How to Edit your Photos on Instagram for More Likes

Instagram is a platform that focuses on the visual aspect of your posts. For this reason, you will see that all of your well-edited images gather a lot of likes, while your simpler ones don’t get that much attention. From this, you can understand the importance of editing your photos before uploading them on the platform. After you do this, visit, which is the best site to buy Instagram likes, and boost the engagement of your posts for even greater results.

In this article, you are going to discover ways with which you can edit your photo so that they get a lot of likes on Instagram.

#1 Get a Background Picture of High Quality

The first and most important rule on every social media platform, and especially on Instagram, is that you should always use pictures of high-quality. No user likes to see blurry and pixelated images that are clear signs of lower quality.

Therefore, when you are looking for a background image, you should use a stock photos website that has images in 4K quality. Moreover, if you take the photos yourself, just like Murad Osmann from the image above does, make sure that you have a camera that can shoot in HD. This can also save you the trouble as the image might require minimum editing.

#2 Choose your Chromatic Scheme and Pick the Right Filter

Once you have the perfect shot, you need to decide its chromatic scheme and general color palette. This depends heavily on the aesthetic you have chosen for your profile as consistency is one of the most crucial factors for your success. A simple way to make all of your posts look consistent is to pick the same Instagram filter for each one. The presets you will find on the application have various effects that give different vibes to your images. You can also use your stories to find some custom AR filters and add visual interest to your posts.

#3 Crop your Image

When you shoot a photo, you might include in your frame some things that you don’t need to show on your Instagram post. For this reason, most of the time, you will need to crop your image to make it perfect. The ideal shape for your Instagram posts is a square image, even though you can still upload images of a rectangle shape. No matter the shape that you choose though, make sure that you visit the best site to buy Instagram likes, which is, to make your posts successful.

#4 Add Saturation and Contrast

Sometimes, choosing a filter for your image is not enough. In these cases, you need to make further adjustments to your photos. The first thing you need to control is the saturation of the colors. If you a bold result, then you should for high saturation, while a smoother and dreamier result needs low saturation. Then, you need to adjust the contrast of your image. This means the contrast between the dark and light tones. The image you see above has high contrast that enables it to pop out and grab the users’ interest. Lastly, you can control the warmth of the colors.

#5 Insert Stickers and Emojis

If you are going for a more humorous post, then you can also add stickers and emojis to your photos. You can easily do this on Instagram stories, where you have a great variety of stickers to choose from. These visual elements add reactions and feeling to your pictures, often to a comical effect. Therefore, they are very useful when you are trying to communicate something by creating visual storytelling. These posts will benefit from visiting, the best site to buy Instagram likes.

#6 Write a Reaction on your Image

Along with the stickers and emojis, you can also write something on your images. This is even more important when your message needs to reach your audience. For example, if you are hosting a giveaway, you should mention it on your post and not only on your caption. This way, users who see this post will stop their scrolling down to read the caption. Furthermore, words can be used to highlight emotions and show reactions. Regardless of what your post is about, make sure that you don’t use a lot of text on the image.

#7 Make a Collage of Multiple Images

A trend that is very popular nowadays on Instagram is the collage of multiple images. This can either be closeups of the same thing, different angles from an outfit, or even different pictures from the same event. To achieve an aesthetic result, you can use a frame that allows you to insert multiple photos. Many image editing applications have available templates that are easy to edit and create stunning results. Your collages can bring you a lot of likes. One way to help them is to go to the best site to buy Instagram likes, which is

#8 Divide a Wide Image into Three Posts

Another interesting trend that is beginning to dominate social media is the experimentation with your post grid. Many creators divide their shots into 3, 6, or 9 smaller images so that the user needs to visit the profile to see the whole picture. As you can see in the image above, YG Entertainment has promoted Blackpink’s new release by posting 3 images that form the thumbnail of their new music video. This way, all three posts have gotten millions of likes.

#9 Add the Vignette Effect

If you like the retro vibe, you can add the vignette effect to your images. This is an adjustment that even Instagram gives you. By adding this effect, you will see that the edges of your photos become darker. This simple adjustment makes the center of the image stand out, which help your post get more likes.

On Instagram, your photos should look the best. Make sure that you visit the best site to buy Instagram likes, which is, and help your post reach new heights.

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