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How to Verify 100 or More Email Addresses Quickly and Easy

The issues that concern marketers from all over the world are endless. Keeping up your high reputation among the subscribers and Internet service providers (ISPs), the high speed of email delivery, daily dealing with complaints and spam traps, bounce rates and achievement of B2B target expectations, oh, and not to forget about how to verify email list. To solve each of these problems, you need an intelligent email data validation service. And it should be able to verify 100 or more addresses with ease and in the shortest possible time. But before we learn about the best free verification tool, let’s look at what “mass verification” is, and how this type of service functions.

What Does Bulk Email Verification Mean?

The most cost-effective and fastest way to reach your target audience is using email marketing. We should keep in mind one crucial thing: the mailing list quality is more essential than the number of items in it. The authoritative reputation of you as a sender, high rates of email delivery and opening of letters are essential for your success. But the key aspect in creating an effective marketing campaign is ROI conversion. Everyone hates blushing because of low indicators at the meeting dedicated to the results of the campaign. So we would dare to give you some practical advice. Prior to the newsletter it would be great if you use the email verification service.

To understand how to do emails verification, let’s look at the concept of mass mailing. When you send the same message to numerous addresses for brand promotion or for the purpose of sale is mass mailing. In this case, the verification is aimed at finding addresses that turn into unwanted bounces for the campaign. They will definitely reduce conversion rates which consequently will ruin your credit.

Respectable bulk email verification service scrupulously verifies every address on your list  using various methods. The status ‘the list is clean’ indicates the legality of the remaining contacts with all invalid email addresses being deleted. The accuracy of verification done by popular services starts from 97%.

Besides, a quality service that provides recommendations on how to verify email list also performs spam traps removal. This option improves email delivery. This way you will not drain your budget sending emails into the blue.

If you seek how to verify bulk email addresses free, use the Proofy service. This service uses a variety of methods to verify addresses from the list provided, ensuring high results. And the most productive is the email validation API which could be used right now. The only thing you have to do is to go through a simple and quick registration.

How a Bulk Email Verification Service Works

As part of mass email address validation, using the API has the following benefits:

Proofy Verification API will be of interest to a wide range of business representatives, especially the B2B sector. First of all, we are talking about:

  1. Marketers who would be able to reduce the number of invalid or fake email addresses and increase the speed of email delivery up to 96.7%. This will prevent spam complaints due to incorrectly written addresses and provide subscribers with the chance to restore the subscription by using the correct data.
  2. Websites that will be able to exclude bots and addresses with errors, send letters to real people who are interested in an offer, reduce the worth of email marketing by deleting invalid addresses and increasing the effectiveness of campaigns.
  3. Online stores will be able to keep in view every single subscriber and potential customer, protect their IP reputation by reducing the number of mailings sent to wrong addresses, and also save money by eliminating up to 30% of invalid mailers within a year.

When asked how to do emails verification saving the campaign’s budget, the Proofy service is happy to report some good news. Verification of 500(you can earn up to 50 000 for free in the user admin panel) email addresses is free for every new user with up to 30 API threads.

What is the best free tool to use to verify a list of emails?

Would you like to know how to do emails verification for a list of 100 or more addresses? Proofy is the best free tool with a starting price of $0.006 per verification. Standard verifications performed by the service:

Compared to other mass email verification software, the service has several advantages:

  1. high percentage of email deliverability, which is about 98.5%;
  2. a significant increase in campaign conversion in the shortest possible time;
  3. server reputation protection, filter of invalid and inactive addresses;
  4. unlimited access to all functionality and the best price offer.

The Proofy service, in the framework of email verification, has several goals. First of all, software seeks to avoid failures and catch all the “dead” addresses. Thus, you will significantly boost the email delivery and confirm the email domain. Subsequently, you can confirm the existence of a user and also enhance the speed of opening emails. At the same time, the software checks absolutely all existing emails in the world. Request processing time depends on the type of email addresses and domains the agency is contacting. The system processes a list of 100,000 addresses within an average of 45 minutes.

We hope now you understand how to verify email list and which service is the best option for this. Proofy is what you have been looking for!