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How To Choose A Good Color Scheme For Website

Choosing a good color scheme for your website not just makes it attractive for the users, but also makes a psychological impact on them to trust your brand and keep coming back to your website.

Overall, a good color scheme can help you establish a solid brand identity. However, people tend to focus more on the website’s performance and layout during its development phase and don’t bother much about the color scheme.

On the contrary, the color scheme plays an equally important role in a website’s success like any other factor. However, choosing a color scheme can be tricky and especially if you are a beginner.

Here in this article, we lay down some important tips that can help you choose the best color scheme for your website and help you win your audience.

Tips To Choose A Good Color Scheme For Your Website

  1. Start From The Scratch

The first thing in the process of choosing a color scheme for your website you need to start from the beginning or in this case from a blank canvas. By a blank canvas, we mean that you should not start with some presumed colors i.e your favorite colors.

And that’s because your favorite colors may not be a perfect fit for the color scheme of your website depending upon your niche or domain.

  1. Choose Multiple Colors

By multiple colors, we don’t mean that you fill your color scheme with all the colors out there and make it look like a rainbow. Because that’s going to hurt your brand more than doing any good to it. However, you can borrow some ideas from fashion and interior designers to use the 60-30-10 rule for your color scheme.

This rule tells you to use the primary, secondary and tertiary color in parts to make your color scheme look fabulous. According to this rule, you should fill the 60% of your space with your primary color, the remaining 30%, and 10% of the space should be covered with the secondary or tertiary colors.

  1. Choose Colors According To Your Demographics

Now it is a very important tip because if you do not choose your website’s color scheme according to your audience then it may hurt your brand. Before finalizing the color scheme for your website you can consider the following demographics


Before you choose a color for your website know about the gender of your audiences like if you are into makeup and cosmetic then mostly your audience will be ladies. And hence you should choose the color scheme of your website that attracts women like pink or purple.

Similarly for a website whose main audience is men then you can choose the color scheme accordingly.


Just like gender, age is also an important demographic to look at before choosing a color scheme. If you are running a website that attracts a younger audience then you can go with energetic colors like Red, Orange or Yellow.

Similarly, if you are targeting the grown-ups then you can choose more gentle and subtle colors for your website.

  1. Take Inspiration From Others

If you are running out of ideas to choose colors for your website then you can take inspiration from others. Heres what you can do

Pick Color from Photos and Images

Images can be a great source of inspiration for choosing colors, you can pick a color from a picture on the internet. You can take the help of online tools to get color from image and use it on your website.

  1. Keep Things Simple

It’s the most important thing to keep in mind while finalizing a color scheme for your website that you need to keep things simple. An overly colorful website can decrease the user experience and in the long run, it can also harm your brand identity.

Hence, you should pick simple yet attractive colors to increase the user experience on your website and reap the benefits of it.


I can’t insist much or how important it is to choose the right color scheme for your website. A good color scheme along with good content or product can increase your trust among your audience and help you make them your loyal customer.

The tips we have shared here can help you choose the right colors for your website. However, if you still feel that something is missing in the color scheme of your website then you can always take the help of professional web designers.

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