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How to Create a Professional Resume in Easy 5 Steps

Professional Resume

The critical part of creating a professional resume that will land you your dream job is thinking of how to incorporate all the information you wish to share with your prospective employer. To be selected for an interview, all your educational background, employment history, qualifications, and skills are supposed to be presented in a way that will please the prospective employer. Remember, the first thing you can do to impress the employers is by writing a convincing resume.  

If you are still not certain about your ability to come up with an outstanding resume, you can always hire online services from a professional CraftResumes writer who will assist you fine-tune the details. If you are not using resume builders, remember you need to tighten and adjust the presentation and layout, such as including the proper stylistic and font sizes, as well as text boxes. To be in a better position, find what recruiters are looking for by researching online.  

Here are several things you can do to ensure your name is on the list of interviewees. 

Take Notes on the Jobs Requirement 

The last thing you would want is to miss out a crucial aspect of the listed requirements in the job description.  Some of the factors you should take note include; 

Remember, to create an effective customized resume, you should avoid unnecessary information and only include the most significant points that can stand up noticeably. It is also advisable to ensure that your resume looks organized to help your potential employ locate the specifics  

Ensure the headline and subheadings stand out, such as “Education,” “Qualification,” and “Work Experience” by using a larger font.  

Highlight Your Experience 

Every employer would want to know the experience a prospect employee has; therefore, this “Experience section” is essential in your resume. They will also want to know the internships, roles, and responsibilities you held in your previous position and for how long you had worked. Thus, list them in chronological order starting with the recent positions.  

For every position, you held, include the dates of employment, location, job title, company, and highlight the most substantial achievement you have attained in each job.  

Do not shy of, even if you don’t have a lot of experience, relating to the position you are applying to. If you have recently graduated, include your education section in reverse chronological order highlighting the date you graduated, the degree earned, and the name of the school.  

For fresh graduates, you might also consider including certificates obtained from seminars, labs, and class projects. Besides, if you possess a personal interest that is intensely related to the job you are applying, include them. This will come in handy, especially when applying to a position that you don’t have much experience.  

Don’t Ignore Soft Skills 

Soft skills are increasingly becoming important in every job market. 

In your resume, include a section titled “skills” and highlight the best skill you feel they can be of more helpful to your prospective employer. Emphasize on the one that is on high demand first. Include the training you have attended by attaching copies of the licenses and certificates you received.  

More so, if you have programming skills or additional languages, you can speak – be sure to add them even if they are outside of what the job is asking for.   

Interpersonal skills are also crucial in today’s workplace and can play a significant role in the success of your career. Other soft skills to add in your resume include problemsolving aptitudes, leadership qualities, creativity, time management, critical thinking, teamwork, verbal communications, and useful writing skill 

Don’t Shy Away From Illustrating Your Problem Solving Skills 

Companies looking for employees not only usually have a position to fill, but they also have a problem to solve. They will highlight this in the requirements section of a job advertisement. Thus, be sure to read them carefully to understand their specifications. Then, figure out the best way to position yourself as the right candidate who can solve their problem.  

If you have experience in the particular advertised field, make an effort to describe what your duties were and what you accomplished. Include meaningful information about how the former company benefited from that project. Your objective here is to show how you made a difference.  

Get Someone to Proofread Your Resume 

Be sure to proofread your resume for grammatical and spelling goofs. Read your document word by word to point out spell-checks and simple typos, which may rob you off your chance of getting you to the interview room. Online tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway app will come in handy. 

It is important to have a third eye go through your resume to catch some errors that you might have missed. You do not want to be a potential candidate yet stumble down due to rash mistakes that might put off your employer.  


Whichever stage you are in your career or the kind of job you are looking for, know that every employer is looking to hire someone who will bring an impact to the company. Thus, ensure you craft a well-tailored and neat resume highlighting your unique abilities and proves that you can confidently deliver. Before long, you will find yourself in the interview room.  

Here are three takeaways;