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How To Go Hunting for Dinosaurs


This small guide on how to go hunting for dinosaurs around the world is dedicated to dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages. If the various chapters of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World do not stop moving you, maybe the time has come to take action. Undo yourself from the big screen and organize your next holiday in search of dinosaurs, or what remains of the giants of the past.

There are many places to visit around the way, which allow you to go hunting for dinosaurs.

Here are some not to be missed, starting from Europe

It is a theme park that was born in the places where real dinosaurs lived. In fact, here it will be possible to observe real footprints and about 220 full-scale models. Among these we point out the largest reconstruction in the world of the Seismosaurus, about 45 meters long.

The gallery dedicated to the dinosaurs of this museum preserves the remains of hundreds of species. There are also 4 self-propelled models on display here.

Inside a park much loved by young and old, you can meet more than 200 life-size dinosaurs

A theme park with dinosaur reproductions, which includes an aquatic path with boats.

A very large park where you can have many exciting experiences. It begins with a walk among about 70 dinosaur reconstructions. Then the little ones will be able to experience the emotions of the paleontologist, with egg hunting and even digging. Unique in its kind is the experience of the 4D simulator, offered by the Juracopter. You will find yourself face to face with the big and frightening predators.

The largest gallery dedicated to dinosaurs in Europe, with interactive exhibits, and about 35 reconstructed skeletons. A fundamental stop for fans.

The love for dinosaurs has no boundaries, the world is full of incredible places for those who cultivate this passion, love travel and adventure. Here are the places not to be missed outside Europe

This is the world we have known on the big screen, the real Jurassic Park kept here at Universal Studios. Here we can admire the huge protagonists of films such as the skeleton of the T-Rex. Many attractions dedicated to visitors, such as the chance to find out what kind of dinosaur we are thanks to DNA testing.

Those who have always dreamed of being a paleontologist will find the opportunity to participate in truly realistic excavations in this park. In addition to the opportunity to enjoy a dinosaur-themed amusement park.

The excavations organized by this foundation, in which young and old can take part, are really true. Excavations take place in the Hell Creek area, where important triceratops and Tirannosaurus Rex fossils have been found.

This museum has a huge collection of fossils, more than 130 thousand. Do not miss the Dinosaur Hall with more than 40 assembled skeletons.

How did the real dinosaurs look? We can have an idea very close to reality in this museum, which houses a mummified dinosaur.

In addition, there are dozens of places around the world where dinosaur footprints can be seen. Starting from Italy, passing through Scotland, until arriving in the USA, entire areas retain the true footprints of the dinosaurs. These have spanned millions of years unharmed reaching us.