heights. Do not lag behind your competition and move to the cloud.

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