How to Choose a Style for your Instagram Account?

When you go to the accounts of brands and popular bloggers, the posts seem organic, the picture as a whole looks coherent and very effective. It is not always clear at first glance what technique creates such a visual effect. We’ve gathered for you a selection of the most popular and long-lasting trends for your profile design. All schemes you will be able to repeat on your own without involving a designer.

The unified processing

Once you use a similar treatment for each photo, the account starts to look cohesive and stylish. There are a number of long-standing trends that bloggers use: cool and warm scale, light and dark processing, bright or muted, retro processing or shooting on film, emphasis on certain tones or colors. You can choose one direction or combine them.

The unified layout of posts

Often photos that vary in style and color still look harmonious. The secret is in the right scheme for maintaining the profile. There are not so many basic ones: checkerboard layout, frames, etc. You can stick to one scheme or combine them.

Examples of Uniform Style Profiles

There are many ways and tricks to design your Instagram feed in the same style. Here we have collected the most modern, popular, and interesting of them.

If you too want to make the visual of your profile beautiful, memorable and attractive to followers, below you can surely find an interesting idea for Instagram account design.

Chess order

Arrange photos in the form of cells on a chessboard. For this, images similar in color or angle should be published one by one.

Arrangement in a line

Placement of photos in your profile in the form of vertical or horizontal lines. In this case, you have to publish three photos at a time so that the grid is not staggered.

White frames

Framed photos have long looked out of place. You need a background remover and a profile with white space between photos will look very stylish and concise.

Endless ribbon

This kind of profile design became popular just last year. Photos seem to flow into each other and have no clear boundaries.


One photo in the good resolution you need to cut into 9 or 12 parts, and then publish in separate posts. On your profile, it will look like one whole image.

Basic color

The unity of the feed is built on the use of one primary color in all the photos. You can gradually change it by planning the transition in advance and selecting appropriate photos.

One Tone

This technique is very popular on Instagram. To get the profile done in one tone, you’ll need to select the right shots, use the same processing, and filter on all the photos.


Choosing the same angle for all the photos will allow you to create a profile in the same style — it can be a flat lay, food shots, repeating scene, etc.

Black and white photos

These profiles are made up entirely of black and white photos so you can get a classy, clean look.


Minimalist photos on a light or any neutral background, with geometric objects or other shapes will help create a unified style.

One theme

Another way to design Instagram in a unified style is to publish photos dedicated to one theme. For example, children, the sea, beautiful landscapes, food, etc.

Conclusion: How to determine the design of your account

We propose to determine the best option for you with a small test.Answer these questions “yes” or “no”, at the end you will know the result.

If you answered yes to two questions or more, you should use filters and frames. The account will look interesting and your inner aesthete will be satisfied.

If you have one “yes” or less, use “threes” or staggered order; careful styling and finding the best filter will not make you happy.

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