How to Use Facebook’s Social Proof to Get More Traffic

Facebook's Social Proof to Get More Traffic

A lot of people are under the impression that Facebook marketing is just a simple case of taking out an ad, targeting some interests, and playing around with your ad until you get the click-through that you are looking for.

Alternatively, a lot of marketers are under the impression that they only need to run an ad campaign long enough to drive enough FB traffic to their FB pixel-installed site. Once they have built enough of a traffic track record, they can then use a look alike marketing campaign to drive even more traffic. The hope is that some of this traffic will eventually convert into buyers. Either they buy something right after they visit the first time around or they will come back (thanks to a remarketing campaign) and buy something later on.

If that’s your thinking, get ready to spend a lot of money and have very little to show for it.

The truth is you have to use your Facebook page as a tool to get traffic outside of Facebook. This is your secret weapon. What too many facebook marketers fail to see is that their brand’s presence on Facebook can easily be leveraged to draw non-facebook traffic. Much of this non-FB traffic is not only cheaper than FB traffic but also more likely to convert.

A lot of your competitors are spending thousands of dollars every month on Facebook and have very little to show for it. Their click-through costs are through the roof. Their campaigns trigger very little engagement or customer loyalty. Crazy!

Here’s a better approach. When you buy Facebook likes from  for your Facebook page, your page looks more legit. It gives the impression that there are a lot of people on Facebook who view your content offerings as well as your overall brand as legitimate.  Your brand starts to look more and more like a serious contender in your niche. You develop an air of legitimacy that you can then leverage to get traffic… outside of Facebook!

Please understand that you’re probably not going to generate much traffic from that Facebook page alone. Here’s the secret. You use your social proof or page popularity on Facebook to get guest posts and indirect traffic from other related websites. In addition to these activities, you can also get into brand alliances and cross promotional schemes. Regardless of how you plan to do it, you have to look legit in the eyes of your potential partners.

Since you pitch them all sorts of stories and they see that you have a seemingly very busy page, they’re more likely to publish your content and because of this content, get more people to your website because when they publish your content, these will contain links to your site. How come? They will think that you already have a following. They want to get the eyeballs of your followers and you want to expose your brand to their followers. It’s a win-win situation.

I hope you can see how this works out. You have to think outside the box because thinking inside the Facebook box can easily lead to bankruptcy.

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